7 Year Old Single Ladies:World Of Dance Does Beyonce

Melinda Tommy | May 14, 2010 | 102 Comments

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7 Year Old Single Ladies:World Of Dance Does Beyonce – 7 year old Single Ladies controversial video can be found here. Couple of 7 and 8 year old girls decided to use Beyoncé’s 2008 hit song “Single Ladies” as part of their dance routine at the World of Dance which is considered as the largest U.S. urban dance competition,last month.
But after the clip hit the airwaves people are wondering what were the parents,the judges and the audience was thinking as they sat in Pomona, California on April 10 and watched these kids on stage.

Even people who are liberals and consider themselves opened minded find the midriff-baring tops, short skirts, and black stockings too much.
As for the raunchy moves straight out of pole-dance classe which consisted of hip-grinding,legs kicked up to the ear and derrieres shaking most of the viewers thought it should be considered illegal.

But the parents of the children have found a way the defend the scandalous performance.
“This is taken completely out of context,” Cory Miller, father of one of the girls, told “Good Morning America” today. “The girls weren’t meant to be viewed by millions of people.”

Miller added that they tried to stop the spread of the clip and viewers need to understand that the girls’ performance was “completely normal for dancing.”
There is even a reasonable explanation as to why the little girls were wearing satin-and-lace hooker look inspired by Lolita.
“It’s one of the most popular songs probably of the decade.The costumes are designed for movement, unrestricted movement and to show body lines.”

Despite being impressed by their flexibility and clean execution of the routine I still say that the moves and the costumes were not age appropriate.

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  1. Emi says:

    WOWEEEE!! those girls can dance!

    • ashley says:

      um… this is wrong! 1. they r how old 7-8 2. they r dancing like stripers 3. theyer outfits r striper outfits 4. i saw the parents interview and they looked like rich snutty slobs and i bet there kids r brats 5. i no my mom would vever let me do that ta the age of 7 or 8 thry might b in firs secon or third grade that is just BAD!!! they r our next stripers and theyer parents r very stupid 4 leting there children do this.

      • alyssa says:

        hey maybe they love beyonce so they r 7 the only thing thats rong about it is the sick people how r watching it and they dont know every bad thing on the earth so they want to dance i love it i wish i could dance that and you people say its rong because you cant dance like that and you cant fit in clothes like that so i say shut up girls if you are reading this all i want to say is that you rock i hope u make it. and to all the people that r saying bad things about them i hope that you people know that your crusting there dreams and hopes i hope you feel like crap

      • perfectdancer1 says:

        WOW maybe you have never seen these girls other than in there dances, but you are crazy. 1.they are NOT stripers.2. they are NOT dancing like stripers.3.everybody else at dance competitions dress like that.4. they are NOT brats.5. there moms are NOT rich or slobs.6. STOP posting stuff on the internet that isn’t true, and that you don’t know anything about.

    • mike says:

      yeah and by the way to the news reporter who says they are seven. They Are Like 8 or 9

  2. Carolina says:

    I thought they were amazing. Their skill and control are unmatched. Costume choice should be reconsidered when they move forward.. maybe black leotards with red tutu’s.. but just think.. the determination it takes to get this kind of routine down… the amount of hours of practice they had to put in.. all I can say is KUDOS.. I wish my kids were this determined to do ANYTHING.. You cant look at is as sexual.. the dance moves are hard to perfome and perfect.. these kids should be congratulated on their hard work and encouraged.

  3. Big view says:

    Lets see here,
    Urban dance contest?
    Oh I see they are little white girls
    doing black style dancing,
    I think the attire has nothing to do with anything. If the girls were black
    this would be a non story.
    I thought electing Obama(chuckle butt)would transcends race? B/S. color is being looked at more now than ever.

    • liya says:

      what kind of person are you this has nothing to do with race. The factor problem here is that these seven-year old girls are doing dance moves not appropriate for their age let’s not talk about their costume their almost naked seven year olds should be playing with dolls etc. Think about all the perves out their drooling over this video if you had a seven year old daughter would you let her go out and about like this…….parents these days are all for the fame

    • Jan says:

      HUH? What type of mental disorder would manifest itself to inject “RACE” into this ugly, outrageous child pornography stunt. Gyrating,butt shaking, suggestively exposing private parts opening legs for millions of perverts in a shameful stripper hooker dance routine. Totally inappropriate for any human child. Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red,or Albino. (Period) The topic is forced sexualization of young female children. Sickens me in gagging revulison. This is NOT a RACE issue to the non thinking “Big View” You’re wiring is messed up not to see the big picture. Good God, help these race obsessed wacko crazy folks needing psychatric therapy.

