Beyonce New Skin Lightening Drama

Melinda Tommy | January 17, 2012

After being hit with rumors that she faked her pregnancy, she hired a surrogate, she stole songs, now Beyonce is the victim of skin bleaching speculations.

Beyonce recently unveiled a promo picture for her new CD “4″ where she can be seen laying on leopard sheet wearing a very sexy body.

But no one is really focusing on the diva’s toned body – the buzz is about the fact that her face, shoulders appear several shaded lighter than her legs and thighs.

After the photo surfaced Twitter was set on fire with the claims that once more Beyonce is into skin lightening or just like she did in her controversial 2008 L’Oreal ad she had her skin altered into a light shade to be more Caucasian and to please a broader public.

Some of her fans are angry by the story stating that the new mother who is very happy and comfortable in her skin would never digitally enhance her color.

They believe that the weird colors in the photo are due to bad lighting and unprofessional photographers.

What are your thoughts on the photos, did Beyoncé opt for a lighter shade of skin in the promotional pictures for “4″?

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