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Beyonce=Boring? – MTV calls Beyonce Knowles boring and advices her to air her dirty laundry and flash her private parts in order to sell more albums.In an article publish earlier today,Knowles is asked to follow Britney Spears and Taylor Swift’s foot steps instead of hiding behind her alter ego Sasha.You can read the article below.

Is Beyonce’s Private Nature Hurting Her Album Sales?
Published by Jocelyn Vena.
Hey there, Beyoncé.We here at MTV News have a theory you might be interested in hearing.
Your music is great, don’t get us wrong. We can’t stop bopping to “Single Ladies” here in the newsroom. But we suspect that the album-buying public can’t get past the fact that you come across as, well, boring. Even though you cooked up this crazy, metal-glove-wearing alter ego Sasha Fierce, people still don’t know how relate to you, and perhaps your record sales are being affected.
This isn’t a problem for Taylor Swift and Britney Spears, who live their lives constantly in the media. We know everything about them. Where they shop, what kid of coffee they like (Fraps, y’all), whom they date, what happens on their dates …Taylor’s always out there talking about how badly Joe Jonas broke her heart or her awesome (read: antiquated) rules for dating (never call a guy first, girls!). She posts MySpace blogs about her broken-heart mixtapes. Meanwhile, Britney went on the record in her documentary and talked candidly about her breakups with Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake. This is in addition to the fact that she’s popping up everywhere, trying to show the world that she is Britney the pop star again, not Britney the tabloid queen.
Taylor Swift has sold nearly 1,300,000 copies of her album Fearless since its release a month ago. And Britney claimed the top spot this week, selling over 505,000 of Circus in its first week. Then you, Beyoncé, find yourself at #3. Selling over 893,000 copies of I Am … Sasha Fierce in three weeks is impressive, but you’re still the bridesmaid and not the bride.
Speaking of weddings, you still won’t really talk about your new hubby, Jay-Z. Privacy is one thing, but you guys barely even take pictures together. And maybe you do like to go out and have a good time, but how are we supposed to know this? It kind of takes away from the fun of your party anthems if we think you’re actually sitting at home embroidering pillows or something.
So, here’s a new game plan: Maybe the kooky wild Sasha Fierce can get out there and start gossiping about Beyoncé. Take this split-personality thing a little further and allow her to tell us a little more about you. Until she does, you’ll always be a few steps behind Britney and Taylor.

Is Beyonce boring?

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  1. MOCHAMOMMY says:

    I understand she is a star but why should she have to tell ALL her business to sell records. Knowing some personal stuff about stars does allow you to connect to them but at the same time it can backfire on you because people will feel like they are entitled to know everything. Like my momma use to say “Give people an inch and they’ll take a mile.”
    I do agree It’s exiciting to hear all the gossip about stars and all but demanding she make up stuff and expose her personal life to remain relevant is not cool.
    I’m not a Beyonce fan but you got to keep some things private or you’ll go crazy trying to please everyone, which is not even possible.
    The bottom line is, If you make good music people will buy it. You can’t have a career based on gimmicks trying to fool the public. Eventually they will figure it out and no longer support you.

    • Lyna says:

      Beyonce was just plain lucky. She is overhyped has fake face, fake hair, fake everything. Even her voice is not that unique. Sex sells and her moves and lyrics were always suggestive. Other than than that, I think she has run out of tricks now and we can all see through her false exteriro. Sad but true.

    • Robert says:

      Beyonce is Boring & predictable, and to top it off she’s a :
      1.Liar, claiming song writing credits, PLEASE
      2.Fake, wearing BUTT PADS, WAVE FOR YEARS, ECHO MICS
      She is really played out!! Should stay home and try to make her husband straight!!! Bi-Bi, Beyonce!!!

  2. LJAY says:

    Umm I dunno if i agree either with her telling all her business. I do believe some level of of info will spark intrest in her but do I wanna see beyonce go a Britney route i dont think so.
    Shes managed to keep clean allot of mess in her career. i think some insight into the real beyonce would be nice but its worked so far with it being kept aside why stop now.
    Briney or Taylor may have had more albums sold so far or more Buzz.but not even being a Beyonce fan she would run circles around them in a live performance hands down. It is about the music……right……..

  3. E says:

    I dont feel she has to tell her business but she comes off fake and phony a lot. nothing she does is genuine or for the art or love of music. Its always to get ahead or to help the next thing. I would have a lot more respect for her if she just came out and admitted that she can’t write instead of always trying to take the shine from the people that are writing those hits for her.

  4. a b fan says:

    i think the article is pretty stupid! the real question should be would britney and taylor swift sell as many records if they didnt talk so much about their lives? This is about the music! We like b for her music and as an artist and great entertainer, i dont really care wat kind of coffee she drinks or wat dress she wore at her wedding… as long as i see her perform LIVE, singing and dancing at the same time, unlike ms spears..

