Leona Lewis Cyndi Lauper 2009 VH1 Divas

Melinda Tommy | September 18, 2009 | 9 Comments

Leona Lewis Cydni Lauper 2009 VH1 Divas

Leona Lewis Cyndi Lauper 2009 VH1 Divas – Here are the clips of Leona Lewis singing “Happy” and later joining Cyndi Lauper for a duet on “True Colors” at the 2009 VH1 Divas held at NY’s Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday night.You can watch the videos after the jump.

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  1. debra19 says:

    That was amazing leona, the best in 2009.

  2. Number 1 Leona Fan says:

    My thoughts on Leona lewis: It appears Leona does not get enough credit as she deserves. she has the full package, great looks, a real singing voice, and a sweet personality. Maybe that is why she is a world class star! :) She is currently the best female singer in her generation, no one can match her vocals in the same way. In my opinion she is unique, humble, beautiful, and inspirational. I dont understand how people like miley, rhianna, jordin sparks, britney spears are selling records when they have no real talent. Im tired of mariah carey- who is so full of herself and her songs these days sound so tacky – she was great at one time- but she lacks quality, she is also a poor role model- and seems to lack any intelligence. I wish leona all the success in the world and hope her album ‘echo’ sells like no album has before. ‘Good luck Leona’ make ‘echo’ biggest selling album in 2009/2010 :)

  3. q8 says:

    ‘Good luck Leona’ make ‘echo’ biggest selling album in 2009/2010 .
    love you leona soooooooo much

  4. Joao says:

    Leona was the best artist of the evening! Her voice is just out of this world! She looks amazing, and sounds even better! Leona is the real deal! Talented young woman who is to become the best singer in her generation since Whitney Houston! Can’t stop listening to her and look at her! I hope to see Leona right at the top where she belongs! A world class artist.

  5. Snehil says:


  6. dudley misponas says:

    leona is the best artist.

  7. Denise says:

    Hi Leona, Iam finally just viewing your Diva’s concert,knew you would be sensational,glad it went well.Heard “Happy” last week in my car,loved it,congratulations!The car in front of me as I was listening to “Happy” was a brand called “echo” I was quite spooked.Hope “Echo” goes no 1 worldwide.Stay happy with Lou, your Family and your career!Me still busy so have not caught up with all your news yet,however, so glad you have come thru that awful incident!All the best,luv Denise,Perth.Australia.