Sony Employee Slams Beyonce:Lies About Her Songwriting

Melinda Tommy | October 16, 2009 | 40 Comments

Sony Employee Slams Beyonce:Lies About Her Songwriting

Sony Employee Slams Beyonce:Lies About Her Songwriting – Beyonce Knowles was pictured at the Samantha Thavasa/ Special Meet & Greet today in Tokyo earlier today.A former Sony employee is sending emails to internet sites claiming that Knowles has not written a single song on her latest “I Am…Sasha Fierce” CD.Here is the email that has been flying around.

A lot of these artists claim to be songwriters, but don’t always write a thing. Some, like Beyonce, serve as vocal arrangements, which points to part of the song’s composition, and thus, receive a songwriting and production credit. Others, like Beyonce, can demand credit based on their name alone. I myself have heard of new song writers looking for placement with Beyonce’s last album being told Beyonce demands a certain amount of publishing upfront (and it’s substantial) or they could “be paid handsomely” to politely remove their name from the song altogether. Fact is, Beyonce didn’t write one song on “I Am…Sasha Fierce.” Beyonce and her team have bought the rights from the songwriters and then Beyonce took credit for it. I have no idea about previous albums but it’s obvious that Beyonce never had a pen in her hand, which is a shame because Beyonce claims something she isn’t.

What are your thoughts on this whole story?

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  1. nicdraw says:

    She has some killer legs. As for this story anyone could have made this up. They didn’t leave a name or anything so why would anyone with a brain take this seriously. Of course her haters are gonna eat this up but everyone else will move on.

    • Samantha1 says:

      Beyonce steals other peoples’ music and then tries to say that she wrote the song. She lied about writing the song “Cater to U”, which was written by a Chicago-based singer named Rickey Allen. In court papers filed in 2006, Allen accused the group of stealing his song, down to the title and spelling. They just settled the lawsuit last month, instead of going to Chicago Federal Court. Had the suit gone to trial, all three singers would have been required to appear in court for eight days. Aw shucks….it would have been a Destiney’s Child reunion…LOL! BeYAWNce even lied about writing Irreplaceable, which turned out to have been written by the talented Ne-Yo.

  2. MB says:

    And what proof does he/she have to prove she didn’t write her own songs?This email is baseless and untrustworthy.Her huge hater following could have sent these emails.She wrote sweet dreams – almost all of it.I was actually there when happened.She also wrote/co-wrote many other songs- some of which didn’t make the cut.

  3. Jeremy says:

    This is not the first time, there has be previous reports on her other albums that she never has written a song for the album. Why would they leave a name? They would be fired and sued by Sony Music. I don’t think beyonce is all that everybody thinks she is.

  4. NT says:

    Exactly what I’m saying. There has been many documentaries about Beyonce and all of the artist and producers she’s worked with all say she is a beautiful writer. Survivor happens to be a song DC said she wrote after all that beef. Point made…

  5. Eve says:

    ….sorry to say, this story rings true to me; many songwriters in the Biz are well aware of this growing trend of Artiste to demand co-writer credit even when unwarranted, or ‘muscle’ a deal w/songwriters by insisting on being part of the songwriting process, which they are essentially coasting on b/c he songwriters are seasoned pros. It’s a ridiculous ego-trip on the part of people whose egos are necessarily huge in order for them to be stars @ all. ‘The Beast grows bigger & badder whenever you feed it’!!! Songwriters have little recourse b/c unless they get the cut, they don’t get paid. Shame on any songwriter who lets themselves be cut out of the credit by taking the $$$, tho’; @ least by insisting on SOME credit, their songwriter careers can continue & the ego-maniacal Artiste doesn’t get complete credit for something they don’t deserve. I’m sure in this case Beyonce thinks nothing of this practice, b/c she was probably schooled by her hard-hitting husband, JayZ – these two are a team….& a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop/R&B world. So as a songwriter, you really have to just s$$k it up if you want to make a living & they want to work with you; so yes, i believe this story is true, b/c it’s been rumoured already & it happens so rampantly & SO many ‘anonymous emailers’ could name Names…but better hadn’t, or they’ll lose their livelihoods for what is, essentially, whistle-blowing.