    • lala says:

      you are rediculous!!!! this has absoultly nothing to do with race! you brought race into it by saying they are ding black moves! moves like that are a specific type of dance! by saying they are black or white orianted makes you the racest! so open your eyes, and before you want to talk about race make sure tou are not being racest yourself! it just makes you look ignorant! and the girls are fantastic dancers, they deserve to be congradulated, but the moves should have been modified to be more fit to their age as well as the costumes.

  4. alyssa says:

    i like the dance steps woooooooooooooooow they can dance i don’t like the costems

  5. Michael dickson says:

    i thought this was so good. mabie that it was inapropriate the stuff they showed on the news. but they were haveing fun dancing to a song by byonce. these girls should not be blamed for the whole thing. but anywho they can dance, usually when u see 7-8 year olds they stand there and cry or something so bravo!!

  6. maria says:

    inappropriate 4 a 7 year old 2 do dance like that or dress like that i have a little girl and i would never let her wear those type of clothing.!!!

    • Megan Fox says:

      I thought it was a great show. Of course there will be a handful of ignorant people like you who think this is what they wear everyday. Its a dance competition so its a COSTUME. Wow…

      • EE says:

        a costume that is not appropriate for a child, especially not to be seen on world wide television.

        • bella says:

          its their child not urs if their parent are ok with that u cant just say no to thm .their child.their responcibility your child ur responcibility.u cant just make comment about other and the way they are raising their children.

  7. Tom says:

    First off is YES! these young girls “not ladies” did a great job. I have a 9 y/o daughter myself who is in dance, jazz and tap class. I as a parent trust in our daughters dance teacher to teach the girls a dance routine. One year ago our daughters last dance teacher had a dance routine we as parents did not find out about until a couple days before the dance show. When we saw what the routine intailed just days before the show. We as parents had talked to each other about our feelings and concerns. Some parents had no problems of the outfits the girls were to wear. Most of the parents did have a problem with the dance routine which we expresed to the dance teacher. We told her to change it which she did and it did make it harder on the girls to learn a new routine in two days but we as parents never had to go through what these parents are going through now in allowing or excepting the routine and now having to deal with the backlash that has come from it.

    I understand the parents wanting to defend the routine and make excuses for their decision but they need to understand that even though the teacher taught the girls the routine it came down to the parents making the final decision and they failed their daughters.

    They know now next time to be more involved daily with the dance routines and if they as parents don’t feel right about something to SPEAK UP. They will learn from this and move foward and the teacher knows now to think better when teaching a group of young girls what is correct for their age group.

    Great dance routine for 18 and older but just not for girls from birth-17 years old.

  8. tara says:

    thought they were awesone! My daughter also competes and I see it as great dancing. People have dirty minds to think otherwise!

    • Kat says:

      I agree with you Tara!!

      • SINGLE LADIES FAN says:

        i agree with u kat (that agrees with tara)the girls are just dancin !!!!!!!!!GET OVER YOURSELVES PRESS



        • SINGLE LADIES FAN says:

          UR GREAT GIRLS
          KEEP IT UP

          • ashley says:

            um they r great dancers but they should cover up a bit and stop shaking what they dont have! the outfit was horible! in the real video Beyonce had more outfit on then them and shes 28!

    • Megan Fox says:

      I totallyyyy agree. Thank you… for someone who actually has a child in dance…unlike everyone else putting their 2 cents in…pervs.

    • Jodie says:

      Unfortunately, there are people who have dirty minds out there. That cannot be helped. But we need to do our best to protect our children from those types of people. This wouldn’t be as bad looking at the dance aspect of it, if it would have stayed within the walls of the contest. However, with the creation of Youtube and the such, everyone and their mothers can now view these types of things…this includes all the perverted pediphiles in the world. Unfortunately, with the new age of technology, people have to be smarter when creating things because it is always going to end up on the web.

  9. megan says:

    this completely disgusts me. there are many other ways to dance well and this is just gross. its like just realing in pedofiles. 7 years old and theyre dressed like prostitutes??? they CAN move their bodies but thats nothing but sexual movement. what about some actual hip hop or belly dancing or graceful ballet dancing. not degrading out fits and dance moves. this duscusts me on sooo many levels. biance didnt even dress like that in her own music video. if she can move her body the way she does with her whole body clothed then so can little girls. theres no excuse for those outifts. christ.. let girls know they deserve some respect when they grow up. not nasty dirtballs wanting nothing but sex because its all theyre seeing…

    • Rhonda says:

      Can I get an amen. I agree with you, Megan. I mean talented dancers, the outfits ruin it all though. Thier like 7.

