Brandy ‘Two Eleven’ Album Gets Weak First Week Sales Projections

Melinda Tommy | October 17, 2012 | 3 Comments

The numbers are in for Miss Norwood and they do not look good.

According to Hits Daily Double Brandy’s latest/sixth studio album “Two Eleven” which contains hits like “Put It Down” (featuring Chris Brown) and “Wildest Dreams” is predicted to sell between 65k – 70k.

While the first week numbers appear weak, “Two Eleven” will be number two on the the Billboard 200 charts that will be released in few days.

The “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” star has appeared on several television shows including 106 & Park and magazine covers like VIBE Vixen to push the CD – but it seems that her efforts were in vain.

First Monica, now Brandy – R’n’B divas need to do something to sell more albums.

They should maybe try working with new producers and writers because it is obvious those who had the magic potion in the days have lost it.

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  1. Shyla says:

    This is definitely the best R&B Album of 2012. I am hoping for higher first week numbers than this, but she has a SLEW of singles that hit harder than the first two she came out with (Who’s choice was this? IDK) but she definitely should aim to sell 300,000 copies and hurry into the next project. Brandy stays gone TOO long and needs to use the next three years releasing an album per year….by the time the third one comes out, she’ll see Platinum if they remain on the caliber of this project.

  2. WK says:

    Im form the UK and don’t really understand the US chart systems that well but I don’t thing reaching number 2 in the billboard chart is that bad of a release. However I don’t feel waiting so long to release the album after the hype single Put It Down did it much good, and releasing a weak follow up single Wildest Dreams without a video too…

    Im a massive Brandy fan, but I feel half the songs on Two Eleven are quite weak (even some of the left over tracks from previous albums were much stronger than these) she claims she wants to experiment with different sounds but the only slightly different and stand out song from the slow samey rnb track was the first single Put It Down, the rest blend into one long song for me.

    I don’t understand why she stopped her working relationship with Dark Child, as I feel those songs were more stronger for Brandy. I know she wasn’t happy with the work on Human, but I feel that was one of her strongest albums with better songs.

    these are all just my opinions though…

  3. PHIL says:

    This Album is it! This album is a true reflection as to why she’s a multiplatinum-selling recording artist. I commend her on a unique and pure structure of Real Music! ComeBack of the Decade! Brandy remained committed to her own sound on this album, and connected with each track! She sounds dedicated to making Hit Records again! This is what your fans need! (The #Starz)… She didn’t attempt to cross over to PoP, She keeps it 100% R&B!I can respect that!

    I love Brandy’s Raspy vocals and how she understands and knows her control of her powerful lower registry! Alot of people have posted opinions about the track “Music” but its actually one of my favorites. I wouldn’t be surprised if the track “Music” became a single, She showcases her appeal to use her falsetto, and give brillant Ad Libs with an old school funk to this Great Song!She gives me a mixture of Maze & Franky Beverly, with the soul of Anita Baker, and Hints of Aaliyah (with her ad libs)… I see a possible video! If you read this post, & you haven’t gotten #TWOELEVEN Yet, do yourself a favor and support this project! She delivered hands down 5 Stars! In my Rating!
    Love it Love It Love it!

    I’m wishing the BEST! & if You haven’t purchased this album yet, do so! If its an Itunes, Amazon MP3 Download, Zune or what ever BUY TWOELEVEN! U will be HAPPY!!!