Chris Brown BET Awards 2010:Chris Brown Michael Jackson Tribute Performance Video

Melinda Tommy | June 27, 2010 | 106 Comments

Chris Brown BET Awards 2010:Chris Brown Michael Jackson Tribute Performance Video – Chris Brown took the stage at the 2010 BET Awards held at the the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles where he gave one hell of a performance during his tribute to the late Michael Jackson.
Brown performed “The Way You Make Me Feel” and later moved on to “Billie Jean” showing some cool spinning and moonwalking moves.

When the RnB singer took the mic to sing “Man In The Mirror” he was unable to do so. The young man broke down in tears partly because of MJ’s death mainly due to his current predicament after the Rihanna drama.

It is easy to cry, it is even easier to talk about change, but all he needs to do is really better himself and prove that he has indeed changed.
One thing is for sure Brown is the closest thing to MJ in the entertainment world right now.

What are your thoughts on Chris Brown BET Awards 2010 performance?

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  1. AshleyMC says:

    wow just beautiful. I have to thank Mr. Breezy for this tribute. This was a performance long time coming but I can’t wait to see what’s new in stored for CB. Def enjoy the performance and I was just as emotional.

    • markeeya says:

      girl I’m telling this video that’s on here i keep playing it over in over after his beating to Rihanna I bet ALOT OF PEOPLE DON’T THINK CHRIS BROWN COMING BACK BUT THIS PERFORMANCE JUST PUT HIM BACK IN THE DOOR OF SING AGAIN I HOPING IT DID

    • STILL STUNTIN' says:

      ME 2 HE KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MR.BREZZY CRIED I CRIED CUZ HE MY BABIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mely says:

      i know

    • dave says:

      4real just got to say respect to that ni**a…. & long live to the KING M.J

  2. markeeya says:

    Chris Brown performance was good i like it out of the whole show he really made me cry he don’t know how happy i was for him getting up there and showing his love to Micheal Jackson ya’ll have to love him for that.

  3. phyllis griffin says:

    Before Chris Brown came from behind curtain. I honestly thought it was Michael Jackson! Chris is surely the closest thing in the entertainment world to MJ.

    • Tyler Alexis says:

      yup.I thought it was MJ too.then the curtian came up and then i was like:”It’s chris brown!looking cute(im talking bout CHRIS looking cute)and looking like mj.LONG LIVE DA KING OV POP

  4. Ambie says:

    God is forgiving and just people receive 2nd chances, who are we to judge??? Chris has/is paying for the consequences of his actions, he’s only 21, with a lot of life to live/learn..I’m not saying what he did to Rihanna was alright, but it’s like what more can he do? the boy he’s been to court, community service, counseling etc, and you can’t deny Talent! I think he’s been humbled and was just emotional/appreciative of the opportunity!! a lot of young male artists got their Shine because Chris was being ridiculed etc. He shut it down tonight!!!!

    • jaysen says:

      I think its messed up how people just threw him to the wolves like that.Yeah he made a big mistake but why is it ok for rappers to be in and out of jail for drugs and guns and people don’t seem to care. MJ lives in Chris Brown.People need to get over the past and let him do what he does best and support him.

      • Tyler Alexis says:

        that’s people seem to care about chris brown did to rihanna but then they want him back in jail or they wont 4give him.but they dont seem to care bout bigger problems than really,if u think C.Breezy should be in jail,why do u watch his videos?like really man if u think C.Breezy should be in jail than……………………

        1.ur crazy
        2.ur stupid
        and 3.GO GET A DAMN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • nikki says:

        chris did ah great job….he made ah mistake in his life…no one is perfect ..we all messed up at times…we as his fans need to make room for disapointment…we need to forget about his past and think about the future….chris deserve our full support…am one of his biggest fan and always will be….