      • zoey says:

        I totally agree! i have been in dance all my life well sence i was 4 and and i never dressed like that in compotition! and Im 10! this is gross yes they r talented dancers and all but change the style of dance and cover up and they’ll b good

  10. ar olds... says:

    ummmm so how much is it to buy one of these sweet thangs……. im diggin their outfits. that bch up there dont kno what shes sayin. i like them outfits they make me wana just…. mmm.. i hjk yea. mmm

  11. Jessica says:

    For those who are not part of the dance community it can be hard to understand that this is dancing and dancing at some of it’s finest! As other have said they’re control is amazing and I applaud them for their wonderful dancing. With regards to their costumes they are no skimpier than most dance costumes that troupes wear. If parents had been concerned about the midriff baring then “crystal lycra” a sheer lycra could have been sewn between the top and bottoms however this can restrict movement and is not really necessary on 7 year olds! Oh and to the comment in the article about legs up to the ears – have you ever watched ballet?? Legs go to the ears in ballet to, just slower.

    • Deb says:

      Yes it was an amazing dance, and yes i have seen other costumes just as skimpy. But these are seven year olds in knee highs and mini corsets. I can buy that same outfit at a store catering to strippers. This isn’t about the dancing or how much skin they’re showing, it’s about the maturity level of the dance moves and costumes.



    • meghan says:

      i’ve been dancing for almost 12 years of my life i don’t compete but never have anyone at my dance studio ever put that litte clothing on a group of 7 year olds. even if its not meant for the entire world to see, there is definately one digusting old man in the audience who loves to watch these young girls. if they have they atre consistently put into these outfits and dancing like that onstage, whats going to happen when they are teenagers and older. something tshould be done about this

  12. Stacey says:

    These girls are awesome. Lets remember it is a competition and they are trained to do these moves. What they are wearing are COSTUMES. I highly doubt that there parents let them dress like that. Competition is highly competitive. Get your minds out of the gutter. Anyone who is complaining probably could of NEVER worn sexy clothes. GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!! Hope they won the highest medal.!!!!!

    • rick says:

      Amen you are so right. There is nothing sexual here. Amazing routine and talent. any one looked at olympic skaters lately? I see nothing wrong and i have 4 daughters who were cheerleaders and dancers so i have seen all the moves before. If this was my granddaughter i would be very proud of her. They were great. By the way any one seen the chipmunk movie? Check out the chipettes version. Thats where they got the idea. A CHILDRENS MOVIE!!

      • Bree says:

        Rick and Stacey,
        If you thought that routine and the COSTUME (yes we all understand that they are wearing costumes) choices were appropriate… I’ll pray for your daughters.

  13. Tony says:

    Smoking hot

  14. Peter says:

    These kids are great! Very coordinated and artistic for their age, God Bless em and their supporters! All you haters and rejects, get over it! What talented , sweet children, it is the perverted adult way of thinking that has you upset, maybe you are the ones with the inappropriate thoughts.

  15. CiCiFan says:

    that’s sick. what their parents were thinking?

  16. mom_of_two says:

    I admit that the girls are very talented, but the outfits, song, and choice of dance moves are definitely not age appropriate. In this day and age, everything finds its way to the internet and there are a lot of sickos out there. If it were my daughter, there is NO way that she would be allowed to do/wear that when she was only 7. And if I didn’t see the routine until the day of, I would have been up on stage pulling her off.

    There are so many different songs, costumes and moves that could have been used to show off their talent in a way that didn’t flaunt sexuality that a 7 yr old shouldn’t even have.

  17. Melissa V Rentchler says:

    When children make body movements like these at school, they get in trouble for inappropriate behavior.
    We teachers wonder where they’re picking this kind of movement up: at home? at movies that are not supervised? from older sibllings? from contact with an abuser?
    Well, it appears they’re picking it up from their dance teachers and their parents permissiveness.

    What is the trajectory that the dance teachers and the parents have sent these little girls on?

    Anything you do in public or on the internet can be transmitted around the world in nanoseconds. That needs to be taught and remembered regularly.

    I contacted Los Angeles child protective services and Pomona police chief. That is part of my sworn responsibilities as a public school teacher. The ball is in their court now.

    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Use some common sense and don’t be naive. I’m sorry for these little girls for the notoriety that has been brought to them for which they probably don’t truly understand. That is what being a responsible parent and adult should have precluded.

