Rihanna ‘Stay’ & ‘Pour It Up’ Single Covers (Photo)

Melinda Tommy | January 17, 2013

It had appeared that Rihanna was no longer promoting her seventh studio “Unapologetic” – but on Wednesday the diva unveiled the covers for two singles from the project.

RiRi who used the tools provided by Instagram posted the single cover for “Stay” where she can be seen hugging Chris Brown.

On the cover of “Pour It Up” the Barbadian singer can be seen enjoying a beverage while showing lots of cleavage (The “Diamonds” singer posted that same photo while holidaying in Barbados few months ago).

The 24-year-old who is indeed the queen of Instagram explained to Complex how to take a great pic:

It’s narcissistic, but whatever—everyone does it. I’m capturing personality.People take their own pictures, because it’s difficult for someone else to capture what you seek. Get a good light. Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day. If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce.

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