  5. Nish says:

    i personally thought his performance was amazing, everyones going on about usher doing it, well why didnt he. it means more to chirs than anyone to do a tribute for MJ. And man in the mirror really touched him, considering the song relates to his past. Chris is awesome and i dont think anyone could have done a better tribute. And why go on about the whole rihanna situation now, whats it got to do with this, you telling me none of you’s have made a mistake.. he’s his own person he’s allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Just like we do.

  6. beverly huff says:

    u go chris u rocked it love u chris!!!!!!!

  7. ethel says:

    wow…all i can say is that it was beautiful….and almost got me teary…the dude is damn talented and this was his tym to shine…to hell wit the rihanna drama….he grabbed the sho chris brown all the way

    • Maxine says:

      Iam so happy that Chris did this proformance for Michael Jackson R.I.P. YOU GO Chris, you shut the Bet Awards down… LOVE YOU CHRIS.. GOD BLESSED YOU…

  8. mary says:

    I don’t think chris gives a monkey’s a** what people think of him right now. If he let that rule his life, he would be in a psychiatric hospital by now, believe.

  9. Stan says:

    The fact that they let a wife/girlfriend abuser/beater perform shows that the BET people endorse abuse of black women. The community needs to take a stand against this behavior.
    He should be in jail not on TV.
    Who cares what this guy feels. He beat the crap out of his girlfriend and likely do it again to another woman. Maybe next week, next year or in 10 years, but it will happen again.

    • Briana says:

      Ok so yeah Chris hit Rihanna, but everyone keeps forgetting Bobby hit Whitney. Ike hit Tina, and they were right back to the top less than a few weeks later. It’s been a year! How do you know the other performers weren’t abusers, YOU DON’T! And it’s not even proven that they will hit again, once they wave the 100% to the world, then you can talk, but seriously, that’s just judging people.

      I think it was sincere tears. Why the f**k would anyone fake cry on stage for fans. He already has fans, he won Fandemonium!

      • ME says:

        That Briana was very well stated. Did you notice that Jay-z & company weren’t there?

      • kieara says:

        I know people keep juding him like he hit her that was so long ago .
        Something i dont get how come rhianna is still at the top wid her fans an all dat but chris is on the low he cried and it was cute . but he lost fans for nothing …

        I agree wid you on this soo much .

      • Tyler Alexis says:


    • Segs says:

      So Stan, by your logic, the fact that perhaps as a stupid youth you have smoked pot, shoplifted, vandalized property, sprayed graffiti, being rebellious in one way or the other to school authorities, got drunk and/or misbehaved, bullied/mistreated people, assaulted/threatened people in anger, or perhaps cheated on your girlfriend in the past means that you are not a fit human being and should today be in therapy, because you will do it again sometime in the future, right? If so, who allowed you to come up here and post a comment? You should be in a sanitarium/jail/remand home now!

      It’s so easy to criticize others about the details of their lives when ours are annonymous, isn’t it?

    • babygirl says:

      I’m confused do celebrities have to be married in order for them to be forgiven? People like Tommy Lee and Charlie Sheen who have both beat the snot out of their wives have never had to redeem themselves to continue a career or even state a public apology. Tommy Lee was also on the BET awards last night and you didn’t say he should be in jail and not on tv. Charlie Sheen still has one of the top rated tv shows in America and people were actually begging him to come back to the show. Is that racist or hypocritical or both? It is ignorant people like you that make it bad for the entire world. You sit and you judge people as if you have never committed a sin even if it’s having sex out of wedlock you’ve done something that you would want God to forgive you for. People like you sit back and judge people for their mistakes as if your feet are already in heaven’s door. Don’t forget that when your judgment day comes God will remember that you tried to do his job here on earth and judge another human being; ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!!!!! You don’t know what his relationship with God is and that’s all that matters. What have you done that makes you worthy of judging anyone whether they are famous or not? Get yourself together and stop hating!!!!

      • cecee says:

        You are so right babygirl. Nobody says anything about the others that have done wrong. They treat Chris Browm like he is lower than dirt. I still love him and will continue to support him. Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody’s perfect.