  5. tashmaxx says:

    I agree with the other poster…beyonce is boring, but more than that she is a PHONY. That’s why she doesn’t show her true nature, cuz she know she is a b***h! And people won’t really like her….

  6. jarule26 says:

    Why should Beyonce have to tell the whole world about her personal life? She shouldn’t have to because she is FIERCE!! LOL For example, she’s married to the famous entrepeneur, Jay-Z; she has her own clothing line, she advertises for perfume, she’s an actress, and she’s even been in the music industry for awhile!!!! I could go on, but I think you all get my point. Basically, Beyonce is her own boss and don’t care what others think or say because she getting hers!! She’s on a different level than most folks!!

  7. Becky says:

    Perrsonally, I think this is stupid. I really like her music. Especially ‘If I Were A Boy’ She is not boring at all. :) xxx

  8. Disgusted says:

    You guys are just totally ridiculous! I support her for not telling you all her business. And I think you guys SHOULD really mind your own business! You don’t air your dirty laundry so why should she? And has it never occured to you that she don’t do the crap that Britney does?!! She has been and will always do well… and why do you base your ludicrous opinion on two singers?? Britney spears for one was doing well even before so on what premise do you say she’s doing well because she tells her life to the world, which by the way, we know anyway. She is probably just trying to clean up her mess, that is, until she strikes again.

    Instead of trying to pull Beyonce down, she should be commended…
    Thumbs down MTV!

  9. Tmr815267 says:

    MTV has nothing better to do than to put together an article that exudes ignorance. I thought celebrities are supposed to be known for their work and not for personal issues. She is a celebrity and a damn good one at that. She is talented, beautiful, sexy and I can go on – you get my point.

    I like the fact that she is a private person, keeping her personal life to herself. All people want to do is have something to talk about. They can’t find nothing bad about her so some columnist was BORED and decided to make up a crazy article.

    As for me, I am just like B in the sense that I am a private person. People are jealous, devious and can’t stand for a good looking person with no baggage to achieve dreams and goals. The way to keep people talking is to keep being respectful, mindful of what you say and not gossip.

    Another good thing to have is a good balanced family that will stick with you.

  10. totallytru says:

    This article is TRUE! I am so glad somebody finally woke up and started spreading the news. Bey is Boring and she does not have personality. Its not even so much about Britney talking so much she just come off more real and ppl can relate to her. Bey comes off as BORING and stuck up and PHONY b/c she is FAKE. I’m over it something more interesting to talk about is Rihanna and her HOTT video with Justin Timberlake REHAB Rihanna is so much better than Bey and she doesn’t talk about her relationship with Chris B but ppl still love her and buy her albums b/c she is real. Bey doesn’t even know who she is thats why she come off weird and BORING as Hell she is just PHONY….

  11. Eddie says:

    I think Beyonce is doing great in being herself.
    Let me translate what the article says:
    Beyonce should go 2 country music, shave all her hair off become a complete phsyco and still release albums….YEAH OKAY!!!

  12. BayOunceSay says:

    Perhaps, it’s just a sign of times, but the majority of entertainers are being pushed by their record companies (including B.K.) as these carbon-copy. product-placement, corporate drones, regardless of their genre. It’s reminiscent of the Glam/Hair Metal days, where everyone would have their own variation (power ballads, acoustic sets, etc.) but still adhere to what the mogul$ wanted. In the case of this “newer wave” of Pop (directed more at BS and BK), you can only have so many dancers and lights before you become a characterature. BS has surpassed that mark, and BK is upon it. Even TS has gone from Country to “country-fried.” Then again, I’ve never supported the whole “Vaudeville” song-and-dance act over a few people who can actually play instruments, sing their own songs and write with a certain degree of maturity and command of the English language. We’ll all look back at BS, TS and BK in 20 years, and they’ll be as laughable as all the novelty acts of the 80s and 90s are now, regardless of how much material they continue to churn out.

  13. Amy Paige says:

    Beyonce has always been dull as dishwater. I doubt there is anything she even has to talk about that would help, it’s all blah blah my parents, my perfect life in the suburbs…even her marriage is more like a business merger then two people in love.

    Give us a scandal, cheating husband, weight gain, anything to make her relatable!

