VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time

Melinda Tommy | September 10, 2010 | 1,511 Comments

VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time – VH1 is getting blasted and rightfully so after unveiling their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. The network is getting slammed by fans and music experts out there for leaving out some great talents out of the list and for putting people who did little for the music industry in the the top 100.

Believe it or not R. Kelly who is a real legend (the man produced and wrote masterpieces for many artists) and Usher, Janet Jackson, Frank Sinatra, The Supremes and Sam Cooke did not make it on VH1 “100 Greatest Artists Of All Time” list and not a single Latin musician made the cut.

So who did the awful list?

Apparently the names of the artists were chosen by a panel of music experts and musicians including; Alicia Keys, Ozzy Osbourne, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Iggy Pop, Nas, Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Michael Diamond (Beastie Boys), Daryl Hall, John Oates, Gene Simmons (KISS), Adam Levine (Maroon Five), 50 Cent, Nelly Furtado, Mandy Moore, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Clayton (U2) which explains why the compilation was so poorly done.

It is normal that Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ciara, The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber were not on the list but leaving out talents like Rick James, Etta James, Celine Dion, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, The Temptations and Nat King Cole is just plain ridiculous.

100 Alicia Keys
99 Hall & Oates
98 Depeche Mode
97 Pretenders
96 Journey
95 OutKast
94 Mariah Carey
93 Pearl Jam
92 LL Cool J
91 Green Day
90 Elvis Costello
89 Beastie Boys
88 Bee Gees
87 George Michael
86 N.W.A.
85 The Band
84 Curtis Mayfield
83 Earth, Wind and Fire
82 Steely Dan
80 Mary J. Blige
79 Eminem
78 Judas Priest
77 Lynyrd Skynyrd
76 Run-D.M.C.
75 Rush
74 The Cure
73 Van Morrison
72 Janis Joplin
71 R.E.M.
70 Def Leppard
69 Tupac Shakur
68 Otis Redding
67 Coldplay
66 Justin Timberlake
65 The Doors
64 Talking Heads
63 Notorious B.I.G.
62 Genesis
61 Cream
60 Whitney Houston
59 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
58 Cheap Trick
57 Iggy & The Stooges
55 Peter Gabriel
54 Public Enemy
53 Little Richard
52 Beyoncé
51 Billy Joel
50 Sade
49 Parliament-Funkadelic
48 Rage Against The Machine
47 Jay-Z
46 Ramones
45 Al Green
44 Joni Mitchell
43 Ray Charles
42 Metallica
41 Van Halen
40 The Police
39 The Kinks
38 Sly & The Family Stone
37 Fleetwood Mac
36 Paul McCartney
35 Johnny Cash
34 Tina Turner
33 Guns N’ Roses
32 Black Sabbath
31 John Lennon
30 Aerosmith
29 Radiohead
28 Elton John
27 Aretha Franklin
26 Neil Young
25 Chuck Berry
24 The Velvet Underground
23 AC/DC
22 The Clash
21 Bruce Springsteen
20 Marvin Gaye
19 U2
18 Pink Floyd
17 Queen
16 Madonna
15 The Beach Boys
14 Nirvana
13 The Who
12 David Bowie
11 Bob Marley
10 Stevie Wonder
09 James Brown
08 Elvis Presley
07 Prince
06 Jimi Hendrix
05 Rolling Stones
04 Led Zeppelin
03 Bob Dylan
02 Michael Jackson
01 The Beatles


After being reminded of how much Whitney Houston has contributed to the music industry – it must be said that that she deserved a better spot on that list.

The star who was known as “the voice” gave us so many hits and inspired so many young girls to follow their dreams and become singers.

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  1. mike says:

    I cant believe alice in chains isnt on here thats crazy they are way better than alicia keys and ll cool j wtf

  2. Alexander says:

    Also R Kelly has sold more R&B albums than any other R&B artist in history and many more in other genre’s! WTF

    • D. Serean says:

      Where are the Temptations??????? They sold more records than most of the people on this list. And Prince ahead of Elvis. The whole list is a joke.

  3. screwup says:


  4. J says:

    What about the grateful dead?

  5. carloss says:

    hahaha….u must be kiddin me ITS NORMAL THATS RIHANNA IS NOT ON THE LIST….oh really i think she is the best
    i love u rihanna and i dont care about this fake list

  6. chris says:

    f$$k the clash, why are they even in the top 25, they s$$k

  7. phred says:

    how the hell did john mayer not make the list

    • BluesMadeRockMadePop says:

      Okay…B.B. King has been publicly worshiped by everyone on here. All the old bluesmen founded Rock – LOOK IT UP.
      Buddy Guy is where Hendrix got it from.
      BB King,Freddie King and Albert King birthed Clapton
      Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan gave John Mayer his entire foundation. John worships Stevie Ray & BB King

  8. lafaye15 says:

    I’m surprised vh1 got something RIGHT for once! michael’s right where he belongs :) Or even a little higher wouldnt hurt… lol

  9. Kameron says:

    Where’s Christina & Britney???

  10. Woodrow says:

    Eric Clapton? Lynard Skynard?

  11. Ragamufgin says:

    I can’t understand no Tori Amos or Kate Bush.

  12. Tim La Roche says:

    No Country? Garth Brooks didn’t accomplish more as an artist than most of these?

  13. Rock says:

    WTF is this Crap?! I’m sorry but some of these rappers don’t belong here. Jay-Z and notorious BIG? I don’t think so. This was not well thought out. You guys need to re-evaluate this list. Duran Duran Belong on that list. You guys are pathetic!

    • dragonfin says:

      Yes, I agree. Duran Duran should be there. Simon Le Bon is one of the most high-pitch and greatest singers of all time.

  14. nicole says:

    where are the red hot chili peppers??

    • conman says:

      where the fu*k is dave matthews band, the dead santana eric clapton phish do u guys realize that all these bands write and compose there own music…have you any idea why????? BECAUSE THEY HAVE FU**ING TALENTTTTTTT. not these lame sell outs who call themselves musicians when they get the music handed to them and all they have to do is sing.. idiotic the chilli peppers too at least u did well with the top 15 or some i would have moved the doors down alot more then where they were too

  15. Cabrina says:

    I can’t believe Buddy Holly & John Denver were completely left out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about Nine Inch Nails, Sam & Dave, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Tori Amos….too many missing to even list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    F@CK YOU VH1 & all those talentless hacks they gave ballets to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. jordi says:

    i just watched it on tv.. sry to tell you that Bob Dylan is not 3!! liar haha

    05 Bob Dylan
    04 Rolling Stones
    03 Led Zeppelin
    02 Michael Jackson
    01 The Beatles

    • Nate says:

      Agreed, Led Zeppelin is easily the second best Rock group ever (only below the Beatles) and gets No.3. Really, though, shoulden’t we rename this the best Rock artists and a few others of all time.

