Dru Hill Indrupendence Day

Melinda Tommy | July 20, 2009 | 23 Comments

Dru Hill Indrupendence Day

Dru Hill Indrupendence Day – Dru Hill is back with new materials for their fans.The group will be releasing a new CD called “Indrupendence Day” later this year.
You can listen to Dru Hill’s new songs entitled “Indrupendence Day” ,”Sold Out Of Love” ,”Rain” and “Rule The World” off the upcoming album after the jump.

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  1. Li says:

    They needed Ne -Yo

  2. C says:

    I’m a dru fan till the end, however….Stick to ballads and mid-tempos…or team up with the producers and writers on “Enter the DRU” and drop another classic album… This right here..is not how u make a come back….

  3. Dumps McGee says:

    this is wack. why would they even let this stuff out? I used to be a big dru hill fan. This is embarrassing.

  4. kevin allen says:

    I said it before i live in Baltimore city and Dru-hill is known for slick ballets and smooth sounds. MAN WHAT THE HELL IS UP I CAN’T ROCK THIS IN THE MAGNUM AROUND TOWN. You guys have completely changed your format

  5. samantha says:

    indrupendence day the single is ace.cant wait to buy this cd and play it in my car.congradulations dru hill gd to see u back.ace tune.love it.sx

  6. Jrod says:

    This is pretty crappy. Dru-World order was different, but these tracks are huge downgrade. Sisqo, go SOLO…..

  7. pabs says:

    wat the f**k is this album about, i am a big dru hill fan from england, there first album started wer jodeci finished, from love train & tell me to this crap, “DRU HILL YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS”

  8. Denise says:

    Dru Hill WOW guys the production and vocals are hot hot hot!!! I have been a fan for years and i think this is defiantly up to 2009/2010 standard.. You have reinvented ur sound with today’s hot production… Dont do what you have done already…. Cause it’s been done… Derrr PPL!!!
    Dru Hill Keep up the Great work, glad ur back and hurry up i want the rest of the album!!
    Sisqo Ur good solo , but never leave ur roots!! Stay real

  9. Pete says:

    WtF!! Is this a joke? It looks more like a pre-pre-pre material.It’s imposible this s*** will go in the album…

  10. Marty Rock says:

    I agree with C. Enter The Dru was tremendous, this however isnt a patch on that classic album. If you guys want to keep your fans and keep selling tracks then it has to be better than this. Its been a long wait, I hope its not a disappointing one…

  11. MrNotiq says:

    …these songs are all trash…and I LOVE Dru Hill…Love MD is crazy. I was expecting the album to sound like that and had high hopes. But every song here is garbage. I kinda don’t even believe the 3 middle songs are even them. Lol


  12. ANGEL(MACHO 1ST LADY) says:


  13. Jordyn says:

    All y’all haters up there are gay , this music is raw as he’ll I kno one thing ima be a artist and I look up to sisqo, as a mentor and another idol when I
    make fo sho Ima make. Shout to my homies

  14. Trish says:

    I love it “rule the world”…..Always was a fan of u and this song. Keep it up guys…Love yall

  15. ms.e says:

    what is the name of the ssong that goes- i recieved a letter but their was no addressee….

  16. Linda Asberry says:

    Dru Hill sounds as good as they did in the beginning of their careers; I love them and, i want to say to them ; don’t listen to any negativity; keep God in your lives because He is who gave you all your Gift of song and the money along with it don’t trow it away. God bless all of you and welcome back. I’m an older fan of you all, David Holister and K-CI AND jO jO; i’M A 61 YEAR OLD LOVER OF ALL GREAT VOICES AND GREAT TALENTS OF TODAY, YESTERDAY AND FUTURE TOMORROW BLESSINGS OF our Creator. Ask God to help you get along with each other.

  17. rettewa 2000 says:

    These songs do sound stupid not like the dru hill I knew ur song millions was my wedding song I wish y’all get a new song writer or producer and get it back right y’all all have talent wish y’all still had woody 2

  18. yemstar says:

    Omg!! Love d songs, sisqo go solo mhennnn missed your thang. Do ur fin mhennn

  19. Mbongeni Gegana says:

    Can:t wait, come on guys give it to me am thirsty for it.

  20. lost fan says:

    Dur Hill not the same. Wish you could bring Woody back, not hatin on Tao or anything but he just has a high pitched sound. Sisqo needs a little singing lesson or get your vocal checked-out. Jazz, always sounding good. Nok, you don’t sing so it doesn’t matter but you complete the group somehow.