Janet Jackson New Haircut:Is She Dating Wissam al Mana?

Melinda Tommy | May 20, 2010 | 23 Comments

Janet Jackson New Haircut:Is She Dating Wissam al Mana? – Janet Jackson like Solange, and Chrisette Michele, has decided to go natural by shaving all her hair. She was spotted rocking the short hair out in London last night and looked beautiful doing so.

I can only assume that just like her peers she is tired of the world of weave and wants to take a new direction with her life. Or maybe she watched Chris Rock’s Good Hair movie and told herself what the hell, I am going to chop it off.

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According to rumors miss Jackson is currently dating a businessman from Qatar named Wissam al Mana.

What are your thoughts on Janet Jackson new hairdo?

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  1. jasmyne watkins says:

    This new style on her really doesn’t look bad. I’m kinda just used to her having long hair but this is actually fine.

  2. shalia says:

    I was in Qatar last year modeling for World Swimwear and though the men dress in long white robes with red and white head gear, there are some very good looking men out there!

  3. Oluchi says:

    I think she looks stunning, it makes her look younger too.

  4. Bianca says:

    I think it’s sexy on her. Makes me wanna be brave too and cut my hair. You really have to have the right head shape for that though. Intimidating LOL

    • Islah says:

      Who told you that. It does not matter what shape your head is. Black women should try it before you knock it. It is beautiful to see our sisters with their natural hair. It is glorious.

  5. Chanda says:

    I love JJ, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I love her new look….young and bold!

  6. YouGoGirl says:

    Trend Alert!! The hair don’t define you, YOU define the hair. Do the Damn thing Janet. I love it, show em’ how its done!!

  7. Stela says:

    I am a hairstylist of 20 years an I am here to tell you it looks great on her, its a nice change, but we’ll take Janet any way she comes she pretty much can wear anything,and she will still rock it to th fullest Janet got swag. I hope her an Jermaine are still together thats the only thing, I really do!

  8. Rhonda says:

    I think Janet looks absolutely gorgeous with her new hairstyle. Wish more women would embrace their natural beauty and drop the weaves and chemicals.

    I am a cancer patient and have gone through a lot with over a year of chemotheraphy. Before starting my journey, I had stopped using chemicals for 2 years on my hair. It had grown long and beautiful and I was so proud of it. Shame to admit now that was one of the first things I thought of when I was told I would be undergoing chemo. That was the least of my problems. Although I am considered terminal. I still try to look my best on good days.

    And honestly my “crown” in its truly natural state now, is about the same lenght as hers, maybe a little shorter and definitely thinned. But, with a simple baby shampoo and a rinse and hair oil/moisturizer I think I am beautiful. Its all in the process of excepting who I am and my life journey. I no longer hid behind the wigs. I see my new hair as another small accomplishment at fighting this “beast” I am fighting. And accepting ME for ME.

  9. sharon carpenter says:

    i luv it. Out of all the hairstyles that she had in the past.

  10. Sunshine says:

    Janet, your beautiful.

  11. Lessley says:

    She looks cute. it looks really nice on her

  12. Didi says:

    Janet looks beautiful shes what? 43 yrs old looks like she is in her early 30′s or 20′s too bad Madonna looks 80 so sad! Janet is doing qreat now &&+ people liked to see her career flop after the “Superbowl” but it didn’t work at all just so Madonna can have all the spotlight! Beyonce aint u tired of WEAVE WEAVE WEAVE wear ur real hair!!!!!! …… sometimes ??
    People Janet is the queen who cares how many times Madonna adopted black babies she still won’t be the Queen of pop! Sorry

  13. Babbles says:

    I love Janet’s new hairstyle! It adds a delicate, but edgy, sophisticated, but sexy to a woman that oozes beauty. She is such an iconic individual; thank you Ms. Jackson!

  14. Babbles says:

    Correction: “sexiness”

  15. paul the wall says:

    janet jackson looks good, her doo is neat.

  16. idioticpeople says:

    you guys are all IDIOTS you didn’t know janet always had natural hair?? are you serious look at pictures when she would wear pony tails!! its the same hair texture as it is now…

  17. jjjj says:

    how do u do tht hairstlye…

  18. marina says:

    i love you janet your my idol i wish u the best in eveerything yu do and its a dream for me to meet you truely i would do anything i talk about you everyday and im just your biggest fan ever words cant explain how much you mean to me and its a ddream for me #1 dream love u j<3

  19. tuoni says:

    janet looks great! hold your own.

  20. Network Security : says:

    just the mere look of Chris Rock would give you laughs already :

  21. kaye says:

    Janet looks absolutely fabulous! You can see her beautiful bone structure and her REAL beauty. I am so glad she is not defined by the standards of others. Do your thing, Sis!