    • J B says:

      Child protective services? The police? Seriously? I thought you needed to have intelligence and sound judgment to be a teacher. Apparently not. Sad. Well, whatever you do, don’t take your students to the art museum, they might see naked statues and be scarred for life, and we’ll have to throw you in jail. Sheesh…

  18. hoot says:

    they toally ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Chad says:

    I am the father of an 11 year old dance student who has been dancing and competing since she was 5 and I have to tell you that these children are amazing!!! These children are in their element on stage and know how to bring it. I want to commend their efforts for the amount of practice and dedication this takes to pull this off. I am sure without even knowing these children personally that when they are not on stage they are well mannered and polite young ladies. Or single ladies, which ever? The parents of these children have made a decision to support their children in the very difficult and competitive world of dance and they are getting the most out of it. As far as the costumes are concerned – that is exactly what the are COSTUMES!! These children off stage dress accordingly and probably as soon as they came off stage put on some sort of warm-up. This really is no different than going to the beach with a bikini on. I wish some people would not take themselves so seriously and let these decisions fall on the parents of these very talented children. The turns and very difficult dances moves they are performing often can not be done so easily by much older girls. Just think of the these ladies as a group of young Tiger Woods on stage shaking what their momma gave ‘em! Surely they brought the house down at the competition and had to have done very well with the routine. Lastly, if you have a problem with this adorable routine you must not have much going on in your life, please find something that matters to you and work as hard as these children to perfect it.

    Have a Nice Day -

  20. natchamatter says:

    I have a 7-year old daughter who is a dancer. This performance was totally disgusting! If the girls were adults it would be different but these are innocent 7-year old girls. Their costumes should have covered more! What were their parents thinking! If my daughter’s dance instructor wanted her to dance like that or wear that little clothing on stage I would pull her out of the class really fast! All of you who think that it is okay to let them dress and dance like that are sick and depraved!

  21. Grandma says:

    Every child porn offender who sees this is shouting HURRAH! Disgusting to post this exploitation of young girls for the benefit of sick minds.

    • Chris says:

      Shut up and realize that these hardworking girls aren’t dancing to impress negative critics who have nothing better to do than put nice innocent little girls down

  22. Grandma says:


  23. Sarah says:

    Look at the comments on the actual video!


  24. kpett says:

    A sign of our times. I lived in Hawaii in the 60′s and as a 5-7 year old did the tahitiaan and hula in a similiar outfit on stage with leis. I never thought of it as something gross, nor did I think anyone else did(except for those purverts that we all don’t know or want to know). The media sensationalizes this to make us all consider perverted thinking. Stop Beyonce, Stop artistry, if you don’t like what you see, but it is where we’re at, and just as older Tahitian/Hula dancers were my mentors – our Pop artists are theirs, so get over it or change the mentors

  25. Kara says:

    I think these girls ar great! People are being too ridiculous but then again it is American media, so I hope these girls don’t take the critism to heart. I remember when I was little and I loved to dance, in my room, with my friends, at dance, its fun to MOVE and thats what they are doing! I hope they won the competition!

  26. Yeah says:

    Oh, those girls are hot and sexy!

  27. Alison says:

    I am blown away by the perfection of the performance from kids of this age. Shocking though the routine was, – they excelled. Having spent many years in tap, ballet, and baton lessons as a child, I can say that in my dance recital experience, no performance from ANY age level ever approached their skill level! Their routine was extremely demanding. I think the girls all must be natural gymnasts as well as dancers.

    Might their costumes have been less objectionable if they were pink and white instead of red and black? They really didn’t reveal any more skin than a two-piece swimsuit, similar to one that I recall wearing as a 7-year old during the 1950′s.

    It was a bit like watching the Follies Bergere. Some of the moves were undeniably suggestive. This was a poor choice by the adult(s) in charge. BUT whoever the choreographer is who perfected their timing and got them to perform splendidly in-sync – that person is a GENIUS. (Evil genius perhaps:) – now hiding under a rock somewhere, instead of taking a bow from the wings.

  28. Fathe of 4 Girls says:

    How about, they should have not even be allowed to rehearse those moves. My 8 year old daughter saw this video when my 18 year old daughter was watching it, because she heard about it at school. She said that is dispicable. Where are the parents? it’s not about race, Even if they were black I would still oppose it. Western countries have no more morales, no wonder teen pregnancy is VERY HIGH in the US.

  29. susan says:

    these dancers really are amazing and cannot wait to see how( if they can!) improve in the future . I bet if they were in long sleeve leotards, there would hardly be any talk.

