Rude Boy Remix Rihanna Ft. Rick Ross

Melinda Tommy | March 28, 2010 | 7 Comments

Rihanna ross

Rude Boy Remix Rihanna Ft. Rick Ross – The remix for Rihanna’s latest single called “Rude Boy” featuring Rick Ross has surfaced.
The track currently holds the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, the remix sounds more or less the same with the Miami-based rapper spitting lines like:

“She swinging from the ceilin’. I’ma make you feel it,she’s a bad girl, my ride or die lady, we get it in till its rock a bye baby.”

This is the last single off the singer’s “Rated R” album, Rihanna is already hard at work on a new CD that should be released later this year.

How do you like the remix? Did Ross boost it or did he ruin it?

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  1. Tinten says:

    I wouldn’t have gotten Rick Ross for the remix. Lil Wayne, Drake or Ne-Yo comes more to mind when boosting the song up…. Maybe even Snoop D, the Dream or Trina I’m not saying that Rick Ross ruined it cus he didn’t. But he didn’t really give it a very big boost to it either.

  2. rickrossoverrated?thinkagain. says:

    ROSS- “OF COURSE” (twice) at the :17 mark, best part of the song.

  3. rickrossoverrated?thinkagain. says:

    LIL WAYNE’S IN JAIL… not like he can’t record from there but still… you need a HARDCORE rapper here, I thought Young Jeezy cuz he and Rihanna murdered Hard, I like Juelz Santana or Fabolous as well, and the Drake suggestion works.
    Snoop D isn’t refreshing anymore, and Ne-Yo and the Dream are too R&B without offering too much different from Rihanna does for the song. Now RKelly or Usher or T-Pain would be a good R&B compliment, but you need a rapper to kill this remix and chorus provided. Kanye West, The Game or Jay-Z would have been perfect.
    HAHAHA WHY NOT CHRIS BROWN!?! “comeon rude boy can you beat me up”

  4. neicychicxxx says:

    well i think that rick ross ruined it chris brown should of done it instead

  5. neicychicxxx says:

    i think lil wayne should record from jailxxx

  6. neicychicxxx says:

    lol wish he could ay

  7. Rihanna what? says: