Beyonce Slams Lip-syncing Scandal With ‘Can I Live?’ Sweatshirt (Picture)

Melinda Tommy | January 27, 2013

Beyonce Can I Live

Here is a Beyonce update.

The diva has posted several pictures of herself rehearsing with her dancers in New Orleans and according to reports – she is going to kill the performance.

The black and white pics show Beyonce wearing a New York Nets cap hitting the floor, stretching and managing the music on her computer.

She also found an original way to address the whole lip synching drama at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration – she shared a photo of herself wearing a sweatshirt that read Can I live? (which is also a song taken from Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album).

This is as close that Bey will ever come to saying leave me the hell alone.

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