    • D. Serean says:

      Elvis at #8? What a joke. The King of rock and roll below Prince? This list is a joke.

  17. Death says:

    r kelly??? john mayer??? Seriously? How about Iron frickin Maiden?! Musical surgeons!!!

  18. derek trickle says:

    how the s$$t is dave matthews band not on there…WOW…this list sucks jsut because of that

  19. Diana says:

    Two names left out of 100 Greatest Artists: Robert Palmer.
    Apparently, not many of the contributors has studied real song writing and producing.

  20. Meg says:

    I can’t believe they left out Billie Holiday, Etta James, Nat King Cole, B.B King, Muddy Waters, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Deep Purple, but they included LL Cool J and Justin Timerlake! Idiots.

    • jay says:

      i think you might be pretty good when you have an SRV production fender guitar.
      B.B King and lucille made the blues what it is today most people know no blues artist but bb king come on VH1 vh crap is what they are

    • Brenda says:

      you r sooo right! No Lady Day, no Etta, no Temptations no Smokie Robinson, no Nancy Wilson, no Fleetwood Mac. Give me a break. WTF

  21. Eugene says:

    How the hell is Johnny Cash not in the top 10? THE MAN IN BLACK! This list is a joke… How the hell is David Bowie top 15? I hope no one got paid to make this list…

  22. derek trickle says:

    they are theeee best live band ever. F$$$$$g ever…and thats a fact…dont argue sciene

  23. anon says:

    100 greatest artists of all time? What happened to Mozart and Beethoven? What happened to artists that are not known to Western Cultures? Ignorant Americans…

    • Dylan says:


  24. Z says:

    What about The Supremes, Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie, Aaliyah, Red Hot Chilli Peppers?? I’m super shocked that NONE of them were on the list!!

  25. SNM says:

    There is only room for 100 artists.So obviously there will be some artists left out that people will find offensive.They can’t all be on the list.At least they got the top 20 right!

  26. prom says:



    • Chris says:

      Shutup, dumbass. You’re the racist one.

    • Dylan says:

      And The Beatles weren’t known “IN EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD”? PLEASE STFU.

    • Chris says:

      You’re ignorant. The Beatles influenced every artist that came after them, including Michael Jackson.

    • BluesMadeRockMadePop says:

      Okay…B.B. King has been publicly worshiped by everyone on here. All the old bluesmen founded Rock – LOOK IT UP.
      Buddy Guy is where Hendrix got it from.
      BB King,Freddie King and Albert King birthed Clapton
      Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan gave John Mayer his entire foundation.
      - No BLUES
      - No Rock
      - No Soul
      - No Jazz
      - no Pop!!!
      NO ANYTHING!!!!
      As for the Beatles – 200 songs all different, original and great. Michael Jackson, King of Pop Yes – BUT comparing Beat It to Hey Jude or All You Need Is Love – no comparison. NAME THE 200 GREAT SONGS THAT JACKSON WROTE!!
      Beatles are no 1 for a reason, MJ is no 2 and all my heroes start with old African American Bluesmen SO LEAVE RACISM OUT OF IT!!! Learn music theory and break down anyone you like and the Beatles did it first.

    • zack says:

      i agree michael was great but you are a piece of s$$t a$$$$$e

    • UBFunkaneer says:

      The Beatles sold 1 billion albums. To match that, Michael Jackson would have to combine sales with Elton John, who made the Top 30.

  27. san antonio says:

    Half you guys that posted should be slapped…seriously Rock saying that Jay z and BIG shouldn’t be on the list? Do us all a favor and shoot yourself. The list was crap for the most part, but Vh1 got their money so there.

    • BluesMadeRockMadePop says:

      Okay…B.B. King has been publicly worshiped by everyone on here. All the old bluesmen founded Rock – LOOK IT UP.
      Buddy Guy is where Hendrix got it from.
      BB King,Freddie King and Albert King birthed Clapton
      Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan gave John Mayer his entire foundation.
      If there were No BLUES – then No Rock – No Soul – No Jazz – no Pop – No Hip Hop – No Rap !!!—- NO ANYTHING!!!!
      As for the Beatles – 200 songs all different, original and great. Michael Jackson, King of Pop Yes – BUT comparing Beat It to Hey Jude or All You Need Is Love – no comparison.
      Beatles are no 1 for a reason, MJ is no 2 and all my heroes start with old African American Bluesmen
      PLEASE NAME ME THE 200 GREAT JAY Z AND B.I.G. tracks so I can check those out…….I guess I’m not seeing a list soon!!!!!

  28. Pam says:

    Really the list isn’t that bad, but come on some like Justin and Jay z shouldn’t be infront of Green Day. or there at all, if there wanted to include more recent artists use Muse or something.

  29. Guerticus Maximus says:

    How is it possible that the Eagles aren’t on this list. I’m not a big fan of the Eagles, but they’re up there with the Police and should be in the Top 50.

    When I saw early on that Mariah Carey was No. 94 (a clear snub) and Sade was No. 50 (she has, what, two songs?), I knew this list was worthless.

  30. jay says:

    The red hot chilli peppers could be on here they started in the 80′s doing fantastic work, but i might just be a fan so i may be just saying.
    patsy cline shes not on here.
    oh and usher and r kelly are jokes they do not belong on the list dont even mention those so called artist.
    how about those country artist Merle Haggard, Hank Williams.
    how about the byrds any one thing they dont deserve this list, how about old frank sinatra
    why the beasty boys, beyonce, really Justin Timberlake are we serious come on people, and not to mention Eminem
    yeah i like him but on this list get the f out of here

    this is a verry weak list i am a not a fan of the music i think should be on the list but we all know what i listed should be on there

  31. jay says:

    how about thin lizzy metallica covered them i can go on all day with this

    • bk says:

      Also, Rory Gallagher should have been on there – even Hendrix said he was the best guitarist in the world. As mentioned, leaving off Zappa, The Grateful Dead and Santana is a freakin’ joke. Hell, I’d even say Sublime should have been there. Too many genres covered here, trying to please too many people.

  32. joe says:

    how are red hot chili peppers not there?!

  33. afan says:


  34. Caroline says:

    What a crime to leave out Eric Clapton/Cream! What were they thinking???

  35. ajso says:

    I can’t believe they left off Louis Armstrong. Most influential musician ever! Before rock n roll there was jazz, which started from Louis Armstrong…..come on!

  36. JB says:


  37. me says:

    no comment stupid list.

  38. shell517nj says:

    Some are really upset with this list. The list is compiled EVERY year and changes in time. surely every artist can’t make the list. I believe the top 20 of the list are the most influential artists of all time and they will for the most part always make the list. The others will change drastically over time unless they make some huge impact in the music industry. Personally I would put Michael Jackson and the Beatles at a tie. Their messages were all for LOVE.

  39. BC says:

    No Crosby, Stills, & Nash? All in the R&R Hall of Fame with two different groups. Their body of work together and individually is pretty high up there. Top 50 for sure.