      • bb says:

        I understand what he did was totally wrong,no doubt.
        We have everyday men knocking women around and some killing women. again that is wrong, but put that aside if he never ever hit a woman in his life, and he sang MAN IN THE MIRROR and he broke down. What would people say that he is a sissy or weak. You never know what some one is going through,it just so happens that the trouble is was in was the main focus.
        Can you believe that MJ really was someone he looked
        up to and he was overcome with his feelings. Sure the song may have made he think of the trouble he was in and he is the MAN IN THE MIRROR and he realize that he has got to make a change in order to achieve the success that he had before. Give him a chance. After all think of MJ and all the troubles he had,but We still love and honor him


    • TEars of joy says:

      thats so rude you have no heart. So what he made a mistake we all make mistakes including you so dont put all of it on Chris He is an amazing performer and dancer and he is sorry for what he did. so dont be rude STAN!

    • Must B says:

      To start with: Please do not discourage Chris Brown, he is the only Micheal we have now.

      LET ME BREAK IT DOWN: You don’t understand. All you do is blame, what’s your resolution for peace. Should God send you to hell when you die because you disobey Him everyday?

      We’re humans and mistake, we make a lot. If you can judge every man according to their deeds, we should all be in jail not just Chris Brown.

      I’m damn sure you know this. There is two sides to every story and for every action, there is an opposite reaction.

      Since the Chris Brown incident, no one has spoken on what Rihanna did. All we’ve concentrated on is Chris and he has taken it like a man. I mean what more do you want of the kid.

      My Mom used to say “if you command the dog to stop, you should likewise command the bone to stop”.
      But everyone is speaking because they have big mouths to speak.
      Remember; one good turn deserve another.
      This is our world, we should be bringing people toghether and not pulling them apart.

      • Mrs.b says:

        you see i have mixed feeling about him. i hate him for what he did to rhianna, he shouldn’t have put his hands on her… unless she was holding a gun.
        on the other hand he is talented. i forgive but dont forget. it just seems like men have no respect for woman these days. thats why this was a big thing, i wish men didn’t always have a be so damn abusive… most of them anyway. but why is everyone forgiving him because of a preformance? how do we know he wont do it again? but it was a great performance and i loved it, even if i still don’t respect him, he was the best person for this job and usher wouldn’t have come close. and why is everyone saying all this religion stuff. some people may not believe in your god so please keep those comments to yourself. and congrats chris, you earned it and i hope your future is filled with happiness

    • Ms.B says:

      He who is without sin, cast the first stone. Can U say you never done anything wrong? It’s amazing God forgives, but man does not. I am not saying what he did was anywhere right in no shape or fashion, but let’s move on. Rhianna did and she did it much quicker than I anticipated that she would. She even moved on to another girlfriend/wife beater. How many actors, sports players and musicians have done this and we still like to see them act or perform? Let’s move on.

    • M says:

      Maybe you need to take a look in the mirror. I am not condoning his behavior, but I do believe in forgiveness. He is a young man and it’s sad that people like you are so stupid and ignore. Every one makes mistakes and I’m pretty sure you made several as well. No sin is greater than the other.

    • unknown says:

      the last i heard of u, u where goin off a cliff ! and your still writing

    • kieara says:

      ka’so stan clearly your not getting your brain set right dont put it all on chris . Kay no lies im not tryanna get rude but rhianna deserved it . She soo .ugh nvm but styll why you saying this hes on tv tryana get his fans back have whacted the news after he bet up rhianna . did you whact larry king . his words was “im sorry i hit her ” larry king said would you want her back he said ” yesi really do” get facts straight before talking thankyou . :@

    • Cantstandcritcs says:

      Shut the f$$k up. He was and still is a kid. Everybody makes mistakes, oh my bad, with the exception of you because your probably the most perfect person next to jesus. You probably get mad when somebody even mentions his name in the same sentence as yours. For all you self-rightous a-holes out there like this one i’m replying to right now, i hope the world isn’t as cold to you when you mess up severely for the first time in your life. Anyone that has apologized as much as him and expressed so much regret and humility from from the heart deserves a chance to redeem themselves

    • Tyler Alexis says:


    • bri says:

      o.k….you really have had a hard life have you??? I feel very sorry for you right now..i mean..i know damn well your not perfect…so yea him and rhianna got into an altercation..that was a year ago…let…it..go..and you dont know crap about B.E.T. to say something like that..and so your tellin me…if YOU do something you know isnt right, you know YOU would do it again??( put yourself in his shoes) What else do you guys want from him!!!!???

