R.Kelly 12 Play:Fourth Quarter Album

Franc Paul | July 28, 2008

R.Kelly 12 Play:Fourth Quarter Album

R.Kelly 12 Play:Fourth Quarter Album Leak-R. Kelly’s “12 Play: Fourth Quarter” leaked online earlier today.This leak comes before the CD was even given a release date.R.Kelly could be the one behind this whole thing,because he knew it was not strong enough to get him back right on top.Additionally,rumors are floating around suggesting that he will soon be leaving his longtime label:Jive Records.Here’s the track listing for R.Kelly’s leaked ’12 Play: Fourth Quarter’ album:

01 Wanna Make A Baby 03:31
02 Hair Braider 04:06
03 Skin 03:33
04 Screamer 04:05
05 At the Same Time 04:58
06 Whole Lotta Kisses 04:32
07 Might Be Mine 04:17
08 Son of A bi*ch 02:26
09 Go Low 03:52
10 Freaky Sensation 04:32
11 Two Seater 03:30
12 Playas Get Lonely 04:20
13 Relief 03:31

After a quick listen,I will say that the album is not a bad one,considering what the R&B market has to offer nowadays.Nonetheless,it stands pale next to R.Kelly’s past classics.R.Kelly’s 12 Play: Fourth Quarter has lived a very short life and might never get an official release.

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