  40. jay says:

    But my final comment can we expect VH1 to get music right they have shows like for the love of Ray J For the love of New York, For the love of Ochocinco,

    How about For The Love Of rock, Bluse, RnB, Mixing For the love of music wrong they have no music shows its a rare treat they even play music and when they do its late nite and early morning i thought VH1 was a music channel music shows and music but i guess not

  41. SM says:

    Wow, nobody has mentioned Simon and Garfunkel and Three Dog Night. Both groups had a lot of great songs and should have made the list. The list was very stupid. It was very random except for the top two. They missed a lot of people and added a few that had no business being on the list. Justin Timberlake shouldn’t be any where near that list, very bad choice.

  42. me says:

    Parliament Funkadelic?!?!

    … and REM, Rush are way down in the 70′s!! Total Crap!

    I’m surprised Pebo Bryson isn’t on there.

  43. andres says:

    kings of leon?

  44. bsquared says:

    CHER? She had multiple hits in the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and 00′s. I think she is one of the few if not the only artist to have hits in five separate decades.

    Elton John? Again…too many hits to count over multiple decades to count (70′s, 80′s and 90′s)

    What about Frank Sinatra? I guess the 100 greatest artists of all time doesn’t include country music. Like it or not, country is a major force in music. Forget Dolly Parton, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Alabama, Loretta Lynn.

  45. hgcjk says:

    eminem should be at least in the top 10 !

  46. Anthony in monterey says:

    Artists, right? Real artists. My choice of a true artist, Jeff Buckley.

  47. OR says:

    My biggest complaint with this list is that there is not ONE latin artist on here. The main person who, legitimately, deserves to be high on the list is Celia Cruz. The woman one 3 Grammys and 4 Latin Grammys along with numerous other awards. She is known as the queen of salsa and influenced an entire race. Others that should have at least been mentioned are Tito Puente and Bebo Valdes.

  48. kyle says:

    wheres oasis?

  49. Joyce says:

    Where is Bon Jovi….They’ve topped charts for years…..spanned generations…….NOT FAIR!!!!

  50. Stutenn says:

    Where is Sinatra? They didn’t say the 100 greatest rock artists, so how bogus is this thing?

  51. Bubz63 says:

    I am COMPLETLEY shocked that Christina Aguilera is not on the list. She has one of the best voices of our time! I understand her latest album didn’t sell as well as her previous work, but she is still extremely talented! This list is bogus!

  52. BluesMadeRockMadePop says:

    Okay…B.B. King has been publicly worshiped by everyone on here. All the old bluesmen founded Rock – LOOK IT UP.
    Buddy Guy is where Hendrix got it from.
    BB King,Freddie King and Albert King birthed Clapton
    Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan gave John Mayer his entire foundation. No BLUES – No Rock – No Soul – No Jazz – no Pop!!! NO ANYTHING!!!!
    As for the Beatles – 200 songs all different, original and great. Michael Jackson, King of Pop Yes – BUT comparing Beat It to Hey Jude or All You Need Is Love – no comparison.
    Beatles are no 1 for a reason, MJ is no 2 and all my heroes start with old African American Bluesmen so leave racism out of it!!! Learn music theory and break down anyone you like and the Beatles did it first.

    • HardRockDrummer says:

      I hear ya Tom, but I have a question – if all the masters of Blues you mention, have in fact created all Genre’s of music (you left out country music by the way), then why didn’t they, on their own accord, make the top 100?

      Its certainly ok to dedicate your musical taste to one genre. I have, and that Genre is Hard Rock. But I do appreciate all types of other music. And there is no color in it for me.

      People are influenced by what they like. For example, I am influenced heavily by Led Zeppelin. For me, they created the music that I like, and as a result influences me to create music that sounds like Led Zeppelin. To me, I have no interest in who influenced them. I am only focused on what influences me.

      I don’t think any of the guys you mentioned would ever take credit for creating all the genres that followed blues. As musicians we give credit to the guys that influenced us, not the guys that influenced them.

      I am not a big fan of the Beatles at all. I have no interest in their music at all. But I would agree that giving them 1st place is probably correct. Led Zepp took fourth place, but to me it makes no difference where the came in.

      Personal taste in a genre of music, is just that, a personal taste. The 100 list I’m sure if based on album sales and popularity. I think thats the reason why the guys you mentioned didn’t make the list, regardless of how influential they might have been.

      At the end of the day, I love playing the blues when I am not playing hard rock. I’m just saying that to give those guys all the credit for building a large array of genres, and influencing the top 100 is a bit of stretch.

  53. mar says:

    Elvis only 8! and how is no one from the rat pack on here?

  54. c wadsworth says:


  55. REALTALK says:

    that list is a bunch of crap

  56. konman says:

    No Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, etc. Wow!!!
    I like Alicia Keys but she has only 3 or 4 albums right?

  57. Redd says:

    When your asked to name “artist’s” and I don’t see
    Buddy Holly. I can understand over looking the Crickets
    but Buddy Holly missing, really c’mon. He inspired
    the Beatles !

  58. zack says:

    also what the hell happened to credence clearwater revival. talk about great southern style rock and roll

  59. konman says:

    Oops Curtis Mayfiels is on it but 84!!!

  60. Jarrod says:

    The fact that Elton John didn’t make the top 10 makes this list worthless.

  61. curtis says:

    What about the Eagles? Lionel Richie? Celine Dion? Rod Stuart? What’s with this list?

  62. Mike says:

    No Jethro Tull, Yes, ELO, Dire Straits, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sinatra?

    Makes me sick.

    Pink Floyd should have easily got in to the top 10 or even 5.

  63. Kate says:

    Apparently according to VH1 motown, jazz, and blues just don’t exist. It’s absurd how many legendary artists are left off this list. How about Miles Davis, one of the greatest musicians of all time? The Temptations and the Supremes, who practically invented motown? It really worries me how little musicians today are aware of their roots and the musicians who allowed them to be making the music they make today. It’s sad.

  64. Moe says:

    Where are The Eagles?? Have the voters gone completely mad?!

  65. Moe says:

    Elton John,#28! Give me a break! The Clash was rated higher that EJ????

  66. Kate says:

    Also, why is everyone hating on The Clash? I think there are far bigger issues with this list, like, oh…Coldplay? Beyonce being so high? Come on.

  67. davo says:

    And where are the Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Soundgarden, Flaming Lips, Bjork, Tori Amos.

  68. Will says:

    Does any1 else think eminem should be higher on the list

  69. susieq says:

    Justin Timberlake, Sada, Whitney Houston, LL Cool Jay, Notorious BIG should be replaced with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, Eagles, Paul Simon and Pat Benatar. Parliment Funkadelic should not be there either. Otherwise the list was ok.

  70. Mawuena says:

    How in the world is Justin Timberpussy greater that Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross. Vh1 has been licking his but for years!