  30. Isaiah says:

    Even Though Their On Point With Their Moves C’mon.. The Costume Design Should Have Been Reconsidered But Otherwise Those Girls Were Pretty Good.. But I Also Have A Reason To Believe That If The Girls Were Black, Nobody Would Have Said Anything. Im Not A Rascist Guy But Honestly Do U C Any White Person Dancing Like That? No. Us Black Ppl Are Now More Of A Statistic To Ppl Now And I Really Dont Understand. All They Said On The News Is ‘I Dont Expect That From Them’.. Well.. Thats All I Gotta Say. ^_^

    • Mike says:

      Desensitized! That is our culture and we wonder why pornography, teen pregnancy, and lack of morals is attacking our country. I hope that I am wrong, but can’t help but wonder what is next for those children. 5 little Britanys in the making. I grew up with a sister that was in dance and cheerleading and the effort and work to get that good is amazing. That said, there are many other songs, costumes and non-sexualized dance moves/routines they can be taught. What is the cost to their lives and self image in order to win a competition. Not to mention, if I was there father I would be in the bathroom over the toilet at the thought of how many sexual preditors are watching the video and dreaming of my 7 year old daughter. Parents—please consider the consequences of your decisions!!!

  31. Vanessa says:

    Ok this girls are very talented. Amazing techniques very well coordinated. Has the passion, but honestly some moves were not really for a 7yrs old. The outfits they could’ve done better and for those that are saying that competition is getting harder so if another group of 7yr old would dance in bikini what are you going to do put your girls in a thong!! Please there is a way to put a stop of all that sensuality promotion and put real dancing real art. Trust me there where moves in that performance that couldve been done in a whole different way and still be amazing. We are not close minded we are protecting our children. Yes I know for the girls is just dancing but you have to admit most of the moves you will see it in a adult nightclub.
    We are humans, we are out of flesh if we see those moves automatically you are going to have thoughts that are not appropriate dont come with me and tell me no.. So I respect the girls for dedication but do not agree with some of the moves and the outfits. I hope and pray that next time show the real art in dance.

  32. Missey says: says:

    Wow These’s &yearOlds Are Good I Think they Should Keep On going They Where Amazing , But At One Point Of Time they Should Have Just Changed There Clothes But They Looked cute At All Time And They Can Dance There Butts Off Lls.

  33. Tonya King says:

    Is it me or does it seems like children nowadays aren’t acting accordingly. At 7, I was playing with my doll and having tea parties. Dressing like an adult and gyrating in front of an audience is not appropriate for young children. Playing dress up as a girl is part of life, but wearing mommy’s makeup, heels, and dresses should continue to stay at home!

  34. paula bonagura says:

    my grandaughter, who is 15 does not wear something like that or make that kind of sexual moves, and she wins competitions all over the place. She does not wear costumes like that and has plenty of movement with them. This is ridiculous! They are 7 years old! What kind of parents do they have? My daughter and son in law would not approve of this nor would the choreographer!!!

  35. paula bonagura says:

    I would also like to add that most of the competitions do not charge a fee for the public to attend. Ask yourself, with this kind of moves and costumes, what kind of pervert might have just walked in. No question they can dance, but so can our dance company and you won’t see this from them and they won the top prizes this weekend!

    • J B says:

      Well, now, you’re plain just wrong there. Competitions like this ALWAYS charge as much as they can for tickets, and charge for anything else they can. These events are not cheap to put on and they can only charge the competitors so much to cover costs. This particular 2010 World of Dance event probably cost $30 for a ticket (that’s what WOD’s big show in LA costs this year). If your granddaughter’s competitions charge nothing for admission, then it’s not likely at a very high level. Besides, why would charging admission stop perverts? Anyway, if this routine is really so shocking to you, then your granddaughter’s company is pretty far removed from the top levels of competitive dancing these talented girls are performing in.

  36. xSALZx says:

    wat the hell??? these seven year old’s should be covering up! Beyonce’s a bad role model

  37. diane reyes says:

    Beyonce doesn’t give a crap about these girls, morality or integrity any longer. The only thing she is concerned with is the almighty dollar and that she thinks she has arrived. This display is totally disgusting and the parents of these girls should be charged with neglect as they are concerned only with themselves as well. And then the world wonders why pedophilia is on the rise along with every other deviant act! They might as well as held up signs with their contact information for the pedophiles, but then again maybe the parents were holding up signs in the audience. Political correctness and chicken**it fearful attitudes are killing the decency and integrity of this once great country. Forget about race, as the late great Curtis Mayfield sang, “If Theres a Hell Below We Are All Gonna Go!”

  38. brandon says:

    I’m sorry but personally i think everyone should grow up. What exactly is sexual about this? The grinding? Sorry, thats dancing for you. If they were grinding up against eachother and getting their freak out over eachother that would be sexual. The costumes? Cheerleaders wear things exactly like that. They are wearing costumes for two minutes of their lives. This is a performance and these girls don’t think what they are doing is wrong. You didn’t even know what sexual meant when you were this age, so they think what they are doing is fine, but what’s sick is how people think this is sexual. Once again this is a performance and they have a lot of talent, theyre going to go on to amazing things while the people here critizing what younger children can do are sitting at their computer wishing they had a talent. this is not innapropriate in any way, this is dancing at national level, get used to it, becuase your going to be seeing a lot more of this.

