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Franc Paul | September 10, 2010 | 6 Comments

Kem Why Would You Stay Video – R&B singer Kem has premiered a music video for his hit single “Why Would You Stay,” the first excerpt taken from his “Intimacy: Album III” CD that was released in August.

Thanks to the popularity of ‘Why Would You Stay,’ the album became Kem’s highest-charting release ever. Kem is the one who produced this amazing track about love.

Kem is really happy to put all of his troubles behind, he recently opened up about his struggles, stating: “Drugs and alcohol became my best friend,” he says, “and I don’t regret a day.”

You can watch the Kem Why Would You Stay video below:

The video for “Why Would You Stay” is simple and goes straight to the point and we are certain that Kem’s growing fan base is going to love it. Despite the success, for the “I Can’t Stop Loving You” singer, this music thing is less about money and fame and more like a divine mission, a testimony of some sort. Kem explained: “My faith is my foundation.”

The second single lifted from “Intimacy” is called “Share My Life.”

What are your thoughts on Why Would You Stay Video Kem?

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  1. mary braxton says:


    • Thembani "Stix" Nzanzeka says:

      I was reading an album review of Kem,the guy says Kem has not changed his music,he thinks is another broken record. He ask when he will changed,modernise his music. I disagree with him bcoz Kem has lovely, clean,soulful album. This thing of modernise good music is spoiling everything. If you listen in today R&B its sucks. I rather listen to late 90′s R&B. Kem is the answer for the love of good music.

  2. Paula Ward says:

    KEM is a very special artist in which the world has not heard. I don’t know if management, record company, publisher, or who is responsible for not promoting this artist to the greatness that he possesses. There are others out there who are not even close to this man’s talent, but the radio, video shows, and others are stroking those talents. If the fans truly love KEM, we need to push this project to the wall! For a man who is from Nashville- his own hometown is not showing him the respect he deserves. I’m starting my own campaign to support KEM. As a former professional singer, musician and agent – I KNOW that the ‘handlers’ can do better than this. GONE are the days when record companies release a track to ‘see’ how the public responds. Come on MOTOWN – do like you used to in DETROIT!

  3. katherine moise says:

    kem have a very beautiful voice give me chills every time i hear it, i love his music,and he is the sexyest man on earth i will give anything to meet him just once.

  4. katherine moise says:

    i love the vedio and the song is beautiful,it is real