The-Dream Tries To Rationalize R. Kelly’s Behavior, Backlash Ensues

The-Dream R. Kelly Podcast N.O.R.E

The-Dream recently did an interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on their podcast, the Drink Champs.

The R&B producer was asked to share his thoughts on R. Kelly‘s current situation in the media.

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many people deemed it was time to revisit Kelly’s past and present allegations.

Critics want the Chicago native’s label to dump him in light of his complicated history with young women.

Dream offered a unique take when it comes to the “Ignition” singer’s problems; it is more nuanced and complicated than some commentators in the media will want people to believe.

In conclusion, for the “Baby” songwriter, Mr. Kelly is a genius who lives on a lonely island in his mind, and not many people can understand how he views the world.

Dream deserves credit for speaking his mind despite the backlash that comes from trying to rationalize the behavior of someone like Kelly.

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