Jordin Sparks On Working With R. Kelly For “Sparkle” Movie OST

Franc Paul | April 4, 2012

Jordin Sparks Sparkle Movie

The soundtrack to Whitney Houston’s final movie “Sparkle” is going to be grandiose if people involved in the project are to be believed. Producers and singers who have heard music from it are all ecstatic.

R&B singer and producer R. Kelly who is heading the music for the soundtrack has apparently outdone himself.

Mr. Kelly produced at least two new songs for “Sparkle,” including one that is said to be one of Houston’s last recordings titled “Celebrate.”

Jordin Sparks who has the lead role in the film and is featured on the track, did an interview, talking about what it felt like to work with the “Ignition” artist. Sparks explained:

“I remember them playing the demo for me and R. Kelly is singing them and I’m looking at everybody going, ‘I get to sing this song? Are you serious?’ I was very excited. My fans are going to see a different side of me, because it’s deep R&B. It’s got that old ’60s flair. It’s just really emotional and super connected.”

“Sparkle” will be released in August. You can check out its official trailer below.

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