Nicole Scherzinger On Bulimia and Doing Pussycat Dolls Album Alone

Melinda Tommy | October 8, 2012

Let the cat fights begin. Hawaiian beauty Nicole Scherzinger was featured in VH1 for their Behind The Music series, where she dropped couple of bombshells.

The diva opened up on her music career, her countless addictions that demanded that she constantly hurt herself and the real reason she was the leader of the Pussycat Dolls.

On her battle with bulimia and the fact that she used to cut or find creative ways to hurt herself:

“I guess it was like my addiction, right? I never did drugs, but kinda doing things to myself was my addiction. It’s like when I got off stage, I was on this high, and I’d come back to my room and I’d be alone, so I would just do things. My bulimia was my addiction; hurting myself was my addiction.”

During the interview she admitted that her band mates Melody Thornton, 28, Ashley Roberts, 31, Kimberly Wyatt, 30, Jessica Sutta, 30, and Carmit Bachar, 38, were useless.

She stated that she did all of the singing and recorded the entire album by herself:

“I hope I don’t get in trouble for the stuff that I say but I’ll never forget I finished the album, ‘PCD’, and [executive producer] Ron [Fair] and I brought the girls into the studio and we played it for them. It was the first time they’d ever heard the music.Do you understand what I’m saying? We played the album for the Pussycat Dolls. It was the first time they’d ever heard the songs.”

Jones slammed Nicole for being hungry for the spotlight but failed the deny the claims that she did 90% of the singing.

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