  10. wandawest says:

    Stan, you obviously have not heart…people make mistakes and I’m sure you’ve had a personal abusive experience in your life with someone, that’s why your such an a$s

  11. wandawest says:

    Chris Brown did an absolutely beautiful job!!!!

  12. Rob Jr. says:

    U see what that fool said… That idiot ain’t even worth his grandma’s bingo money, he ain’t worth it. Any who Chris Brown did an excellent job! Good job Chris Brown! Amazing performance I cried! I got chills up an down my spine it was truly amazing!

  13. stacey says:

    Loved the performances, he was great I truly though Michael was back.You go Chris this is your year to shine.

  14. courtney1 says:

    why did they make the tribute all about chris brown, and not include any other artists

    • DARRELL says:

      because chris brown never really got the chance to do a tribute due to his legal matters

    • DARRELL says:

      because chris brown never really got the chance to do a tribute due to his legal matters…brilliant

    • DARRELL says:

      he never got the chance to do a tribute to mj due to his legal matter the past year, i loved it and he should be forgiven by all, he will carry the torch for mj

    • ME says:

      It wasn’t all about Chris Brown, It was about what Micheal Jackson stood for….change, forgiveness, and support of your fellow man or woman. Who needed that opportunity more than Chris Brown, and the fact is there was know one who could of did a better job. R.I.P Micheal God Bless Chris brown

  15. ME says:

    Wow you can tell you’ve had domestic violence in your life. I pray to GOD this young man can continue to show victims like you that People change!

  16. Dlark says:

    Because Chris Brown is who they picked thats why! I dont think anyone would have done any better than Chris! He’s back and if God forgave him, what is wrong with us! I LOVE YOU CHRIS WELCOME BACK!

  17. HOLLYROCK says:

    WE know that Chris adored Michael as so many of us do but we also have love for M.J.’s family as well. It was so nice to see Jermaine and I was wondering If BET would consider asking the Jackson brothers to perform at your next award show.They too have given us so much over the years and I think it would be a blessing and an honor for them as well as for us and I know Mrs.Jackson would love to see her boys on stage again.PLEASE,PLEASE consider the idea. It will bless millions. And by the way, the Jackson brothers reality show{Jackson Family Dynasty} was wonderful. Please give the guys a call.We love them more.

  18. Zakiya says:

    Chris Brown wow you blew me away! First off you do not have to prove anything to us but you did. I feel like only GOD can judge because me being 19 done did some crazy things in my life that I was not proud of. I am proud of you for handling your bus and working on you! Forgiveness is key and as your fan I forgave you a lonnngg time ago. You have a good humble heart and I know how much you miss Micheal (RIP). You are an amzing dancer and I get chills watching you express your GOD given talent. GOD bless you and this is your year to shine!! Let GOD cont to use you!! <3

  19. TEars of joy says:

    Chris brown’s tribute was so sad even i broke down in tears as i was watching him cry. his dancing was amazing He Gained all respect back from me that he lost. Chris did make a mistake but he was sorry for what he did and i think that was a great way to get lots of respect back that he lost from ALL his fans. We all love Chris and i hope his life is back on track!

  20. unknown says:

    I think chris brown was awsome last far as that rihanna thing gose the b$$$h shouldn’t of gottin outta hand.but anyways u go chris i still love ya that all that matters

  21. Jam says:

    While CB can do his thing no doubt! I am sorry but he is not the closet thing in the industry that title would go to his sister Janet, we should all realize she’s prob his only equal.