    • Cecil says:

      It pains me to read things like this about Beyonce because I like her so much and I know realize the actual translation of her statement, “I am a very strong business woman.” Beyonce is a brute force when it comes to short changing real artists. Its well documented her shady songwriting practices. According to articles I’ve read she not only claimed to write Irreplacable but also never paid Ne-Yo for actually writing the song (instead she agreed to help out on his album–which never materialized) she did the same thing with the single ‘If I Were A Boy’ and its actual writer/producer BC Jean (again making an agreement to help out on her album if and when she gets signed–which is obviously a lie because many people know the backstory behind their arrangments). Its crazy a producer and songwritter would do something so detrimental to their art and it really shines light on organizations who award Beyonce for her songwriting. Again, I’m a huge Beyonce fan and its not just her some of my other favorite singers do the same (i.e. Mariah Carey who allegedly stole the song ‘Hero’ from a poem written by Tommy Motolla’s limo driver).

  6. Adonis says:

    This has not been the first time that this person has been accused of not writing these so-called songs, even though the quality of the lyrics are very child-like and I would give her credit for writing such idiotic immature lyrics, but she has been caught and called out by R&B song writer Neo, who made it clear that he wrote “Irreplaceable.” She has also been discredited, and taken out of the Song writers because it was found out that she didn’t write other songs she claimed credit for. There are many Beyonce Zombies who don’t want to believe that this person can’t do any wrong, and she is not what she claims to be. She is a very cunning and slick individual. The original members of Destinys Child had already put her out there, knowing how vindictive she is as well as her father pushing her to the forefront of the group and making them tone down their looks so that Beyonce stands out more. I have always been very fond of all female singers, and female groups, from Diana Ross and the Supremes to todays female singers and groups such as SWV, Brownstone, TLC and female soloist, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Chante Moore and todays’s singer such as Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia, but for some reason I have never been prone to liking Beyonce because of her persona, it all seems fake and contrite. I see her as remanufactured and unoriginal. She’s copied every entertainer imagineable and I just can’t get with a person like that. I do believe that at some point the truth will prevail and she will be found out for who she really is.

  7. Eric says:

    I have to agree with the naysayers, Beyonce has always struck me as being very fake. From the time she was with the original members of Destinys Child to present date. Every video has elements of other artist such as Robert Palmer (Addicted to love) to the entire video by “Fosse” of “Single Ladies”. She has copied Shakira, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, and others and to me that doesn’t show originality at all. She has definitely not impressed me whatsoever so I would definitely have to agree with this article. I have read that she has indeed stolen writing credits from Neyo for “Irreplaceable” and he called her out on it. I saw how immature she behaved during Dreamgirls when she washed her hands of promoting the movie any further when Jennifer Hudson was receiving critical acclaim for her performance, and she went so far as to add “Listen” to the sound track which was not even a part of the Original Stage Play, to compete with the showtopping song “I am Telling You” sang brilliantly by Jennifer Hudson, to no avail. She truly believed that this was her movie, and even made statements saying she took the Deena Jones part in Dreamgirls because it had more depth and showcased more of her acting, when in fact the role of Effie, was the heart of the movie and called for a heavier woman to send the message that her attitude and weight where a factor in not getting their music played or crossing over to white audiences, a role that did not fit Beyonce, at all. So those statements about her having a choice of roles in the movie where false. She was never considered for the role of Effie. All of the truths will come out, and she’ll have a lot of explaining to do in the future for all of her scheming ways. In my opinion, I think she should just move on and move out, people are getting sick of looking at her.

    • Sk says:

      Jennifer hudson will never do what B does she is just another hater coz B got d attention she thought she deserved 4 her oscar. If she is stealing song credit why r these people still working with her nd going behind her back that is cowardness. Hate coz she is tha riches entertainer nd copy shakira boy please. Shakira could nt achieve B greatness

  8. MPHO says:

    I simply think this is all nonsence that is being said 2 beyonce because she is successful n has’t had bad stuff written abt her! She is lots of girls rolemodel n most people n celebrities are nt even wen dy hv been in da industry 4 years nw.What kind of people are you out there when instead of encouraging one another you are degrading one another, maybe this phyco who said this is jealous of BEYONCE’S achievements and success.We love her and ever ull say about her we will cntnue love and appreciate her till she is gone 4rm this world and even then we will praise her. BEYONCE CARRY ON SISTER WITH YOUR MUSIC N LYF WE SUPPORT YOU ONE WAY!!!!!