    • EE says:

      well brandon, how do you feel about pedophiles having a chance to stare at someone’s child barely dressed and moving in such a provocative way?

      • Bree says:

        Thank you EE,

        and Brandon I’m not a man but I’m sure two minutes is enough time for a perv to get excited.

        k thanks

      • J B says:

        Pedophiles will find the fuel for their fire in just about anything. Shall we do away with ballet recitals and gymnastics competitions and swim meets, too, just because pedophiles might find something arousing in them? Ban that Coppertone hussy! And what’s that doctor up to with that boy in the Norman Rockwell painting? Scandalous!

    • Chris says:


  39. Jackie says:

    I am a sixth grader. Of course it was inopropite. But dont forget that this a competition. A very competitve one at that. I would want to learn this dance. When I’m older and my daughters want to do something like that i would be so proud. Because thats not sometlearn hing that you over night as well their skills. That dance/perfomance must’ve took some perserverence to stick through.

  40. Sariah says:

    Okaee’ SeriousLy Whoever ThinKs This Dancing and cosTume For GirLs who are OnLy 7 is aLrighT is JusT Crazy nd` Is NoT a Very Good ParenT Or isnT Going To Be a Good ParenT ! HonesTly These People GoT These GirLs Semi Naked Dancing LiKe sLuts Up On The Stage ! CRAZY ! LiKe im 17 nd` My ParenTs wouLd ProbabLy Have a HearT aTTacK if They Saw Me wearing ThaT nd` Dancing LiKe ThaT ! Yes iT TooK alot Of DeterminaTion nd` DedicaTion BuT They Could Have Covered Up More nd` Had Less sTripper Moves…

  41. Scott Gallant says:

    I think it is time for a little history and anthropology lesson to help enlighten those who’ve commented thus far and obviously need one.

    Millions of years before the written and spoken word, body language was used to communicate amongst thousands of species, including our own. Certain body movements and gestures suggest an emotion or intended action, and they illicit a deep, even subconscious emotional response.

    Dancers for thousands of years have incorporated these movements of primordial body language into their routines because they do, in fact, illicit powerful emotional responses, making the art of dance a mystifying story to tell to their viewers.

    Even if the seven-year-old dancers were innocent of what these gestures meant, this is irrelevant. Because, if you’re body language doesn’t match you’re intent, you’re doing the dance wrong and you’re confusing essential communication signals, which becomes unhealthy for social creatures like humans who rely on communication and cooperative bonding rituals for our own survival.

    As for the outfits… Human beings have designed clothing for thousands of years for two main reasons: first, to protect us from the elements, and what’s even more important is to identify one’s role in society.

    These seven-year-olds were wearing outfits very similar to 19th century burlesque or can-can styles. These outfits were originally created for female adult dancers to entice male audience members with sexual desire, and hopefully to encourage them to purchase more alcohol or even a brothel lady.

    Their costume designs had over one hundred years as cultural items to establish a sexual intent and meaning.

    To summarize, you have five seven-year-old girls on a stage engaging in dance routines and wearing outfits both specifically designed to illicit sexual thoughts. Period. Since language, whether it be verbal or bodily, has to have a consensual understanding to what these symbols mean, the one who engages in expression is just as responsible for what is being communicated as the one who perceives it.

    So if dance, like all art forms, has a message to convey, then what was the message behind their dance routine? “I dance well” is not specific enough to represent these particular moves, because tap dancers also dance well and their routines are drastically different.

    And to those who defend the routine and fashion as simply our American culture, just understand that our culture would be a banal and dangerously myopic one if our only emotional/philosophical expression, in any artistic medium, is solely one of sexual innuendo and titillation. Are there no other human emotions or thoughts to express?

    If one is seven, then one should be taught a language and a mode of expression that they’d understand and actually feel, so that their expression will have genuine meaning. If not, then why not open up all forms of communication discord?

    Perhaps we can teach little 7-year-old Billy to hold a “Show me your t*ts” sign at an Orlando highway traffic stop during Spring Break? Like he knows what he’s doing, am I right? Lighten up, ladies!! It’s only a sign and he’s only seven, perv!! Perhaps it is you who is taking his behavior out of context?… And other sophomoric excuses designed to elude one from responsibility for his/her own actions.

    • J B says:

      Thank you, professor G. So, all body language is universal communication with the same meaning understood by all? Bollocks! Dance is dance, and it is as diverse, culturally specific and open to interpretation as any kind of communication.