  22. GEM says:

    Whether it was sincere or not, if you are a true MJ fan, the last thing you want to see is someone bringing their own personal issues (crying, for forgiveness etc..) during songs that have a personal meaning for each one of us as individuals. I don’t want to remember Chrs Brown crying during my favorite MJ songs. I don’t want to see Chris Brown, who can only do half of what Michael’s talent was, perform songs that are flawless by MJ and half heartedly done by a man who brings his own issues to the audience and only can dance not sing during performance. Weak and a sick way to “come back”.
    I rather see Usher anyday pay hommage to Michael. At least he does not bring his personal drama to his performances oh and he actually sings when he dances. Wow, what a concept!

    • memine says:

      Michael Jackson wrote and performed songs that touched all people. His songs were based on feelings; probably why he touched everyone’s “own personal feelings”. I feel and true this is only my opinion, Michael Jackson’s spirit was truly with Chris Brown’s performance. Chris really appreciates “Man in the Mirror”. Regardless of who performs Michael Jackson’s songs, if it isn’t sung with the feeling that Michael wanted to share…that person is not singing from the heart.

  23. Jasmin says:

    Aww this mad me cry chris brown did a very good job

  24. lexipooh says:

    I think Chris Brown did OUTSTANDING last night. God forgives us all, no matter what the case is and he has surely forgiven Chris. As young people, we all do stupid things, but we just have to learn as we get older. Sometimes God takes us through things to be able to make it to the GREATER things, and trust, there are great thins in store for Chris Brown. The thing is, society never allows people to change because they constantly look at the bad instead of the good. Chris Brown is sorry for what he did, so last night wasn’t a fake performance, it was a SINCERE performance, and Michael Jackson is probably rolling over in his grave from all this negativity.

  25. daydayy says:

    this was beautifull(: i really could care less about what people have to say, but i still like chris brown as much as i did before. i dont like domestic violence but to tell the truth none of you know him or were there that night so you dont know exactly what happened. there is two sides to every story but he still shouldn’t have beat the s$$t out of her. s$$t, she forgave him, they have an understanding (or something) yet people are still going on and on about it. she’s the one that got beat up and she still forgave so why cant you people? but yall can go head and still bash the boy, he’s talented and nothing can change that. this was a wondeful performance and i will always remember it. great jobb(:

  26. Faby says:

    Stop with the Rihanna situation. Who told you that he broke down mostly because of it. Like doing a tribute for someone who’s dead and your idol isn’t enough to make you cry!!!!

  27. Delivia says:

    When People Called Chris Brown A Woman Beater I Called Them Liars

    When People Said That Chris Brown Shouldn’t Have The Oppritunity To Come Back I Said He Has Every Right To

    This Performance Was A Very Good Way To Prove To Everyone That He Has Feelings. Chris Brown Went Through More Than Rihanna Had Went Through. Her “Problems” Only Lasted For About A Week, When Chris Browns Problems Went On For About A Year. (I Put Quotations Around Rihanna’s Problems Because I Feel That Things She Talked About Referring To The “Situation” Was Unnecessary.)

    I Would Like To Congratulate Chris Brown’s Outstanding Perormance…As A Matter Of Fact…Oustanding Isn’t Even The Word I Want To Use Because The Performance Was Much Greater Than Outstanding. I Love Chris Brown So Much. His 6 Minutes And 32 Seconds On The Stage Made A Major Impact On The Whole Entire Show. I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN FOREVER!!

    • Nikki says:

      So true. People are quick to talk him down but no one knows what really happened but them which is why I never stopped loving his music. We don’t know how he provoked or whatever because um….yeah we all know how us women can get.I say let it rest and let him enjoy his glorious come back.