  9. Jamie says:

    lies lies lies
    beyonce is an amazing song writer
    just cuz her album is doing well people are hating on her
    for no reason

    and theres video clips of her recording her last album
    and those lyrics, personally, were better than i am sasha fierce lyrics

  10. Greta says:


  11. IJ says:

    My comment is, why so many pictures of her on this page?

  12. boombaloo says:

    i personally believe the story. Smash Into You was originally recorded by John McLaughlin as SMACK Into You (and I’m pretty sure he wrote that song as well) but when it appeared on her album, retitled, he didn’t even get a songwriting credit. i’m sure she wrote SOME songs, but not all of them and it seems as though she gets songwriting credit just for changing the vocal arrangement or changing a song title like she did with Still In Love (Kissing You) from her BDay album.

  13. Black Panther says:

    She probably wrote a couple of lines in a couple of songs! I’m a huge fan of Beyonce, I really love her, but I am aware that she never picked up a pen! If you check her bootlegs, her name appears among songwriters, but the entire lyrics have always been written by someone else:
    Smash into you = John McLaughlin
    Halo = Ryan Tedder
    Broken-hearted girl = Babyface
    If I were a boy = BC Jean
    Irrepleaceble = Ne-Yo
    That’s why you’re beautiful = James Fauntleroy
    Single ladies = Tricky Stewart and The Dream
    Video Phone & Diva = Sean Garrett and Bangladesh
    Are these enough? C’mon Bee, let’s just admit the truth!

  14. ee says:

    this is all hater crap, here’s a showcase of Beyonces amazing writing skills:

    smack into you -> SMASH into you (yea!)
    if i were a boy – ”i’d hang out with who i wanted” -> ”i’d KICK it with who i wanted” (artistic!)

    and oh! she co-wrote the bridge for crazy in love.
    (the oh-oh-oh-oh part)

    • mike says:

      actually she has no credit for if i were a boy and she actually wrote the bridge for crazy in love…one of the producers said it in an interview “got me lookin so crazy my baby…” and that entire part

  15. Erica says:

    All you have to do is look at the difference. When Beyonce started out with DC…the lyrics were very kiddish, imaginary, and usually about not-so-serious things such as: Bug-a-boo, bootylicious, happy face, etc…now her music is more mature..with vocabulary you don’t see her use in her interviews. Im more likely to believe Ciara then Beyonce. Intelligence lies in how well you speak, watch Beyonce’s interviews…she’s not able to express herself well, the way she expresses herself in music doesn’t match up to how she holds a conversation. That’s just how I look at it. But…people believe what they want to believe..but you BETTER believe TIME WILL TELL.

  16. MsFairness says:

    I believe in fairness and what is right. Ms. Beyonce has had multiple suits against her for copyright infringement/Stealing. Even Ne-Yo came out about the Irreplaceable song and his writing credits.

    However, more recently, Rickey Allen out of Chicago, recently prevailed with his lawsuit from 2006 (they were scheduled to go to trial on 12/10/09) and his case against Ms. B and Destiny’s Child for the writing credits for the song “Cater 2 U”. The case was settled out of court on 12/3/09 for an undisclosed amount.

    Thus, I believe that this story is true and has some credibility. Besides, Kelly Rowland is now intimating the same thing about Beyonce and her daddy, Mr. Knowles. While I think Beyonce can sing, she needs to learn that trying to take someone else’s work isn’t something that a respectable artist would do.

  17. cjane99 says:

    Actually, this doesn’t just happen with Beyonce, or in r&b or hip hop. It’s rampant in country music, has been for years. Don’t know about other genres, but it seems to be pretty consistent business. I am a songwriter.

  18. misz-dimplesz says:

    If sh3 said sh3 wrot3 it, sh3 wrot3 it.. who car3sz?? sh3 can sing can’t sh3??

  19. DimePiece3000 says:

    Technically when you buy something it is considered your own. If she bought the song and its rights, then she can obviously do whatever she wants with it. I am not necessarily defending her, but I am just saying….she’s just taking advantage of opportunity. What is so wrong with that?!

    • Zahara says:

      The problem people have is she is claiming to WRITE the songs, just because she bought the songs does not mean she wrote them.

    • whatever says:

      Buying off (or bullying) the songwriter doesn’t make it ok to claim the song is your work…it’s fraud and a lie. How many of her fans love her because she is a singer-songwriter? She deserves to be sued for misrepresentation.