  71. mysuzanita says:

    I was torn between MJ & the Beetles, both are sooooo amazing & responsible for soo much!!! but no sinatra or stevie ray??? seriously???? & EJ & Freddie(queen) shoulda been higher than Madonna… :o(

  72. David says:

    How do Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake make it but R. Kelly and Usher do not? I mean, these artists are of the same era, and the impact/popularity of R. Kelly and Usher far outshines anything Keys and Timberlake have done. It’s not even close really.

  73. BoomerDJ says:

    The Boomers list of the top 5 omissions from this list:
    1. Eric Clapton
    2. Grateful Dead
    3. Santana
    4. Simon & Garfunkel
    5. Crosby Stills & Nash

  74. Joey says:

    THE SMITHS people… Where are THE SMITHS? Short-lived band, yes, but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and INFLUENTIAL!!

  75. saywhat says:

    No credibility when you omit Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Celine Dion (not a fan but the extensive body of work and distinctive voice can not be ignored) ….

    These lists can never be comprehensive but there are certainly glaring omissions.

  76. travis says:



    • snl1961 says:

      Maybe you should ask some of your black friends about the Beatles, and say only white people liked them is like saying only french people eat french fries, are you five years old or just real stupid

    • F.A.T.T. says:


    • GIms P says:

      I’m an MJ fein myself, i just wanna say though
      1. true
      2.AC/DC really
      3. true
      4.MJ and Carlos Santana
      6.true but also james brown since he did influence him and prince
      8. idk about that one
      10. true…even thru reaganomics

    • Deborah McNamara says:

      Eevery black artist voted for the Beatles. I quess you were not listening to them.

      With out Sam cook would there have been many of these artist. We can’t everyone, but the platers, and Johnny Mathis, and Jackie Wilson, Bo Didley.

    • Y town TOM says:

      TThe greatest artist of the 20th century very easy E L V I S

  77. Joey says:

    Also… Dave Matthews Band…

  78. Hal says:

    Elvis Costello #90? Who’s been smoking crack? Perhaps one of the finest lyricists and most eclectic artists out there below George Michael and Justin Timberlake? Give me a break.

  79. Steve says:

    All rap bands stink. Eminem is the worst ever. The man has no talent. I could write a rap song in less than ten minutes. Kool and the Gang and Boston should be on the list. For us oldsters, Neil Sedaka, Ricky Nelson, and the Everly Brothers are among the 100 best. Not these dumb rap groups that espouse bad language and soulful “talking”.

    • F.A.T.T. says:


  80. BlackCanary007 says:

    This whole list was an absolute joke and there were so many glaring ommissions that I started laughing as the show went on. Where is Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis and I would even throw Bjork in there. They are nowhere to be found. What about The Supremes and The Tempatations. Where the hell is Nat King Cole. There hasn’t been a christmas that hasn’t gone by that Nat King Cole hasn’t been played. What about SAM COOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VH1 ought to be ashamed for releasing such a limp haphazard list that is filled with errors!!!!!!!!!

  81. Joey says:

    New Order… Luther Vandross… Bjork…

  82. Joey says:

    Duran Duran

  83. Joey says:

    Bon Jovi, Journey… I could go on and on…

  84. justin says:

    all i wanna say is elvis #1 and the group with the best guitars ever, megadeth not on here..come on

  85. Dee says:

    That list was terrible, they left out so many good artists, they should really redo it with different ppl voting…..seriously!

  86. AyJay says:

    Ummmmmm where is The Jackson 5, The Temptations, Diana Ross, The Supremes, Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, Jackie Wilson, Etta James? Sooo many great artists aren’t even on this list…..VH1 is a disappointment……And another thing, why are The Beatles #1 and not Michael Jackson?????? That’s bullcrap!

  87. Melissa says:

    Umm….. What about the Grateful Dead?

  88. jim c says:

    definately some of these groups should not even be on this list and there are so many they missed that i don’t have the time to type them in who the hell voted for this b$$$$$$t list

  89. F.A.T.T. says:


  90. useless says:

    wheres CCR at? Van morrison? Sinatra? Sam Cooke? and im sorry but 2pac should be top 20. coldplay? are u serious!!! thats a horrible band! they should be replaced by santana. wheres bb king, frank zappa, morrissey, OMD…these fools are tripping! the supremes, blondie, etta james, nina simone, scorpion, dr dre!!!! come on! beyonce, talking heads, stealy dan, outkast, and REM shouldnt be on this list!!!

  91. Gitykins says:

    This list is honestly so messed up that I won’t even comment on it. To compile a list of the greatest artists of all time is silly but VH1 obviously made as good of an attempt as they could (laughingelfman.jpg) based on their completely subjective taste towards music.

    However, everyone implying they know better in the comments is foolish, close-minded, and self-centered.

  92. BigMC44 says:

    No Todd Rundgren?? Elvis not in the top 5?

  93. wow says:

    wow beyonce biggy and jay z above tupac?wtf thats crazy emimem and tupac should of been so much higher wtf im not a real big fan but brittney spears did alot for music and shes not even mentioned no frank sintra this list sucks

  94. Ed says:

    I could not give less of a s$$t about this.
    Also I’m in no way shocked that number one was the Beatles.
    What a lazy choice that was.

    • Deborah McNamara says:

      I grew up on the Beatles and I love them. I am glad that MJ is number 2 but if he had not died he would have been lower which is to bad. I thank that there were other people who have died and that was the only reason they are on the list. My husband loves hard rock so he loved the list.

      They should have called it the “Rock AND Pop List”

  95. Jess says:

    This list is screwed!!! where’s Celine and Janet and why is Beyonce before Whitney?????
    Do Over!!!

  96. SupaChocoBear says:

    I want to throw this artist out there and see what you think….Moby. Electronica would not be where it is today without Moby and he was a brilliant creative artist!! I’m not saying he should be in the top 50 but at least in the top 100 I’m mean damn…if Justin Timberlake and Beyonce can make it, surely Moby should be on there.

  97. Ken says:

    Frank Sinatra Neil Diamond and Bob Seger can’t make the list but Justin Timberlake does. REALLY, Justin Timberlake?

  98. stephanie says:

    Michael Jackson only made it so high because he died.

    Alecia Keys? Beyonce? Mary J Blige? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE???
    wth. seriosly? dumb.

    Madonna should have been at least 10!

  99. Jake says:

    Elvis is only 8? Dude, he’s only the king of rock n roll. And AC/DC at 23??? WTF

  100. GIms P says:

    C’mon man, Couldve put Billy Joel a little higher, like 25

  101. Tim says:

    Michael Jackson is the greatest ever! Best singer, dancer, songwriter and overall best live performer ever! He’s the best at all 4.

    There are other artists who are also the best at 1 or 2 but not at all 4! At the same time!

    But at least MJ was not voted #40 like he was in Vh-1′s list in 1998. That was ridiculous.

