Rihanna Pot Photos Create Drama

Melinda Tommy | January 5, 2013

Rihanna Weed

Rihanna has angered some of her supporters by posting yet another photo of herself enjoying some pot.

RiRi who loves to keep her millions of followers entertained jokingly shared a photo of a joint that she had recently smoked and said that it looked like a skull.

The “Diamonds” singer tweeted:

“This nug look like a skull or am I just….?”

In a matter of hours, Rihanna received over 100k comments from people who were upset by her gesture and asked her to stop.

Here are few of the angry tweets:

I love you Rihanna but tbh marijuana is bad for you and it has changed you a lil. You were curvy and had a nice body, now it’s slowly drifting away…. You still the shit tho!

“Wow wat a good influence you are on young girls… not.”

“I dont understand what she tryin to prove through pics of drug everyday.”

Rihanna being Rihanna kept is classy and simple as always – she replied by saying “I DON’T REALLY GIVE A F**K.”

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