  14. Ally says:

    i knew there was always something annoying about bey, but i could never put my finger on it until recently. i mean her songs are awesome, her voice is amazing, she’s beautiful, has great style, etc. but there’s something about her that just doesn’t grab me, doesn’t catch me, and leaves me wanting more. she seems too sweet, too pretty, too nice, too private, too perfect, too…blah. i’m not insisting that she go nutso like brit did, but a little edge and admittance of some flaws wouldn’t hurt. it would help her fans relate to her more since none of them are perfect…so why would they go crazy over an artist who appears so perfect. even angelina jolie, as perfect as she may seem, didn’t start garnering more fans until she revealed how wacky she is and started stealing husbands lol. like i said before, i’m not advocating she act without morals or ethics like that, but damn, just give us something to show us that you’re real and not some perfect stepford wife. geeeeeez!

    on a side note, i should remind people that the reason why some stars aren’t encouraged to air their dirty laundry and others are is simple. artists who write their own lyrics and write songs about their personal lives and experiences (rock & roll, rap, country, etc.) aren’t badgered as much to do this because they accomplish this through their songs. their fans know that it’s the artist themselves who wrote those songs about their own lives, and if a fan can relate to those songs, it becomes a REALLY powerful connection. but beyonce does not, or barely, writes her songs. and even if she does, it wouldn’t matter because none of them are personal or about things in her life that she goes through. the topics they cover are very general. yah, they are great songs, but people understand that it’s really not about bey’s life. it’s just bey singing. so that’s why it’s even more important for artists like bey to give their fans something, anything, to relate to by opening up a bit. why do you think self-deprecating humor is such a useful tool to get people to like you? because it works!

    • Danielle says:

      I just thought I’d add to you comment about you not knowing what was annoying about beyonce. It could also be that she has a bubbly personality. Alot of people can’t stay around or be wiht bubbly people all the time. There good for having fun with but sometimes you need some down time and they are usually still bubbly. She’s always happy even when she was asked on tyra or whatever show it was that she was on, “When was the last time she cried and why?” The best answer she came up with was recently which was back when she had to cry for her part in a movie or when she was singina song.” I don’t know if this could be your problem about her being annoying as well but it is for me. I have bubbly friends and from time to time I have to seperate from them so they don’t drive me crazy! I love them but there just too happy happy all the time. I need my chill time which doesn’t always mean being sad but just relaxing.

  15. Danielle says:

    Is this article for real or is it fake? If it is real, I don’t think she should put her business out there for two reasons, “Nobody cares and all we want her to do is her job which is to entertain us and the other eason is that might bring about more haters towards her because alot of people are tired of her already.” If the entertainment news kept reporting about her life who knows what it might drive someone that is tired ofher to do. Keeping her business to herself is not only good for her but it’s good for the people whom she affects. What more do they want her to do anyways, she’s already all over everything. I have to say myself that I listen to some her music sometimes but even I have to limit myself because I get tired of it being all about her also. Instead of trying to break her down though I just don’t really listen to the radio and when she comes on a commercial I turn. I have her on my ipod but I go pass her there too to listento someone else just so that ‘I can avoid becoming annoyed which could slowly turn me into a hater. The bottom line is she should keep her life to herself to spare everyone and herself. By the way she said herself that she’s pretty boring when she’s not on stage so what exactly could she report about?

  16. Danielle says:

    I don’t want to see her private parts either. That’s nasty!

  17. lina says:

    Its true Beyonce is very, very, very boring!! Even her dance routine was copied from west african and congolese dancers but then they have variety. her dances are ALL the same – shaking booty. its ok for a while, but if its in your face ALL the time, it does really get boring. I think she has run out of ideas now. She really should just become a housewife and have kids. She is really FAKE! Give us Rihanna ANYTIME!! Now thats what we call NATURAL BEAUTY!! BEY, ARE U READING THIS!

  18. K says:

    Beyonce is boring! I love her music and I think she is a respectable person. She doesn’t have to act like a s$$t or flash her privates or cry openly about a broken heart but let us know something about you other than what is put on for the cameras? Go out and party once in a while, get drunk, release a wedding picture or something. Does she even have any friends? I’ve never seen her out with anyone besides her family or Jay-Z.

  19. carnen says:

    Sorry, a smiling stiff robot is boring! And anyone who thinks watching a robot is fun, need to get a life! and if you thinks she’s not boring then you idolize the right person.

  20. baby girl says:

    girlfriend needs some friends, a social life and leave mommy & daddy at home and have some fun.

  21. carmen says:

    If u like boring robots then you’ll love Bey. This chick has no personality and her interviews put one to sleep.

  22. Kyla says:

    Oh please Beyonce, spare us the pain. We have seen enough of the coochie shaking. Running out of ideas pls sit down!

  23. BEATRIX says:


    • Virgo says:

      I do agree she is a boring virgo, fake, a liar, n try to act innocent when really she is not. Im a virgo and I know she is 100% fake! She plays a good game tho. She just want yall money and what is so sad is yall keep giving it to her making her life more perfect, while we will never have finacial freedom like her. Enuff is enuff. Let that stupid uneducated virgo suffet for a change, her life is too perfect we need some of her money as a people!