  20. KIARA says:

    Well all I have to say is if Beyonce is taking writing credit for songs she didn’t write she may be successful and staying on top of her game, but all of this will blow up in her face!!! You can’t get away with something like that!!! And people please stop calling others haters when yaw hate on other people too not to mention that word is getting tired and played out!!! Besides none of us know Beyonce like that to say what she did or didn’t do yes she’s successful and she can sing, but what’s that have to do with her actions you don’t have to be an Angel to be successful!!! For all those people who saying Beyonce has never been caught in any scandals she isn’t the only one , but just remember some artist are good at hiding their dirt we don’t know how Beyonce is on the inside or what she does and how she acts behind the cameras and closed doors!!! I’m just saying I’m not going to defend a celebrity when I don’t know nothing about them!!!

  21. Lix says:

    I’m not surprised by that article. It’s probably true. She’s a mediocre artist with a decent singing voice, that’s it. There’s a huge machine behind her that is shoving her music down our throats.

  22. GB says:

    I agree that Beyonce is a great entertainer, but alot of the fans believe the hype.
    The singer Yummy Bingham had written a track for DC called ‘Is it good to you’, but Beyonce wanted some writing credit and Yummy wasn’t letting off the track, so just released it herself (smart girl).
    I also use to dance for MTV lick parties back in the day and actually met DC back stage in VIP and I can say that Beyonce was NOT a very nice person to talk to. She was very arrogant and rude and let everybody know that she was definitely queen B (so to speak).

  23. Hello! says:

    [yawn] I Am Sasha Fierce is so 2009. They should have complained about it then. The point of songwriters is to WRITE SONGS!!!!! Shut up, and MOVE ON. [The world turns]

  24. vbaby says:

    Its funny because a few weeks ago i watching the monique show and i believe the writer sean garrett was on there. They were talking about how he was coming out as an aetist after years of writing hits for big named artists including beyonce. One thing he did say was that the toughest part of his job was watching artists take credit for songs he wrote in interviews and stuff as if they wrote it themselves. He specifically mentioned working for beyonce and under jay z. I dont knw about this email but it is a well known practice for artists to take credit for songs they didnt right or barely had a hand in creating. I even know of musicians who said they were fooled into arranging studio music for big named artists not knowing they were actually producing whole tracks and writing their songs when they thought they were only hired to play backtracks for them. They got no writing credit and just a couple hundred for their studio time. This is a shady business and with all the claims against beyonce i wouldnt put it past her to do that.

  25. applebottom says:


  26. shushan susan gurnagul says:

    Oh!MY GOODNESS THIS SONY EMPLOYEE SHE MUST BE A GODESS FROM HEAVEN!I WOULD LOVE TO MEET HER.It is the first time I have heard someone “admit” this.These songwriters though are not the songwriters,my poetry was vandalized and I know that I wrote if “I were a boy” to tell a man how to treat someone that I liked that was mistreating me..I write many lyrics..I could have wrote them songwriters most are not soongwriters..being most singers and most kara dioguardi’s she claims to have written what I wrote..ok she’s got a voice ..but her writing is lacking..she can’t sing if she can’t write…WHAT I WROTE!FaKE!I would like to see American Idol with songwriters not singing others’ songs,including don’t sing what’s mine cause I never got paid..IT’S FRAUD WHAT WAS DONE TO ME!

  27. MTM says:

    This is such OLD NEWS. everyone knows this is a fact, anyone who doubts this just google all the OFFICIAL lawsuits against her, they are COUNTLESS. on a second note, she looks good in the second pic n now im terrified cuz i clicked on it and it cleaaarly shows the line on her hairline of the wig shes wearing.. (another thing beyonce fans r so sensitive to admit)..dont be ignorant, give her credit for the great entertainer she is but dont give her excuses for being such a faker. YES, you CAN be both at once :)

  28. Patty says:

    Like there’s no jealous people in the industry. Once somebody says something to attack a person other people can spread lies about the same issue. Mariah Carey has been repeatedly sued for songwriting infringement. Madonna has been sued for songwriting and other artistic ideas. I swear if the internet was bigger in their prime. It happens to about every artist. It’s funny when something negative happens around DC it’s on all Beyonce. But then when it’s positive then it’s that she didn’t share enough credit. Kelly’s and Michelle’s name was on the Cater 2 U credits also. Really funny how it’s now just Beyonce in some people’s eyes. I never heard Beyonce say she wrote that song by herself. Even in the first article about that lawsuit, the plantiff’s lawyer said that DC might’ve unknowingly used some of the material. The only thing that was exactly similar was the title. The plantiff pointed to one lyric that wasn’t even close to the same meaning. The real connection was one of the producer that work on the song also worked with the Ricky Allen guy. So whose to say that the guy didn’t past the ideas as his. John McLaughlin didn’t write Smash Into You. He just sung it first. The song was originally written by the Dream and Tricky Stewart. Beyonce changed the title and the bridge. I love how people don’t even know the facts but spit things out like the gospel. Cater 2 U lawsuit is about the only one that Beyonce has settled. She has only been sued about 3 times over songwriting. She won the other 2. Mariah settled about 8 to 10 in her day. Artists like Prince, George Harrison, etc…have actually lost songwriting cases. So I guess they’re not real artists and fake, too, huh?

  29. Patty says:

    When Beyonce does rock her own hair, the haters say that she still has some extensions in it. Why worry about trying to prove something to somebody. I think that you would be very mistaken to think that other women in the industry don’t wear extensions and wigs, just like Beyonce. Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga wear wigs and extensions often. Are they fake for doing so?

  30. Patty says:

    One more thing, Neyo said that Beyonce wrote the melody for Irreplaceable. He said in an article he’s such a big songwriter it’s no reason for him to lie about what somebody has actually done on a song. Before the album came out, Beyonce said on BET that Neyo wrote the song. She also has given him and other credit for helping her write songs on B’Day when she was on MTV. This was all before that album came out.

  31. Kiara Lin'bby Rose says:

    i never once head Beyonce come out & say directly tht she writes all her sonqs by herself. It is impossible to be a star w/ such talent of a decade , & not be able to write a sonq . Beyonce qets credit where credit is due. She hears a sonq tht she likes , she chanqes the melodies , some of the lyrics , backround vocals etc. so by the law , they have to add her name. Smh i know a true star when i see one.

  32. yaya says:

    Beyonce said that she wrote Irreplaceable on her I am Sasha Fierce Tour. Which is why Neyo came about and corrected her. I don’t hate Beyonce, I used to love Destiny’s Child, but I think it’s time to stop blindly defending someone we really don’t know much about. The endless court cases and slander can’t materialise from thin air, there must be some truth behind it. I’m fed up of having mediocre music rammed down my ear, and if I say “meh” I’m declared a hater.

  33. susan susan gurnagul says:

    Okkkkk…everyone in the music industry is a songwriter..including???Neyo????I don’t want to comment on this subject anymore..just don’t claim that you wrote when you didn’t..deep inside what I wrote is on paper..hidden in a library museum BUT I’m I will continue to live MY LIFE and try to commence “ANEW” but to all songwriters who are not..don’t claim that you are when you are not!
    I mean but..
    Who cares if Beyonce wears a it a big deal?She is not ordinary,she is on television(music videos),she has to look good all the time..even when she has a cold..all eyes are on her(all singers actors as a matter of fact).AND I mean why is it such big news that Celine Dion is pregnant?Women give birth everyday in the hospital..ARE THEY ON THE NEWS?Next thing you know if an actor/actrice jokingly wears an underwear on their head..will that be on the news too?..It is none of ours bussineses when these actors/actrices.. have babies?,no hair on their scalp(shave their hair)?..I mean who cares!!People have good and bad days..maybe it was hot and she felt her hair was a hassle..I feel like that too sometimes but I don’t want to shave my scalp cause all eyes will be on me..Society is stupid..they love a good gossip but when it is something that is about oneself then one must be strong..stealing my words has only made me stronger..Music has incorporated my lyrics and I should feel honored..and the singers do a great job showcasing it..I should be honored and TODAY,I AM..

  34. DB says:

    This story doesn’t surprise me. I am a writer I’ve written for several A list artist. At the end of the day. Artist today are politician they will Lie, cheat, and steal to stay on top. And because they have the Mic the general public only hear the lie they are telling. Because the fan of Beyonce wants to believe that she feels what they feel. But if they really knew that this woman that’s worth over a hundred million dollar just took some songwriter who is still working a 9 to 5 job but still write song because it’s his/her passion for 50% of the credits . They probably would feel a little different. To me people like B life will never be pro filled because. Somewhere behind all the lies, the cheating and the stealing. Is a little girl that just wanted to WRITE and sing great songs.