Donell Jones New Song ‘Step the F**k Off’ (Listen)

Franc Paul | December 5, 2012

Donell Jones Picture

Donell Jones is going raw and deep in his new song “Step The F**k Off,” a track that comes out days after the singer released a promo picture announcing a single.

Jones who was touring in Africa last month is said to be working on a new album that is expected to be out in 2013.

Some R&B music fans are excited about the return of one of the most talented artists, the genre has produced in recent years.

The “U Know What’s Up,” singer is trying his best to keep real r&b music moving forward while not totally dissing the past.

His new offering “Step The F**k Off,” succeeded on these two fronts.

Hopefully the new album will be on the same level. You can listen to the explicit song below.

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