Kem Intimacy: Album III Review

Melinda Tommy | August 18, 2010

Album review of ‘Intimacy: Album III’ by Kem

01. When I’m Loving You
02. Can You Feel It
03. Love Never Fails
04. Share My Life
05. Human Touch
06. If It’s Love
07. Why Would You Stay
08. A Mother’s Love
09. You’re On My Mind
10. Golden Days

After a 5 year hiatus, Kem has finally decided to bless us with the follow up to his 2005 Album II , with a CD conveniently entitled “Intimacy: Album III” which was released on August 17, 2010 via Motown Records.

As usual there are only ten songs on the album and the big question is – will these ten little jazzy, original, tasteful, elegant, refined tracks live up to the expectation created by such a long wait?

Kem only does Kem meaning the entire CD is composed of catchy mid tempo, smooth songs with beautiful melodies to seduce the listeners.

The R&B/soul singer sticks to his traditional silky tone of voice on the intimate ballads which talk about love, heartache, romance and overcoming obstacle.

The best cuts on the CD include “Share My Life”, of course the wonderfully written and performed “Why Would You Stay,” while not neglecting “Can You Feel It,” where he gets very passionate and “Golden Days,” that surprisingly has a motivational poem that is read by Jill Scott.

But despite putting a beautiful album together that his fans will absolutely adore, one must wonder when will Kem stop sounding like an enchanted broken record that plays the same old musical arrangements and tells the same bedroom stories? When will he modernize his sound? When will he use his gift as a lyricist to present us with something deeper?

Most likely never seeing that his next album will be more or less be a continuation of his previous works and will therefore contain the usual laid back, sensual tracks that will keep on hitting all the right notes for his countless female fans.

In conclusion if you are a fan of Kem or you are looking for an album that will set the mood in the bedroom when the lights are dimmed and your lover awaits you well-Intimacy: Album III is perfect for you and will satisfy your every need.

But if you are searching for music that moves you with deep lyrics about social issues and elevates the philosophical debate about life -well Kem can not help you in these areas.

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