      And the costumes are modeled after Can Can costumes and are intended to arouse sexual desire in men? Bollocks! Are American men of 2010 aroused by the same things as Parisian men of 1850? Hey, professor, they have Can Can girls in that sleazy, adults-only den of iniquity, Disney World. Even when I first read him as a youngster 40 years ago I could tell Desmond Morris had quite a few things the wrong way around. Did you get past Anthropology 101?

      So, the the one who engages in expression is just as responsible for what is being communicated as the one who perceives it? (even if, as you concede, they don’tknow it?) What, exactly, do you mean by that? You seem to be venturing down a rhetorical path that winds up at the destination, “she was asking for it.” Once again it is the woman and the child who is responsible for the sexual lust of men.

      Spare us your half-baked pseudo-intellectual justifications for repressed, puritanical thinking. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a dance is just a dance. Titillation, professor, is in the eye of the beholder. You obviously beheld something powerfully erotic in the dance of those children. You might want to talk to a professional about that.

      Oh, and it’s “elicit” not “illicit.” You might want to talk to Dr Freud about that one.

  42. Troll A says:


  43. Shannon says:

    It’s fiiiine. Obviously this is the first view people are having of dance competitions nowadays and yes to some it might be slightly shocking at first but whatever. These girls are going to do amazing with their dancing and this publicity has hopefully helped them more than hurt them. Yes they’re being sexualized but whaaaaaaateverrrr- it’s dance it’s not their lifestyle. They’re not going to be strippers when they grow up just because they did this dance.

  44. Heaven says:

    I am 18 years old and know for a fact that I wouldn’t let my daughter dress this way or dance this way esp in front of people and on the internet there are grown men that look at this and everything! People talk so much stuff about young teenage parents but you don’t see any of them letting their kids doing this.

  45. joy says:

    I think the outfits are a little inapropriate and i really do mean little. If the top was a bit longer and the colors were not red and black I think it would have been just fine. As for the dancing I can do nothing but applaude. It’s only sexual if you see it as so. It all depends on the audience. And I’m sure those little ladies are very polite and behave just as 7 year old’s should off stage.

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! I must say, that despite whatever good performance they put on, this is very age inappropriate. Everything from the outfits to the routine is so sexualized, and whether it allows movement or not, it is WRONG! These are young kids. Where is the manners they’re supposed to learn? Where is the self respect? This just says, hey i can be sexy and slutty at age 12 if these girls are 7,8, or 9! and get pregnant by age 13 because I don’t know anything about sex until Mommy and Daddy find out I’m pregnant! OMG! What kind of parent are you to allow your daughter do something like this!? They have a choice when they become a teenager, not now! BE a PARENT!

    • J B says:

      You obviously don’t know what the girls have endured to reach this level. Girls who have worked this hard to achieve such a high level of skill know more about self respect, self discipline and resisting peer pressure than most girls twice their age. Most of them will probably be too tired and too busy to worry much about boys at 13, and too smart to endanger their futures for immediate gratification. The attention, support and guidance from parents, choreographers and coaches most of them receive will mean they won’t need to find approval in the arms of some boy whenever such urges come along.

      If you consider this routine blatantly sexualized, you are obviously not familiar with current dance and cheer choreography and costuming, even at this age. This routine is not particularly unusual. A little searching on Youtube will show you that. Kids see dancing more risque than this on TV and the Web every day. But you can be sure these dancers are much too busy concentrating on executing all of these complicated and difficult moves to be thinking about sex, even if they had any idea what you’re talking about.

      Be a parent? It’s probable that these parents spend two or three times as much time with their daughters and give them twice or thrice the attention as do typical parents today. Don’t worry about these girls.

  47. Drako says:

    THESE GIRLS R SO F$$$$$g HOT im 8 btw and can 1 of u girls by me gf / blush

  48. Drako says:

    oh and ima good at daceing too my best song is take thats the flood

  49. kaylynn says:

    I love the dance moves and everything but the booteyshaking and the oufits.And it sound more grown up this the song.But everything besides that was AWSOME GOOD JOB!!!!

  50. Kiki says:

    Oh my gos i am a 12 year old dancer and this is discusting the girls are completely exposed and who knows what creepes are watching this dance teacher needs to be told what is appropriate and what is not these 8&9 yr olds look like strippers and pole dancers and I hope that they do not become one they are so young 20+ at my studio dont dance like that and will not our costumes do not show skin that doesnt need to be! The only things that are shown are legs arms and a bit of back no clevage stomach ect. This is sick they are 8&9!!! If you people dont feel that way you are sick!!!!!

