Sony Employee Slams Beyonce:Lies About Her Songwriting

Melinda Tommy | October 16, 2009

Sony Employee Slams Beyonce:Lies About Her Songwriting

Sony Employee Slams Beyonce:Lies About Her Songwriting – Beyonce Knowles was pictured at the Samantha Thavasa/ Special Meet & Greet today in Tokyo earlier today.A former Sony employee is sending emails to internet sites claiming that Knowles has not written a single song on her latest “I Am…Sasha Fierce” CD.Here is the email that has been flying around.

A lot of these artists claim to be songwriters, but don’t always write a thing. Some, like Beyonce, serve as vocal arrangements, which points to part of the song’s composition, and thus, receive a songwriting and production credit. Others, like Beyonce, can demand credit based on their name alone. I myself have heard of new song writers looking for placement with Beyonce’s last album being told Beyonce demands a certain amount of publishing upfront (and it’s substantial) or they could “be paid handsomely” to politely remove their name from the song altogether. Fact is, Beyonce didn’t write one song on “I Am…Sasha Fierce.” Beyonce and her team have bought the rights from the songwriters and then Beyonce took credit for it. I have no idea about previous albums but it’s obvious that Beyonce never had a pen in her hand, which is a shame because Beyonce claims something she isn’t.

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