    This list is also ridiculous but at least MJ is closer to where he should be.

    Both lists then and now are wrong. They need to poll more credible musicians and critics.

    But remember that it doesn’t matter what a list says. It only matters what you say or think yourself. When MJ was voted #40 in 1998 that didn’t change the truth that MJ is really #1.

    Smokey Robinson isn’t on this list either! It’s missing a lot of Motown and it’s missing a lot of women too.

    But again, the list is not the truth! What you think and what you like personally is the truth!

    • ftp says:

      Sorry, Tim. The Beatles should always be number one, especially since MJ loved them so much, he bought the whole damn Lennon-McCartney catalog. The Beatles also existed in a different time. I love MJ, but I have no problems with him being No. 2 here.

    • Daniel says:

      Without The Beatles, there is no Michael Jackson … Period. Why do you think Michael Jackson bought The Beatles publishing. Every album they made is timeless. Michael Jackson 1 great album, 2 very good, 1 good, the rest you can forget. That’s just his solo work, Jackson 5 different story.

      • gleng says:

        I would say that Michael Jackson had two great albums, Thriller and Off The Wall.

      • Terry says:

        “Without the Beatles, there is no Michael Jackson.”

        I don’t think so, Daniel. It can just as easily be said that there would be no Beatles if it weren’t for people like Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Little Richard and other greats that came before them. It is not about who did it first. It’s about who did it BEST. And in terms of musical cross-over success, live performing, creativity, popularity, best-selling album of all time, worldwide impact, and relevancy for today’s generation and beyond, Michael Jackson wins hands down.
        MJ buying the Beatles’ catalogue is irrevelant. He also bought the publishing of Sly & the Family Stone and Little Richard–probably little known facts because the world only cared when he bought the rights to a popular White band.
        Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad are all considered great albums. Dangerous and HIStory were commericially successful (HIStory being the most successful dual-disc album of all time). And even his “failure” album, Invincible, sold over 10 million units and debuted at #1 across the world.
        The Jackson 5 were one of the most influential groups in history in which countless “boy-bands” were created attempting to duplicate their success. So please, do not put down Michael Jackson or his talent and enormous impact in order to build up the Beatles.

        Anyway, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this list was poorly done.

    • Summer says:

      Omg, i love you so much ! lol MJ is the BEST and will be forevermore <3.

    • Ra says:

      There’s no way you can compile a list and not place Michael at the top. Yes there are ommissions that begs for some kind of explanation,but not placing Michael at the pinnacle is unforgivable.

    • Richard S says:

      He played several instruments also like PRINCE. He was an excellent producer also.

      • free as a bird says:

        There are tons of artists who play many instruments, that can’t really be a valid argument. Paul McCartney can play piano, guitar, bass, 12 string, drums, ukelele, and he can sing extremely well… Robert Smith of The Cure can play drums, guitar, 12 string, violin, trumpet, bass, and he also sings. Those are just two examples.

  102. pmonk says:

    I think its more important to talk about the artists that don’t belong on this list rather than the ones that do, there is always more artists to add but some artists on this list clearly don’t deserve their spot on the list

  103. Shawn McLaughlin says:

    Justin Timberlake?????? REALLY????!!!!!!!!!!
    No John Mellencamp? No Willie Nelson? Tom Petty barely makes the top 60 but they have JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!!!!!!!??????????? Led Zep ahead of Elvis? How can Elvis NOT be top 3, at the very least? Roy Orbison? Buddy Holly? Jerry Lee Lewis? Smokey Robinson? Glen Campbell? Yes, Cream is there, but where the hell is Clapton? Stevie Ray Vaughan? Sam Cooke? BB King? Robert Johnson? Woody Guthrie? Les Paul? Chet Atkins? Django Rienhart?


    SADE????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What, she’s made, like 3 albums in 20 years…….wow.

    On the bright side…….Velvet Underground, The Kinks and Iggy and the Stooges so high is nice.

    • Deborah McNamara says:

      I agree, what about Frank Sinatra. To many heavy metal and hip hop.
      What about Paul simion.

      The Beatles should be number 1 hands down.

      • Kayla says:

        The Beatles will always be number one! :)

      • Marking Time says:

        Yup. I was waiting for Simon’s name to be in the top 20. That he ain’t there at ALL is tragic. Introduced most of North Amer and Europe mainstream fans to world music and styles like Carribean, zydeco, Brazilian, South African, West African, etc. And one of the best lyricists ever.

    • Drake says:

      Jerry Lewis is a signer? And yeah, no Buddy, BB, or Willie? wtf!

    • Thewalrus says:

      jerry lee lewis? Great balls of fire? come one he married his second-cousin. gifted on the keys but not enough variety. every song sounds the same

    • hwhjsha says:

      dude get over it not eveyone listens to the same stuff you do. and stop hatein on musice you don’t like cause other people do grow up.

    • Kayla says:

      I agree. Especially about Elvis. And I also think ABBA, Elton John, and Bob Marley should all be a little higher. And Styx is nowhere on the list. Led Z should hardly be on the list at all! Maybe in the 30s or 40s spots.

    • Richard S says:

      ELVIS,MICHEAL JACKSON and FRANK SINATRA should have been the top three!!!!!

  104. Shawn McLaughlin says:

    Oh yeah……..WHERE ARE THE BYRDS??????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Joyce Fitzgerald says:

    what about Roy Orbison, Eagles, Supreams, B.B. King ?

  106. Wut says:

    >My face when no pixies

    hi /mu/.

  107. kepoo09 says:

    absolutely rediculous…90 percent of the freakin list is rock bands. There are many non-rockers in the world maybe you might want to include some of them. The Temtations, luther vandross, usher, R.kelly, how about some Brian Mcknight. One reggae artist only bob marley, how about Jimmy cliffe! c’mon man. lets put some other genres in thats not just rock and roll.

  108. oxkar08 says:

    I hope you know that this countdown is not statistically correct, since us, the public voted and that’s what made the artists fall in the spot they had.

    The United World Chart would actually be the only ones to come up with a statistically correct(without public vote) 100 Greatest Artists of All Time chart countdown since the creation of music charts, but they are still compiling all their charts to fill in the gaps, if you go to unitedworldchart.de/ you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you do go to the United World Chart website make sure to click on the STATISTICS link, which you’ll find in the left hand side under TRACKS, once you’ve clicked on STATISTICS make sure to click on ARTIST SECTION link so it’ll list every single artist that has made it to the top ten in the United World Chart with a list of their respective songs that made it to the top ten or you can also go to this link mediatraffic.de/track-artists.htm to check that out as well.

    For right now the closest that it can get to a statistically correct countdown would be The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, although it’s ONLY U.S. statistics, NOT World statistics, but you can check it out at billboard.$$m/bbcom/specials/hot100/charts/top100-artists-20.shtml

    Once you get to the United World Chart’s STATISTICS link and click on the ARTIST SECTION link it’s easy to tell that Madonna outnumbers everyone else having the most hits so far in the United World Chart, but there are still years that have not been put out of the archives so she’s still not officially the best artist of all time, although there is a big possibility for her to be, since in the U.S. she’s the second best act, just after the Beatles. Also she has been around for almost 30 years, whereas the Beatles were around for about a decade. But once the United World Chart puts out all their charts let’s hope they make the official statistically correct countdown of The Greatest Artists of All Time!!!

    • nklslots says:

      I agree the list isn’t accurate but we the public didn’t vote in this list, it was voted on by different people in the industry. There are alot of people missing, many have been listed but here’s mine where’s lenny kravitz, peggy lee? just to name a couple. this list is bogus.

  109. bradly92 says:

    wheres sublime

  110. bradly92 says:

    wheres sublime love them

  111. Deborah McNamara says:

    My list is.
    1. Beatles
    2. MJ
    3. Eric Clapton
    4. Bob Dylan
    5. Elvis
    6. David Bowie
    7. Billy Joel
    8. Sam Cook
    9. Frank Sinatra
    10.Rolling Stones
    11. Beach Boys
    12. Chopin
    13. Barry Manilow
    14. Patsy Cline
    15. Billy Hoilday
    14. George Gershwin
    15. Mario The Heartbrakers
    17. Bruce Springteen
    18. Peggy Lee
    19. Bobby Darin
    20. The Doors

    I love all kinds of Music.

  112. Dakota says:

    What about The Red Hot Chili Peppers? How in the hell were they left out? They created their own original style and killed at every show they played. Even now, after 20 years, they’re still together and making great music. Even Nirvana only charted at 14? 14!? What the hell, Kurt was an amazing song writer (even beating out Michael Jackson in the Billboard charts), and they were all great entertainers. In my opinion, this list is a joke. It’s built more upon rock stereotypes than the actual talent of the artist. Trust me, Kurt Cobain is definitely a better artist than Elvis.

    • steve says:

      THANK YOU!

    • free as a bird says:

      Agreed! Elvis hardly wrote any music at all… Though, Kurt Cobain is also a rock stereotype… Red Hot Chili Peppers could have made it on the list if there weren’t so many other artists that should have been left out and so many more that should have been put on… meh

  113. Mark says:

    No Alice In Chains…Soundgarden…Pearl Jam!!! They put in Nirvana? Please This is Bad!!!

  114. Angela Waterhouse says:

    What, did the Dave Matthews Band just fall off the face of the earth. They should have clearly made the list. And BTW, Michael Jackson should have been first.

  115. Mark says:

    Here is my Picks in No Specific Order:
    -Jimi Hendrix
    -Janis Joplin
    -The Doors
    -The Eagles
    -Fleetwood Mac
    -The Police
    -Billy Joel
    -The Cure
    -The Beatles
    -Alice In Chains
    -Led Zeppelin
    -Bob Dylan
    -Frank Sinatra
    -Bob Marley
    -The Beach Boys
    -Red Hot Chili Peppers
    -Beastie Boys
    -Def Leopard
    -James Brown
    -Johnny Cash
    -Elton John
    -The Who
    -Hall & Oats
    -Snoop Dog
    -Run DMC
    -Aretha Franklin
    -Chuck Berry
    -Rolling Stones
    -Pink Floyd
    -Bruce Springsteen
    -Ted Nugent
    -Alice Cooper
    -Green Day
    -Tom Petty
    -Stevie Wonder
    -Michael Jackson
    -Parliament Funkadelic
    -Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne
    -Pearl Jam
    -The Cars
    -Motley Crue
    -The Supremes
    -Van Halen
    -Al Green
    -Bee Gees
    -Don Henley
    -Bob Seger
    -Bob Denver
    -Guns & Roses

  116. lini says:

    Michael Jackson should have been #1 ahead of the Beatles

    • steve says:

      no, michael jackson should be behind nirvana.

    • hwhjsha says:

      wouldn’t of said that if he was still alive

      • ashley says:

        Umm.. Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain isn’t alive either so you probably wouldn’t be saying that if he were here.

        Either way, Michael Jackson should’ve definitely been #1. I don’t know why they can’t do that. Its always about The Beatles. Beatles, Beatles, Beatles.. I bet those polls showed that MJ was voted #1 but ofcourse they didn’t wanna put a black person as number one.

        • hanners says:

          The Beatles are one of the most influential bands of all time… They effected the entire world, and never released an album less than fantastic, they deserve the #1 spot, hands down. You can trace musical ideas and modern songs all the way back to them… MJ definitely deserves #2 though. He was a fantastic performer and was also influential, but he released a few albums that were less than stellar (in my opinion), so he almost can’t be the “greatest” (even that is open to interpretation though)…

          Also, Little Richard should really have been higher I think, he truly is, dare I say it, THE most influential artist of all time.

          And what about John Philip Sousa? Before pop music really, he was a “pop star”… He was writing all the music people listened to and performed, he was technically the “top of the charts” for decades before modern pop acts came into being.

          Anyway, the fact that Michael Jackson was black should have NOTHING to do with his placement… You could also argue the lack of women in the top 20 (which I find disgusting). I believe that he was great, but just a little less so than the Beatles.

          Also, WHERE is Woody Guthrie?? If you’re gonna put Bob Dylan on, you have to have Woody Guthrie… Other folk artists would have been nice too, like Nick Drake. Who is severely underrated and under-appreciated.

          Instead, we have Sade in front of The Doors… *grimace*

          And of course he’s saying that about Nirvana and of course you’re saying that about Michael Jackson… That’s what happened to John Lennon too: when a famous influential person dies, people tend to forget that they weren’t perfect… That’s just what happens. MJ was 40 or whatever on the list before because people were creeped out by him and such, but now that he’s dead people like to hop on the bandwagon *shrugs* I totally understand how he’s influential though, don’t get me wrong…

    • Lady says:

      Yes he should.. but they don’t want a black person to be at No. 1

  117. beefan says:

    beyonce should be number 1

  118. Nydizzle says:

    wheres is sublime where are the smiths? and Morrissey omg wtf!

  119. Dave says:

    To have not included the greatest r&b singer and most successful in r.kelly shows Vh1 are just playing around…Justin Timberlake made it ahead of Usher..funny

  120. Rick Umali says:

    Impressive list, but it’s missing Eric Clapton!

  121. saladin says:

    MJ is the true #1.

  122. Spaceman Spiff says:

    No Muddy Waters? No Grateful Dead? Are you kidding me?

  123. Jet says:

    How is Rod Stewart not on the list?

  124. NOrBERTO says:

    where the FCK is SUBLIME

  125. MO says:

    Anyone remember Cab Callawy?