  28. J says:

    I think Chris Brown’s dance performance was amazing. Very much like Michael Jackson. But I’m sorry the whole crying bit, was fake. He planned the whole feakin thing. You would have thought he was Michael’s son the way he broke down. Fake, Fake, Fake, and Fake! And so obvious. I do think he deserves to be forgiven for what he did. We all screw up. If Rihanna forgives him we should be able to. But to use an event to honor someone whom we all loved and miss very much as an opportunity to lift his career up off the ground and sell more records is disgusting. Only time will put what happened with Rihanna behind. Nothing else he can do will change that. His fake crying caused a lot of people to lose even more respect for him.

    • Segs says:

      So even the snot that he had snot running off his nose onto the microphone was just makeup, right? If he is THAT good, why isn’t he in movies?

  29. kisha says:

    I thought Chris Brown performance was the best of the awards show out of all the years i’ve been watching ths awards.

  30. memine says:

    Chris Brown you do not need to tell us you are sorry for your past mistakes. GOD has blessed you with the talent to perform for others. We felt your heart during the BET awards. Keep the promise that you made to yourself and to GOD. I AM OLD ENOUGH to have seen many others perform and young man, I hope you are around for the generations to come. LOVE YOU!

  31. someone says:

    everybody go and follow chris brown on twitter, we #teambrezzy are trying to get him to a million, sooo if u dnt have twitter, goo make it, and follow @chrisbrown he did amazing , God Bless him <3

  32. BigSista says:

    I don’t believe Chris faked the tears; considering that he paid his dues by serving the time allotted via the justice system in addition to all the deserved negative press (while Rhianna made quite a bit of $$$ from her unfortunate abuse). I’d call the entire situation even actually. We’re on the outside looking in; we aren’t supposed to judge anyway. Opinion, sure, but complaining that CB got to pay tribute to MJ who did admire his talent on BET is a bit much. Take a look at yourself in the mirror… Abuse from men or women is wrong- period. If there is a tempermental lady or man pushing one’s buttons – walk the hell away. I learned the hard way as well.

  33. Gel says:

    His performance was heartfelt!! Brought me to tears!!! I’m so loving him again!!!

  34. Bianca says:

    Jermaine Jackson said everything when he introduce the performance on the show. He was what I was waiting for because in my opinion even though I was upset with him… he still in my opinion, was and still is supposed to be our generations, “Michael Jackson” anyway’s. He’s just that good and it’s time for him to come back. I cried with him. I’m not a huge fan of his but I recognize great talent when I see it.

  35. India says:

    This performance was f*cking awesome….hands down!!!! I bet MJ was in his grave snapping his fingers and rocking through the beat and if he was alive, I bet he wouldve praised and even thanked CB for such a great performance–no one couldve done it better. As far as the Rihanna situation…I love her and I’m a huge fan and I grew up around domestic violence and know all too well how wrong it is and that it shouldnt be condoned, but he’s human and did anyone of us ever hear Rihanna say that he beat her up all the time????? No. They had one altercation that got ugly and there are two sides to a story. I’m not saying anything negative in her direction but when it boils down he was the best performer on the BET awards show and he deserves a second chance and no judging.

  36. khadine says:

    chris did a good job @ the show,i felt it to the max.He as grown and as change i love im even more god bless u chris and continue to work hard.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree. Its funny how people view famous people as if they are not human.COME ON NOW!!!! Its 2010. WAKE UP. They are just as much human as us only with more money. I loved the performance and NO ONE can knock the fact he has performed the BEST tribute yet in honor of Michael. He has gone through so much and deserves the right to get praise were it is very well due.

  37. m says:

    Let me say outstanding performance of MJ. This young man has earned it. For the past year he has endured the media and people calling him names. I even heard someone call him a n$$$$r when he can to New York. People and I mean hateful disgusting People are using him for their oulet. It has seemed that they want someone to lych. It amazes me in a World where we need to find love and compassion for one another. We want to find a hate and love forum for a young man trying to show the world he has changed. I live in NYC when the twin towers can down people didn’t care about whether they like someone or not. We just step in and showed love. Now the world has tooken it upon themselves to find another outlet for hate. It sicken me. Where is the love and forgiveness. Everyday this young man knows what happen to make his stars fall. I will not be a part of the technical lyching being done on this young remorseful young man. I will not! Peolpe fail to realize in order for real change it has to start within. The media has been waitng for another chance to bring down this young man. A modern day lyching. It’s a shame. A young gifted talent, A humantarian for Hatti and the people of Virginia. And here we are trying to kill the spirit of a young man. You want to talk. The victim Ms. Rihanna hasn’t lost a beat in her step. She is fine from what has been almost a two years.If the world wants to keep on hurting him. It will only be a reminder to her of their relationship. Let both these young people have the chance to get over their relationship without negative hateful people trying keep it alive. Forgiveness is the keys