    • Chris says:

      you are sick for thinking it is sick these girls put more time and effort into one dance than most people have their entire lives they don’t care what adults say they care about what kids there age think about them shaking their cute little asses on stage boys would eat out of your hands if you had the guts b$%#h

  51. Michelle says:

    they are amazing dancers. period.
    that the dance is inappropriate I don’t really agree with [just a little bit] but the costumes definetly are, they’re just too much skin showing and stuff.
    but still, see how they dance! and on that age!! it’s amazing! i’m soo jealous!

  52. Edwin says:

    For the truth I think, give too much importance to a video that above all, show a very talented young ladies, as undoubtedly his routine is flawless.
    Condolences to his clothing, no, but because it is a dance of modern times should not look like anything unusual, even I can not even imagine, as would have been if the girls were dressed up to the wrists, I was would have lost a little sense of the choreography and would not be as professional as it looks.

    The point is, that all depends on the viewer, if you’re a normal person without any type of paraphilias or psychological delusions, you should not see anything unusual in the clip.

    Finally I have to say today, it’s quite hypocritical for you to all of us adults, censor what motivated us even provoke certain behaviors of children and young people who act siguieno the example that they exert either explicitly or indirectly.

  53. hank says:

    These little girls are cute and very talented.Give them a break!


  54. liam says:

    you are sexy

  55. Vanessa says:

    This is plain stupid. Even if the parents didn’t know it was going to be on the internet there 8! They shouldn’t be dressed like that. Even if they we’re just dancing, we don’t need to show that much just to dance at such a young age. This is just disgraceful.

  56. J B says:

    This is a world-class performance, and these girls are destined for great things.

    To all those criticizing the routine in this video: While you might find the outfits and the moves somewhat “suggestive,” you can’t say they do anything more than “suggest” something to the minds of those viewers who interpret them that way. Neither the outfits nor the dance moves are very different from standard costumes and choreography for dance and cheerleading, even at that age. As for revealing, well, the thin, form-fitting leotards that young ballerinas and gymnasts wear, while perhaps containing more cloth, can reveal more. Are those inappropriate, too? Do you go up and down the beach scolding parents for letting their girls wear bikinis?

    I will not challenge the critics on their apparently vast knowledge of “stripper” moves, but they obviously don’t know enough about dance to know that these are pretty much the same moves one will see at a high school basketball game or in a Broadway show. To observe that this routine is “sexual” and “disgraceful” reveals more about the observer than it does about the routine. Is it appropriate for 9 year olds to do these moves usually reserved for older girls? If they can, why not? Most 9 year olds can’t and shouldn’t do a double back flip or a Yurchenko vault, either, but girls who aspire to be top competitors in their field start mastering these moves as soon as they are able.

    And for those who criticize the parents, perhaps you should give a thought to the fact that studies have shown girls involved in sports and dance generally do better in school and get into less trouble (it’s no wonder, after homework and all the dance, gymnastics and tumbling, they have neither the free time nor the energy to get into much trouble, and if temptation should present itself, they have the self discipline to avoid it). The skills required for dance, cheer and gymnastics are to a greater or lesser extent required in each of the others, and most girls participate more or less in two or all three. Perhaps you aren’t aware that there are scholarships available to prestigious dance academies for dance and to many colleges for cheerleading, and even full scholarships to Ivy League schools for gymnastics, worth tens of thousands of dollars. Unlike their male counterparts who may emerge from four years of football or basketball scholarship barely able to read, women on sports scholarships are likely to be honor roll students and graduate on time. The kids in this video are already performing at a top, professional level, and if they don’t eventually make a living, they are at least likely to pay for their education in part through their art and athleticism. I suggest you get your minds out of the gutter, and stop commenting on things you don’t know anything about. As for parenting, mind your own business.

  57. Chris says:

    What are you people afraid of?? They are great dancers and probably nice little girls. Stop hiding behind computers and saying rude things about them!!! They’re good looking and hard working. I am a couple years older than them and I would date them!!! And for the record so would every guy I know.

  58. Amy Saunders says:

    I am fifteen and this is absolutely fine, this is what dancing is all about and I follow each of these dancers on youtube and their facebook fan pages etc. they are all amazing, talented and down to earth girls. Their dancing is phenomenal for their age and people should come out of the 16th century and realise times have changed.

  59. monkey says:

    it is not inapropiate . that is what dance is

  60. perfectdancer1 says:

    They are sooooooo good. I love Autumn Miller(the blonde one with bangs) if you keep your eyes on only her, she is way more feirce with her facial expressions and moves! she also has a dance channel on youtube called autie’s freestyle friday(that everyone who watches is instantly falls in love with her danceing, and personality). But, I dont see the big deal with there costumes everyone else in dance competitions dresss like that.