    • Marking Time says:

      Showmanship and over-the-top theatricality — the history goes like this: Calloway and Muddy taught Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Little Richard, who taught the Beatles & British invaders, and Sly, and James Brown, who in turn taught George Clinton, who passed the gift on to Prince and MJ, who then taught ALL the boy bands and their clones. Then Run DMC and Flava from PE picked up the schtick on the hip hop side, and Kanye’s somewhat carrying that ball now. That’s the mostly black side of the industry. On the white spectrum, your Floyds and Bowies and Gabriel’s Genesis taught all the rest about blending operatic theater and big sets with megaproduced anthems, and then Queen, KISS, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, U2, MaGaga and most of the emo stuff all picked up that vibe. Can’t say who’s got it now, but some of the Canadian acts are showing promise.

  126. theann says:

    That list was b$$$$$$t. I can understand the top people. Michael Jackson, the beatles. Of course they are the greatest. But what the hell? First of all, their is only one country artist on the list. Johnny Cash is like 35. He should be in the top. He was famous for like 50 years before he died. What about merle haggard, buck owens, dolly parton, patsy cline, willie nelson, and of course hank williams? But of course, the whole 10 years that justin timberlake has been around, couldn’t possibly compare to any of those people. Besides country artists though. Your right, what about frank sinatra, eric clapton, and there is a ton of other people. Since when has justin timberlake been a great artist? And for madonna to make it ahead of people like aretha franklin? And of course where is john mellencamp? Seriously, this is ridiculous. I hardly call half of these great in any way. And I may not have grown up when some of these bands were around, but seriously. I have never even heard of some of these. And i mean, if there is people from the same time that you hear about all the time, then these weird bands shouldn’t be on here. And why is lynyrd skynyrd in the 70′s? and Elvis. he should be at least 3 or 4. God, this just really pisses me off. I almost couldn’t finish watching it.

  127. chris says:

    And no Blondie? Really?!?

  128. Drake says:

    The Eagles were one of the highest selling bands of all time, AND WHY ISN’T BUDDY HOLLY IN THERE?

  129. Josh says:

    Really where is Barbra Streisand??

    Where’s Tony Bennett?

  130. huzzah! says:

    It sickens me that ever since Michael Jackson died, everyone is convinced he’s the greatest at everything. Sure Michael Jackson was arguably the most POPULAR artist of all time and his music and performance was great, but they get popularity and quality mixed up. If this list were truly about the quality of one’s work, MJ would have made #30 at best.
    That’s my biggest grievance. The rest of the list would make this an even longer message…

    • Sharon says:

      just because his music didn’t speak to you it doesn’t mean that you should deny his ridiculously huge impact in modern culture. You need to go back to school

    • ashley says:

      Umm, no hunny. Sorry to be the breaker of bad news but Michael Jackson wasn’t only the most “POPULAR artist of all time” .. his music had quality too. Wtf are you talking about? How could someone who broke so many records and won countless amount of awards that nobody else has recieved not have GOOD QUALITY MUSIC.? Please don’t talk about quality with him here. He created beats, sounds, he WAS the music on that stage. Pfft.

      • Lady says:

        Yes Ashley, I totally agree.. Michael Jackson broke countless records, received more music awards than any other artist, had the largest audience and besides that, he is the biggest selling artist.. he definitely should have been at No. 1

        • free as a bird says:

          Also, largest audience? Have you heard the term Beatlemania? Yeah. Done.

        • Pancho says:

          U R absolutly Right.
          U 2 Ashley.
          Yeah I like the Beatles, I’m a fan of their music.
          But MJ was such a greater inspiration & more popular than them.
          U go to Asia & Australia & South America,
          People have never even heard of the Beatles or Elvis, or any of those guys.
          If you ask someone from over there,
          “You want to listen to The Beatles?”
          Response: “Who???”
          “OK, how about Elvis Presley?”
          “ALRIGHT THEN, How about Michael Jackson?”
          HEE-HEE, SHOMONE!!!”
          So basically what I’m saying to add 2 what Ashley & Lady said, the Beatles were big in the U.S. & Europe for 10 years.
          Michael Jackson was HUGE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR 45 YEARS!!
          That & Don’t U Remember:
          “Billie Jean is Not My Lover, SHe’s just a girl who claims I am the one. But the KIIID IS Not my Son!”
          “BEAT IIIIT, BEAT IIIIT, Nobody wants to be defeated!”
          THRILLER NIGHT!!!!:
          “I took my baby for a saturday bang… continues,
          But Most of ALL, Don’t U remember!
          MAKE A BETTER PLACE 4 U & 4 ME!!”
          So Michael, in my heart, & everybody elses, was God’s gift to earth, & was the greatest artist, entertainer, singer, dancer. And one of the greatest, most caring human beings of all-time.
          I Love You Michael
          You will always be in my heart.
          I’ll see you in Heaven Buddy.

      • free as a bird says:

        Just because he’s popular doesn’t mean it’s quality. COME ON. Yes yes yes, he was a good performer, and I agree with him being at least in the 30s, but come on. Have you heard popular music now? Auto-tuned, fake, meaningless, computerized instruments, etc. I could go on. So, popularity DOES NOT equal quality. Don’t even go there…

    • nklslots says:

      thank you huzzah! i totally agree

  131. Rwill says:

    I was so disappointed with this list! How on earth can Sam Cooke not make this list? INSANE!

  132. vincent osawe says:

    the only person that is known in every country in the world is michael jackson because he made the best music.the beatles are not known in every country .michael jackson should be at #1 of course.

  133. marvin says:

    Tell me how the f jay z gonna be ahead of tupac biggie emenim >.<

  134. Jhocasio says:

    I have to admit that this list has got significant biases and quite frankly has no basis for legitimacy other than VH1 published. My recommendation for the future is that VH1 should have objective metrics (sales, albums completed, number 1′s, participation at key events, concerts and so on) as well as subjective metrics (such as voting on line, have some of the very nominated artists that are alive rate the top 100, and have musical analysts inputs). If you were to use these, I think you will not get as hammered as you are getting by your viewers.

  135. Trixie says:

    Glaring Omissions:




    • free as a bird says:

      Agreed on all of that!! Also add Woody Guthrie and THERE the list is ten times better… Coldplay is not as good as everyone says they are, all their songs sound the same

  136. Andy says:

    THIS LIST IS BULL s$$t!!!!

  137. tractor boy says:

    Grateful Dead?

  138. Dani says:

    To have Queen at 17 is a travesty. Top 10 for sure and if you take Freddie Mercury separate from the rest of the band he alone would be top 5.

  139. Latino says:

    hott list but i think AALIYAH should of been on there

  140. Troy says:


  141. SHEREE' says:

    I’d say they got it right that The Beatles were number one. If MJ had lived I bet he would not have been ranked as high–sorry to say. During his “strange days” he was ranked as 40th. Think about that! I would have MJ in my top 5 though.