  38. ann says:

    I think chris did a wonderful job,no one can top that performance.Yes he cried so what why do everything have to be about something else.You and I both dont know what he was feeling at that time

  39. mj princess says:

    first off all, I can never respect a man that hits a woman. I think that MJ being the sweet forgiving man that he was, would have been pleased with the performance. I was pleased with the performance but I have known women that have suffered domestic violence, and it’s s$$t, no one can say it’s ever warranted. While I’m glad chris did a great job in “doing” MJ, but he will never be the man that MJ was, rest in peace sweet michael.

  40. Alex says:

    I loved Usher Raymond so much,and I still do,but I’ve realized I love Chris more.Chris Brown do your thing,because no matter what you do people will love ya and others surely hate you.This is just your heyday..and its just began.believe it buddy!love ya Chris

  41. Nikki says:

    I never stopped loving Chris Brown’s music. Artists and famous people stay in the spotlight as if they are not human. What happened happens everyday and it’s ashame the we view celebrities as supernatural when in fact they are human just like us. We all have our DARK CORNERS

    • Nikki says:

      My badmad a mistake but as I was saying: I feel that honor needs to be given were honor is due. Chris Brown did the THANG. He completely stole the show with his awesome performance of Michael.I feel no one could have done it better.So to him: true fans will remain even in the mist of storms. The sun does shine again and please know your sunny days are here again. I’ve loved your music since you first arrived on the scene and wil continue to love and support your music.I realize we are all humans and we all make mistakes.Be blessed and if you haven’t put God first and keep him first for he will see you through the thickest clouds.Michael was your idol and he was so blessed through all the media talk and put downs because he kept his faith in God.He is a true example of how to exceed through it all.

  42. Jamaican Love says:

    People y’all need to stop hating on this young man, he is one of us we all made mistake. If only night could turn day on some of y’ll dirt, then we would really see who is messed up. I am not saying what he did was ok, but Enough is Enough. He took the show this is your comeback make us proud. I see your CHANGE.

    Chris we got nothing but love for you hon, you nail it im sure MJ is proud of u he lives on through u. Its hard to hate but easy to love, Love em anyways Chris, Cant wait for you to perform at Sumfest.

  43. Real says:

    Chris we can not wait to see your next performance. We love you, Chris. You can sing and dance very very well! WAY TO GO, CHRIS!!!

  44. audrey says:

    what chris brown did was touching i cant believe it he is a good person and i love him so much even if he beat rihanna things happen its a crazy world but you should shake of the devil and trust in jesus love you micheal and love you chris brown

    • mj princess says:

      even if he beat rhianna??????? What if he beat your daughter, would he still be a good person????

      • Laura says:

        stop with this already. the kid is sorry don’t you get it… are you a perfect person.

        • mj princess says:

          No,I am far from perfect. But I don’t use violence to cope with anger. Once a beater, always a beater. I work in domestic violence. Do you know how many people reoffend??? I did say that Chris Brown did a wonderful job of emulating MJ, credit where credit is due. However, condoning violence against women whether people are sorry for what they have done or not is WRONG!!! I wouldn’t let my beautiful daughter any where near him.

