Jamie Foxx Sings George Strait

Melinda Tommy | May 27, 2009 | 14 Comments

Jamie Foxx Sings George Strait

Jamie Foxx Sings George Strait – Jamie Foxx appeared at a soiree where George Strait was being honored as the “Academy of Country Music’s Artist” of the Decade for the 2000s on CBS this evening.Foxx did a cover of the famous artist’s song called “You Look So Good In Love”.You can watch Jamie Foxx singing George Strait video after the jump.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I think Mr. foxx NAILED IT!!! That song was AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. BRET MORRIS says:


  3. Mz_Thick says:

    His performance was amazing. I watched it last night and I thought, there’s a song worth remaking. He should do it and I bet it will go to #1.

  4. bc says:

    Who’s brilliant idea was it to invite Jamie Fox to totally screw up one of my favorite George songs!??!?! WTF? WTF? WTF?
    Horrible!! Why not just have Diddy or Kanye cover Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson! What a bunch of crap! Jamie Foxx is about as much a George Fan as I am an Obama fan!

    • cassandra hawthorne says:

      dude ur stupid how can u say that. u think just b cuz he is a black dude that he cant like country music… George Strait is a freakin awesome singer songwriter that even the black ppl want to listen to him. duh!!! give him some credit b4 u go talkin all that trash…

      • Denise says:

        Dude George Strait doesnt write. I love him but he does the singing and someone else does the writing.

    • beckyann says:

      That is the most horrible thing anyone could say. Jamiefox was incredible! You are deffinatly a racest and you should go to hell for your way of thinking. obviously you have no tast. It truley showed that Jammie Foxx was a true George Strait fan!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jd says:

    it’s not worth covering a song if you’re gonna sing it the same way as the original. Foxx definitely put his own touch on this song and gave an awesome performance

  6. Chenelle says:

    BC…enough said (you’re a pain) Jamie Foxx nailed it! Color or musical background has nothing to do with it!!! I bet George Strait has more than country in his collection…Be open-minded PEOPLE!

  7. Cadee65 says:

    Jamie Foxx ruined the song. I could not stand to sit there and listen to him making a fool out of himself. I taped the show and skip the part where Jamie sings each time I play the tape.

    Jamie should stick to R&B, if that is what he is suppose to be singing.

  8. Charlotte says:

    JAMIE…OMG you nailed it…what a performance!!!

  9. Mary says:

    Color or musical background has nothing to do with it at all. Guess what, I am black and I happen to love country. I think that Jamie did a wonderful job with the song, it took nothing away from what George did with it. I don’t think that George was insulted at all. In fact he made a comment about Jamie and the way he did the song. Move up people, look beyond color, give the man the credit that he is due. He did a great job, I loved it.

  10. Denise says:

    I am sorry but I just didnt like the Jamie Foxx version. I know that there are country singer trying to do rock and rock singers trying to country and some of it is GREAT, but some things are just to good the first time to be messed with.

  11. Teddy says:

    I am a white 49 year old male and love all music and when I say all music, I mean from Beethoven to Eminem. I loved Jamie’s dedication to George and if you paid attention to his comments, George liked it too. One more thing, Jamie Foxx has more talent in his 10 fingers than George has in his entire body and I love George Strait. Next time pay atention to the music and not the color of someone’s skin.