Rihanna ’777′ Tour Dates & Itinerary

Melinda Tommy | November 1, 2012 | 1 Comment

Rihanna has found a very creative way to promote her seventh studio album “Unapologetic” which will arrive in stores on November 19th – she will be going on the “777 Tour.”

The diva will hit seven countries, seven cities in 7 days for 7 shows.

The event will begin on November 14th through the 20th.

She is expected to bring several fans with her along with 150 reporters who will all travel on a Boeing 777.

Here is the itinerary of Rihanna’s 777 Tour:

November 14, 2012 Mexico City, Mexico
November 15, 2012 Toronto, Canada
November 16, 2012 Stockholm, Sweden
November 17, 2012 Paris, France
November 18, 2012 Berlin, Germany
November 19, 2012 London, England
November 20, 2012 New York City, NY

It is appears that Rihanna will performing in small venues – which is indication of that her selling power might be falling.

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  1. roger says:

    It doesn’t indicate at all that her selling power might be falling, try and use some logic!

    It’s purely for promotional purposes, as she has an album coming out on the 19th (also that’d be why she’s taking so many reporters with her on this tour).

    They announced this tour less than a month in advance, so it doesn’t exactly give them time to sell a massive amount of tickets

    Even though she probably can sell out stadiums in less than a month’s time – it wouldn’t make sense to. Why do it in a rush, when she’s already touring next year anyway? She can do the big venues on the album’s proper tour, when the audience have had the time to familiarise themselves with her new music.

    Otherwise she’d be putting on the same tour people payed to see this year/last year. This 777 tour isn’t for money, it’s a statement.