Rihanna 20/20 Full Interview:Watch Video

Melinda Tommy | November 7, 2009 | 64 Comments

Rihanna 20/20 Full Interview:Watch Video

Rihanna 20/20 Full Interview:Watch Video – Rihanna 20 20 full interview can be seen here.Rihanna sat down with 20/20′s Diane Sawyer for an interview that aired on Friday where she talked about what occurred back in February between herself and Chris Brown.
On what occurred that night:

“I caught him in a lie. And he wouldn’t tell the truth … I was being more annoyed at that point in our relationship he had to lie about something so stupid. I couldn’t take that he kept lying to me. And he couldn’t take that I wouldn’t drop it. And … it was ugly. I was bleeding. I was swollen in my face.So there was no way of me getting home, except for, my next option was to get out of the car and walk. Start walking in a gown, in a bloody face. So I really don’t know what my plan was. I didn’t have a plan. That whole night was not part of my plan.”

On how she feels about Chris:

“I don’t have a desire at all to be with him.I can’t see how we … would get back together, but I’m also not God and I can’t predict the future. I don’t hate him at all. I actually love and care about him and I’m concerned about him doing well. I want him to do well, have a great career, have a great life and grow up, and just take this as something that you had to go through to grow up and learn.”

Rihanna 20 20 full interview videos are after the jump.

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  1. Yami says:

    she saids he had no soul n blank…thats what i think of her in this interview..she is right even if she hit him first it does not make it ok for him to beat her… but we have to realize that their are females that push n push and when this happens they act surprised…she is getting back at him fr maybe cheating on her who knows but she is only worried about her career…yet what role model have u heard her latest songs?

    • Sheeba Knight says:

      I love you Rihanna. Thank you for coming out and sharing your beautiful soul, God Bless you and yours.

    • Niko says:

      I think it is very important to address your post. Under no circumstances regardless of the level of a verbal arguement should a male or female cross that defined line and get physical. What Chris Brown did (and let me say he is incredibly talented and I enjoy his craft)was beyond wrong and as unfortunate as it is should have to endure the effects on his career as a consequence to that. There are no excuses that are acceptable to why people need to be physical with each other it shows lack of integrity and respect for the person your in a relationship with. It is clear Yami that Rhianna is hurt which is why she is carrying the expression that she is during the interview. She needed to appeal to and answer her fans and she was poised and honest while doing so. All too often people in relationships feel that this is okay and it’s not and the sad part is once you have been subject to this whether in your childhood or as an adult you tend to continue the pattern. As to Rhianna’s latest music to the contrary of your uneducated opinion makes perfect sense she is using her music as an outlet to release her pain and I really enjoyed the new song. If you listen to it and truly pay attention you will understand that its all relative to what someone in an abuse relationship endures and I give her credit for her unbelievable strength in having to deal with the media, fans and ignorant people like you. I was impressed that the poor girl at 20 years old has not ended up like Brittany under that amount of stress and under a microscope.

    • Sarah says:

      Yami, you are stupid! You have the same metality as an abuser.. because all abusers say that the victim provokes it… does not matter how you “provoke” them.. STILL UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

    • mickey says:

      i feel te exact same way she had to temp him n 2 doing wut he did nd im not the biggest fan ov niether but girls temp boys to a point where they break

    • Eriem says:

      One thing that was told to me as a female was to control yourself. My mom explained that it is not right for a man to hit a women. However, if a women goes and hits a man expect to be hit back like a man. I believe that no one has the right to put their hands on another person in a violent manner, male or female. I believe as a female that females abuse the fact that they are female and will out of anger hit their boyfriends and expect them to just walk away. However, if she was in an arguement with another man who was not her significant other and hit him she would fully expect to be hit back. To me, I see no difference. Everyone should keep there hands to themselves unless they want to get hit.

      I can not judge or justify what either of them has done in this very public domestic violence situation. However, I will say that we don’t know the whole truth from either and quite honestly it really isn’t any of our business. Had this been your next door neighbor would you have even took a second glass, probably not.

      Also, me just looking from the outside at the interviews both have given, I will say that I feel that Chris was more sincere when he came out to speak. I feel that Rihanna is only speaking out now to promote her new CD. I also feel that her coming out with a song called the EMERGENCY ROOM days after the incident was in poor taste for her. I also feel that her promoting her new song while giving this interview is all a publicity stunt.

      When Chris gave his first real interview, he didn’t promote any new video or song. He just came. He also gave another interview and it was just that an interview. Which is why I feel his sincerity more than Rihanna’s.

      But each has a right to their own opinion and this was just mine.

  2. Barbara says:

    I didn’t watch the 20/20 show or any others that Rihanna was on telling her story. I believe she made a big mistake when she reconciled with Chris Brown after the assault happened. She should have stood her ground and made sure the court system gave him time behind bars for what he did. Too late now girl. You have let him get by this time with community service time and probation. I
    wish the media would stop showing you or Chris Brown on TV.

  3. Mary Williamson says:

    Very good interview.

  4. Mario says:

    Amazing interview, especially second half. She seems somewhat apprehensive, but completely understandable since her situation cannot be the easiest to talk about. I believe she was truthful and sincere in what she was saying and she touches upon every criticism put upon her after the incident occurred. She shows herself to be a truly strong woman, and an even better role model even if she slipped up at first. I have not always been a fan of her music, but I definitely admire her greatly as a person.

  5. Shortai'sBabyGirl says:

    OMG! This interview was the bomb. I am so glad that she has choosen 2 speak on what happened and 2 be strong enough 2 tell young girls rite from wrong. I hope that with each passing day she becomes stronger and stronger!

  6. jacque says:

    ok this is what i know what happened for sure Rihanna has a jealous tendency and it was verified in the text ok she got in his face confronted him on situation chris argued got to a point to say get out the car she didnt cause of her pride she stayed to here the truth aggravated chris got aggressive thats how her face got shoved in the window ok i think she threatened chris about calling the police yea he got extra desperate and agressive he beat her a$s cause he already know what he loss and he didnt care all what is happening now in his mind rihana got back with him cause she felt guilty and she still have love for him yea thats the incident in the nut shell i wisha they both come out face to face to tell the real truth then you will know the whole truth.

  7. dezy09 says:

    its sad that both these young people have came from families that involved domestic violence it shown in both of them that it effected them severly. one with rihanna being with someone as similiar to her dad. alot feel that since chris brown’s mother use to get beat that he wouldnt do that to someone but no one knows how something as tramatizing as that can affect a child. chris brown needs help…. bad

  8. Tram says:

    Jacque and Joseph, are you kidding me? It does not matter what she did to “provoke” him. She didn’t hit him and even if she did, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he beat the living hell out of her. The truth is, they got in an argument because he was being shady, and who the hell likes their boyfriend/girlfriend sneaking around or lying about something like that, and he felt it was okay to hit her. I hope that no woman you ever know gets abused by her partner [or anyone, for that matter] because I find it absolutely disgusting that instead of being sympathetic and empathetic to the victim, you are defending the a$$$$$e. Would you still feel that way if that happened to your sister? Or your mother? Would you ever hit a woman because “she had it coming?” I hope not. You are a complete disgrace to humankind. Go to hell.

    • Jani says:

      I agree with the fact that no one likes their partner being shady but still. It was also said that she has hit him before is that okay? Because she’s a female should there be double standards? I am sympathetic to both. Unfortunately we live in a sexist society still. My question to you is if Rihanna had hit Chris B. and beat him do you honestly think things would be for her, as they are for him?

  9. T Boogie says:

    I feel everything is true up until the hit. There is a secret that is not being uncovered. Something happened that triggered this event. I like to know the whole truth before I judge because I believe EVERYONE should keep their hands to themselves not just MEN. I just really feel like she became emotional, like some women do, and was not able to control herself. He asked her to get out probably because he felt himself about to snap. CHRIS try to control your anger and RiRi KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH!!!

    • ****** says:

      Only comment I’ve read that is actually sensible. I can’t believe people will just s$$k up anything these celebrities have to say as the “gospel”. I think anyone with 1/2 a brain can see that NEITHER of these “characters” are telling the whole story (or the truth at all, for that matter) and both are just trying to do whatever they think will help their careers at this point. And I’m even more disgusted @ the obvious illogical mentality that a great many women seem to share in this country. The one thing that has been made painfully obvious to me, from this situation, is the extreme level of hypocrisy from a large portion of women who refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions whatsoever and feel that at the end of the day, everything they do whether right or wrong, is justified simply because they are women. BS!!! Don’t believe me? Just ask some women how they feel about the numerous allegations that Rihanna actually was the first one to get physical during this so-called altercation. Now the obvious, logical response would be that NO ONE, MALE OR FEMALE, SHOULD PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANYONE UNLESS THEY ARE DEFENDING THEMSELVES AND IF THEY DO ATTACK ANYONE FOR ANY REASON THEY SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR WHATEVER CONSEQUENCES FOLLOW SUCH CHILDISH ACTIONS WHETHER IT BE PHYSICAL OR NOT. PERIOD!!! SHOW’S OVER!!! Instead, watch how quickly they dance around the obvious and go into some “spill” about how it’s never okay for a man to do this and do that regardless of the circumstances, and what men SHOULD be doing, and all the problems that men have, and how women are weaker and are always victims, yada yada yada. Trust me, I’ve witnessed it on multiple occasions and it baffles me still. These are the same women who cry out to be treated equal and cry out about double standards when it comes to the workforce, sexual liberation, and independence, etc. But will not hesitate to yank out that “victim” card when it’s convenient. Society has conditioned women to think this way for whatever reason and the fact that so many women feel it’s okay to come at a man physically then are so shocked when a man reacts in a physical manner, is just a testament to how delusional and illogical women in this society have become. And I’ve actually been in a situation where a woman attacked me and I restrained her then she called the cops and FLAT OUT LIED saying I hit her just to try and get me in trouble with the law simply because SHE KNEW SHE COULD. I don’t condone hitting women but I’ll be damned if I let anyone, MAN OR WOMAN, attack me, do me bodily harm, or put their hands on me for any reason!!!

  10. Banne90 says:

    I think it’s really sad that people are judging her for something she didn’t ask for. Like she said, she didn’t ask for it to happen to her, but it did so who are you to judge? How she is handling the situation now is great for. They’re humans and make mistakes. REgardless of if he told her to get out the care before he touched her or not, he put his hands on her. It was his responsibility to take her home. please don’t try to pretend that you were in the car with them and you know EXACTLY what went down, because you dont. Rihanna keep your head up.

  11. resha says:

    i am so proud of rihanna.

  12. ......... says:

    i cannot believe some ppl, even if there are girls out there who gets into arguments with their significant other and pushes them to the limit, men do not have the right to lay a finger on anyone and same goes with women. there are real men out their who can handle the situation by letting the women talk get all their frustrations out and just stay silent so that the situation does not escalade. one has to just give up and be silent and listen. or a man can just walk away and give each other space until the situation has cooled down. i am in neither side…before anyone blames rhianna maybe you should take in considiration both posibilities and judge what is right and what is wrong

  13. LDC says:

    PPL need ta realize that regardless who started it or pr evoked it the end result was tragic/sad for the both of them! Only because he seems apologetic not like some one who just beats women n’ goes on with his days like normal. I think the situation is really sad on a whole! Speaking from someone that has been in similar situations it is one of the hardest things to deal with! The effect that it has on you after an incident can almost cause u to go insane. One thing ppl (male or female) neglect to see r’ the signs that lead u to know that this person is either possessive or abusive because there are always signs!!! It is obvious that Chris has anger issues and what has happend to them is a lesson learned! He’s young and has time to grow and so does she n’ time will heal her heart! Only time will tell what life has instore for both of them ! I wish them both the best!!

  14. B3LLA_BA3 says:

    I support Rihanna 100%…
    For someone like her or any girl or women in that situation to go threw something like that and relize they hold the power is a beautiful thing….
    It lets everybody know no matter what this cant make me and brake ME and even if it does….i can still rise above…because just like aretha frank says “A ROSE IS STILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE A ROSE”….

  15. jj says:

    Some of you people are all so judgmental. Get over yourselves. No one cares what you think anyhow. Rihanna is her own person doing the best she an under the terrible circumstances. Only she really knows what she is feeling and she is the one who has to make decisions in spite of those feelings. I wish the very best for her!

  16. SD says:

    There are always three sides to a story, which includes the truth, his side, and her side. In all relationships there are different boundaries that becomes tested on many levels as feelings progress. It is just sad that this occurrred between two young highly talented people. There no excuses for a male or a female to engage in any violent activities or domestic violence. However, alot of times situations occur impulsively during heated moments and peek of one’s frustration. Hopefully, Rihanna and Chris can move forward and continue to learn from this growing pain.

  17. rose says:

    Give me a break here!!!!!!!!!Am I missing out on something?Was there a case against Chris Brown by the courts?If the answer is in the affirmative was he given some sort of sentence after plea bargaining?Ppl get real this beating of Rihanna can never be excused even by the most cynical of us ladies.My only problem with Rihanna is her stupidity in allowing Chris friends to lure her into Florida to make up and save Chris from jailtime weeks after that infamous beating.Now that Rihanna has moved on more power to her and good luck with her new album.

  18. jade leonard says:

    i think so

  19. Ti says:

    some people are just ignorant. she did nothing to deserve what happened to her. this is a man 4 times stronger than her, if not more. so regardless of what she “supposedly” did, beating her was a choice he made and a bad one. not once did he state that she attacked him and he beat her in self defense. because that isnt what happened. why do people insist on blaming this girl? she just wants to move on, and he should be glad somebody didn’t jump on his a$s.

  20. Jerica says:

    Growing up I was always told that if a woman is man enough to hit a man then they’re man enough to get hit back. As a young, 21 year old, well educated woman I agree that women are always talking about how they want to be equal but then when a situation like this occurs they want to be the victim. There’s no such thing as being partially equal. Either you want to be equal or you don’t. As far as this Rhianna and Chris Brown situation, people just need to keep their opinions to themselves because no one but Rhianna and Chris truly knows what happened that night. The full story will never really be told so they both need to learn from whatever happened that night and move on with their lives. They’re both young and talented and are entitled to making mistakes just like everyone else.

  21. Kole says:

    After watching the interview with Rihanna and Chris Brown I understand a little more abot what actually happened. I agree with several comments made on this website that YES; Chris Brown was 100% wrong in his decision. But at the same point they both had a part in what happened that could have prevented this whole sistuation from happening. If their was problems with the realationship as she had said she saw the text from the girl most likely it was not the first time if she felt so strongly why not leave him then before it caused this. And they had been together a little over 2 year didnt Chris now how here personality was by now and how she would act by seeing something like that. The best thing for him was to just pull over and just get out of the car. I LOVE BOTH of them I have been a fan for a while but I wish them both success in their new CD’S coming out in their careers GOD BLESS BOTH!!!!!

  22. DRE says:

    Well everyone needs too just take a chill pill,yahhh know:D things like this do happen and as long as it doesnt happen again it should be alright.I mean everyone makes mistakes BACK OFF,chris bak off rhianna
    forgive and forget(:
    I still love em both yah,digg?

  23. Denise says:

    First off, these are two young people who had an argument that got physical. I also agree that Rihanna is not telling the entire truth and while she claimed that Chris bit her, it may be that SHE hit his teeth with her hands. Remember, he had bruises as well. Her handlers are making her be a spokesperson for domestic violence. One fight in a two year relationship does not make you a domestic violence sufferer, nor does it give you the right to speak on behalf or be a “role model” for those who suffer from abuse. She admitted that were it not for her sponsers, she would gladly run back to Chris, but for now she is only concerned about her money and career the same as Chris’ spin doctors are trying to help his career. Rihanna is a Puppet, a covergirl, a runway model, a singer but NOT a Role Model or someone to be idolized for surving “domestic abuse.” People like myself, Tina Turner, Halle B and the other REAL everyday women that have survived domestic abuse and continued to live a fulfilling and good life for themselves and their children are the REAL heroes…NOT some fly-by-night Diva trying to hold on to her career and bank account. You want to find REAL HEROES AND SURVIVORS? Go to any women and children shelter in your town and listen to their stories…

    • John says:

      You are tottaly right. I’m sick of everyboddy sucking up to her. Being a victim doesn’t make you a hero. And plus there are thousands of women getting beat up everyday! Why can’t the media be a voice for them? I’ll tell you why, because the media is more focused on making money from an incident that’s about to be a year old instead of caring for the lives of Other domestic violence victims. And plus this was nothing but one big publicity stunt. In this interview she said she wanted to be a spokesperson for domestic violence, but on MTV she said she didn’t, and in a radio interview she said that she still misses Chris and listens to his music! Give me a break. Who does she think she’s fooling? I’m glad Susan Boyle is killing her in album sales.

  24. Jenny says:

    The point is not if she deserved what happened or if she egged him on the point of the matter is that she was beat by a man she loved. He, with his own two hands, caused physical pain to a woman he says he is in love with. he had no excuss. Especially for all of the women saying its ok and what happened was her fault shame on you. No man should ever place his hands on a women in an abusive manner.

  25. Shammi says:

    I myself was in a bad situation too. Do you all know that 1/3 of women leaving get killed?? God bless her, me and all the others who survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Gina says:

    i believe that in this interview rihanna is blank and soul less as she calls chris. I really dont mind what people have to say but to make money its a dog eat dog world and they are both ruining their careers. at first she says that he kept asking her if she hated him and she would lie and say no then when the lady in the interview asked her if she hated him she said no, now doesnt that sound kind of fake. whatever , they both still have fans and i must say i am not the only one whos going to be getting chris browns cd for an early christmas present.

  27. shay says:

    rhianna i hate yuu chris brown did not just hit you for no reason you must have done something to hym. you’re a s$$t and a whore and you were messing with jay-z not worried about chris brown you need ta think about it for a while before you put all the blame on hym.

  28. BigSerg says:

    Well done Rihanna, u did a great interview, the imoact of this interview moved me and perhaps many other, remember, the public was not there to see or witness, yet u have handled yourself very well. I believe that you have your head str8 and have moved on with your career. remeber, keep God in your life always and he will guide you. Keep doing what you do mama!!!! The Fans love u especially me. Great comment Niko, well written! Big ups to u!

  29. Maria says:

    Thats right rihanna! I love you! You are so strong it was the right choice to leave him! You are now influencing young women all around the world to make the right choice!

  30. Li says:

    Even if a woman puts herself in a “man’s” shoes a MAN has NO right to beat a woman. Women are called the weaker sex for a REASON. If a child hits you, you don’t beat the life from them either. You deal with things accordingly. Besides she didn’t HIT him or provoke him. She called him out on his infidelity. Good for her for doing so and for having HEART and Soul and the guts to do what she did and come through and speak out for battered females.

  31. ella says:

    very encouragin statements she made..shes very brave and i love her…

  32. Mechanical Dancer says:

    Rihanna is chatting bullcrap..she needs to shut the ‘F’ up..

    • Rihanna what? says:


    • snoop dogg says:


  33. L says:

    F*** all of u that claim rihanna for anything. she is the victim here, not the bad the guy! Instead, point at Chris and say: he is the bad guy!

  34. Rachelle says:

    I am a huge fan of both RiRi and CB but I have to say that this interveiw was a little mis-spoken. She shows sincerity but says things like ” hes reading of a teleprompter” then says she wants him to have a good career. Well by stating the things she said she isnt going to help him what so ever. Hes writing songs, posting videos but she chooses to ignore it. I agree they shouldnt be together but I think the fact that she is ignoring him and attempting to prove his insincerity is ignorant. HE had no right to do what he did but they need to move on and she needs to realize to stop bashing him and be more clear. Like she says it take 8-9 times to leave and shes had incidents before but then denies that other things happened. Your both goodlooking successful people. CB your personality doesnt affect your music… just because bob marley walks around with a blunt in his mouth doesnt mean that ppl who are against drugs should hate his music and ignore the fact that it broke barriers for racism. rhinnas beautiful and is already conquering the world with her music. much love and happiness to yall and just learn and move forward.

  35. diana says:

    rihana je shum e mir
    veq vazhdo je yll je 1

  36. donjeta says:

    je shum e mir je numer 1 ja kalon krejtve your star

  37. light says:

    Domestic violence is a situation unexpected. Weather it is a man or woman being abused, it is not right regardless of the current situation. A human being is a gift, we all bring some kind of unique beauty to the world. So why do we try to justify actions of anger. All I am trying to bring to the table is that no matter what happend Rhianna did not deserve for her to get beat in such an unhuman matter. some times the truth hurts and chris obviously upset because she approached him on a lie. So sad that some still beleive that violence is the answer. Just really think, someones daughter, mother, siter etc, is beat and killed every 10 seconds in the world as a result of Domestic Violence. She was sincere in her interview, but only the wise would know pain is hard to dicuss.

  38. snoop dogg says:

    men get nervous when chix find out ur cheating on em so he hit her it was wrong but yall got look at the facts she was nagging and for yall who see my e-mail don’t be stupid and send me mail aight cuz i don’t have time to repy but take ur chances and rihanna stay strong chris was wrong and i will protect u and know u can crash at my house when ever u wantk

  39. ......... says:

    first of all fix your grammar. second of all your just saying that because your not getting none. third of all what makes you think its alright for him to hit her no matter what the situation is. fourth of all women don’t shut because you don’t know how to act right…for example your grammar, get to school get a degree and stop beating women. lastly, real men would know how to deal with their women respectfully no matter what issue they are in.

  40. Joey says:

    Sarcasm much? :p

  41. Giqqlesz says:

    ma comment is directed to Joseph ( c$$t )