  45. mz.breezy4real says:

    i think MY babi did a great job @ da bet awards so for all u ppl who said my boo was faking yall a lie and i cried 2 when he cried

  46. Tyler Alexis says:

    Chris Brown was trying not to cry,but he did.It’s not a bad thing,but some people thought he was told to cry for fake…..i’m gonna say this once and OLNY once:HE WAS CRYING FOR REAL!He was crying because MJ died,and i respect that.I was crying when i was watching this and i was trying to watch this on youtube but they wasn’t allowed to put the actual footage of it.I’m 9 years old but i see where Chris is coming from and I can feel what he feels.He feels heartbroken,and he felt heartbroken another time too:{the Rihanna thing}but i don’t want to mention anymore of the Rihanna situation.We all aren’t perfect,so keep this last thing in mind:Always Think BEFORE You Judge and Let Someone say what they want to say and forgive Chris about what he did to Rihanna,because i did and he is a changed man so stop hating on him haters!

  47. Lindsey says:


  48. Laura says:

    Chris is an amazing performer. his tribute to Michael Jackson was Great!!! come on folks Give Chris Brown the opportunity to make it. he made a mistake, One has to beleive that he is an AWESOME performer. Give him the chance. he is young and very good at his craft. forgiveness is good for the SOUL!!!

  49. Lexi says:

    I think the kid did an amazing job @ the BET awards and I think the fact that people are trying to put it down by saying he faked crying is just ridiculous. He was young, and I’m not making excuses because what he did was wronmg, but come on already. Domestic violence happens EVERYDAY and nmobody so much as lifts a finger or says a word until it happens to someone famous. Why does he still have to be punished.

  50. Tyler Alexis says:

    im still cryin tah b honest i cant go sleep at nite
    R.I.P MJ

  51. Lisa says:

    I am a MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ fan and I knew CB would tear it down! NOBODY could have done this performance this was HIS!!!! to do….it was needed for us as MJ fans and CB fans and CB himself. It was emotional, heartfelt, heartbreaking, flawless, incredible.ect….CB shut it down. His breaking point was fueled by everything he has gone through it was real he stripped himself bare and bone and let us the world see his plea for forgiveness…and MOST OF US!!!! gave it to him! (I have always believed there was more to the story and supported him and will always do so). This performance was everything we knew it would be and I think he even held back a little (lol) CB you did it and I’m proud of you….Michael would be proud of you…CONGRATULATIONS. Never lose faith, or give up…god is walking with you.

  52. William says:

    Well said. The thing that makes me mad about making fun of Chris Brown’s performance is the fact that like MJ he an entertainer at the end of the day. MJ has moon walked his way out of some tight spots and we stil loved him, what makes CB any less loveable unworthy of the benifit of the doubt. Judge the talent and stay out of peoples personal buisness is what I say. Maybe if we had did that more with MJ, there be no need to pay him tribute………HE WOULD STILL BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Sandy says:

    Chris Brown performance was the best performance a the Bet Awards and the one tht will be remember for a very long time. His performance made me cry and others. His tears were real. And chris was the best man for the job and the closest of being a Micheal Jackson. RIP MICHEAL WE MIS U ND LOVE YOU!!!

  54. helena brown says:

    parabens chris brown! vc é o melhor, e msm n conseguindo cantar devido á emoção, vc arrasou, eu falo em nome de vários fans do brasil que se comoveram com sua apresentação.. te amooo

  55. n.m3@d says:


  56. bbytee. says:

    i’m in love with chris brown, what he did was wrong,yes but who gave us permission to judge? in the end it’s up to god whether or not he gets into the pearly white gates. What people missed when they watched this performance is that it’s not about chris brown, it’s about MJ and his life. Chis did a GREAT job no matter how the real world feels about him and his actions the performance wasn’t for anyone to be on his side again or to respect him, it was about paying his respects to his favorite artist and his idol MJ. i just think people have no right to judge him when they aren’t the best people in the world either. People should really think about they’re own lives before they start judging other people and the way they live their lives. nuff said.

  57. shalita says:

    chirs brown did a wonderful job even at da end we knw hw u felt gud job kp it up ( great performance)

  58. briannaaa says:

    this still makes me cry!!!i lovve you chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. spidondo says: