Usher Raymond VS. Raymond Album Cover

Franc Paul | December 8, 2009 | 12 Comments


>Usher Raymond VS. Raymond Album Cover – The album cover for Usher’s upcoming project “Raymond vs. Raymond” has surfaced.According to reports the CD will be released on March 1, 2010 via LaFace.What are your thoughts on Raymond vs. Raymond cover art?

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  1. S. Sharpe says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT… But I love Usher… so anything he does is on point to me…. Can’t wait for the album… loving the new single “Papers”

  2. MissDropItLOW says:

    I love Usher and his single Papers and Spotlight with Gucci Mane is a hit!!! So I’m sure this new project will be a success !!! I support em !!!!!

  3. bbrooks says:

    Usher is off the hook and I hope that the Stay Down song is the first single. Im not dissing on Hey Daddy but I feel that it was over played on the internet (according to youtube and myspace). I cant wait for the album, i think its all comeing together in the right way. The album,the cover,the music…its all good.

  4. kingwonderful says:

    n$$$a u did it again

    • kingwonderful says:

      Like remeber no one like him once he tryed too go str8 edged with life. Ok so I feel this album will be the bizzness but most of all he blowing all those fake non singer’s (chris brown) hint hint out thee water like…
      Im happy he didn’t give the album too another country…like caria did omg…smh I love her too

  5. aisher says:

    well hi usher ,i name my baby girl aisher coz im you fan here in manila Philippines hope you can visit here or have a tour,u have many fans out here…can wait to have your new album…i really love your talent i”m so desperate to see you here…hi….God speed Usher…..

    • PAUL GARCIA says:

      Hi there! This is Paul Garcia of GMA 7 News and Public Affairs. I just would like to know how big is your admiration for Usher. Do you have collections or what so ever? Please reply as soon as possible. GMA 7 plans to feature some fans of Usher here in the Philippines.\Thank you.

  6. jr says:

    does anyone notice that the focus of his album cover is his wedding ring? It’s gone!!!!

  7. ivorie johnspn says:

    i luv usher been a fan since day one!! Anything he touches is great. This album im sure will be like confessions but on sum grown man shiiii:)

  8. Octavia says:

    I love this album. He did excellent as usual. Omg I love him so much :). Ever since 98′

  9. Goerge O says:

    Okay so i look like him. And im doing this on my Izod .