    • Miyamoto says:

      that’s because people now have realized just how much underrated he was and now they’re just putting him in a position that he deserves. Michael Jackson was the only artist that was embraced by everyone of race, creed, religion and culture. He was by far the most far-reaching artist the world has ever seen

      • Lady says:

        exactly as you say.. he was the first black artist popular in all the five continents of the world, and by far the most far-reaching artist the world has ever seen.. during his “strange days”, he was too underrated..

  142. Thewalrus says:

    This article is some wimpy trash. they say all these people that they want on the list but do not say one name they would take off the list.
    Beatles are number and will always be number for so many reasons. Other artists may make just as great of songs but really the beatles revealed so many things that will forever be in history. the effect they had on culture is unmatched. the numbers 2-100 may forever be changing and it doesnt even matter bc The beatles transcend “normal” music.

  143. SUE says:

    Beatles hands down are number one! Their body of work is so friggin amazing it’s unreal! MJ grew as an artist, but NO ONE ever expanded music horizons like the Beatles. Their likes will never be seen again!

  144. ForBrad says:

    Coldplay makes the top 100…but Sublime doesn’t?

    a 3-year old Justin Bieber fan’s musical opinion>Vh1′s

  145. nicooolleeee says:

    this list is completly false.
    it really sux, but i no we all have different oppinions, but still i think we can alll agree that there is something wrong with this list.
    personally i think they shouldnt have had ALL those rock bands, only the really important ones
    also there missing some of the most successful artists of all time like frank sinatra, connie francis, the supremes, the four seasons, and the jackson 5 isnt even on here!
    oh, and i must say i also dont agree with beyonce being higher that whitney, wth?!?!?

  146. MITCH says:

    There’s a reason we always see the Beatles. In-fact, there’s several reasons. When you grow up, you’ll understand.

  147. duncan says:

    really no red hot chilli peppers come on thats terrible!

  148. Katie says:

    We agree the list was poorly chosen. Our top picks (last 50 yrs.) would be:

    *Celine Dion
    *Frank Sinatra
    *Barbara Streisand
    *Diana Ross “baby … baby… ”
    *Ms. Jackson “if your nasty”
    *2 Live Crew
    *2 Short
    *REO Speedwagon
    *Bob Seiger

    BTW who is velvet underground, cream, kinks? ? ? ?

    O! and Clash … top 20? POOR CHOICE!!!!!!

    • free as a bird says:

      The Kinks were one of the best punk bands of all time. Velvet Underground definitely also deserves a spot on this list, they are amazing bands… And Cream is where Eric Clapton started. He is one of the greatest guitar players of all time…

  149. Dancing nancie says:

    What about DMB and The Grateful Dead!!!!!!!

  150. George says:

    Michael Jackson sucks

  151. Ddrhl says:

    Alicia Keys? Really? But not the Grateful Dead?

  152. J says:

    I feel like Lady Gaga deserved to be somewhere on this list. Yeah she’s been out for ~2 years but on her first album alone she had 6 number one singles that stayed there for weeks. Nobody had done that since Micheal Jackson. And currently she has two songs up for the VMA Best Music Video of the Year, something no female artist has EVER done. She definitely shouldn’t be at the top, but she should have been somewhere.

    • Quassime says:


    • Imani says:

      UUUUMMMMMMMM……..SLAP YOURSELF!!LOL, JK!!But seriously, you really gonna compare lady gaga with MICHAEL JACKSON????????????????????????????????WOW, you shouldn’t even be able to say their names together in a sentence!!!lady friggin gaga has NOTHING on MICHAEL JACKSON, HIS SALES WERE MUCH HIGHER than hers and they stayed on the TOP of the charts waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy longer than some wimpy 2 weeks!!!Besides, if ANY Micheal Jackson song were to come out 20 years frm now it would be HOT and in style!!his music is endless!!!but if you played a lady gaga song in just a few years frm now,it would be all old n dryed out!!If she was THAT gr8 why she aint make the list???OH aaaiight!!!LOL, not attacking you jst stating my opinion on you comment!

      • TLOZfreak1570 says:

        AMEN to that brother!

      • free as a bird says:

        Okay now.. Lady Gaga??? Are you screwing with us right now? She does not deserve to be on this list. THAT RIGHT THERE is one of the issues with the list, people are confusing POPULAR with QUALITY MUSIC. Just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they have good music…

    • serisouly. says:

      i totally agree with you. I think the next list that comes around she will be on it..she is a true artist even if people think she is too poppy weird whatever the case may be…she contiues to break records no one woman has done since Madonna.i think she is a brillant artist

  153. Jared B25 says:

    Green Day on the top 100? Coldplay? Really? What a shame.. & Bands like Pearl Jam aren’t even in the top 50, & behind the above mentioned bands? What a shame..

  154. MadFire says:

    Why is 2pac and Biggie ranked so low??

  155. MJdidit says:

    MJ could be #1. But until they come out with a Michael Jackson Rock Band game, I guess not.
    Maybe they shoulda had more under age boys vote.

  156. kim says:

    Where is Styx? Eric Clapton? I also think willie Nelson should be there somewhere.

  157. Jax says:


  158. Steve says:

    Van halen, metallica and Black Sabbath should of been higher on the list. Wheres Ted Nugent. He should of been on the list. He is the Motor city mad man.

    • Mister Cool Dude says:

      I watched parts of the show and was disappointed. OutKast, George Michael and Notorious B.I.G shouldn’t be in the top 250. Michael Jackson #2? Bob Dylan, Madonna, and The Velvet Underground are always way overrated. Neither would make my top 100. And yes I agree Ted Nugent is a serious omission. He is one of the best rock guitarist of the last 50 years. Anyone ever hear The Great White Buffalo and Hibernation from Double Live Gonzo? Also Rush at 75 is a travesty. They have been doing it for over 35 years without all the drama of most rock bands. Other huge omissions are Ozzy and Yes. Finally, I agree with the Beatles at #1, but Paul McCartney in the top 100 is just plain wrong. The Beatles together are great. Sepearate, they sucked. Yoko broke up the band and she is still alive

  159. NathanUT says:

    Um… all this talk of Elvis deserving to be higher on the list is just silly. He didn’t write a single song. This is supposed to be the top ARTISTS of all time, not top performers, or top singers, or top died-on-a-toilet fat guys. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, Elvis was cool & he had a hand in changing the music scene, but his real contribution was to steal great music from other cultures & genres & make it OK for the racist general public to like socially unacceptable “black” music.

    You know there is something wrong with a list that does not include the Pixies. Every musician worth talking to or about who came after them, lists the Pixies near or at the top of their “bands and musicians who’ve inspired/influenced me” list. The Clash was a good band, but in no way did they bridge the gap between punk and pop in the significant & brilliant way the Pixies did.
    Don’t get me started on how ridiculous it is that Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston, and the Beach Boys made it onto this list & the Pixies didn’t. The Beach Boys?! What just flew out the window?! Oh, it’s just credibility.

    At least they got it right with the Velvet Underground & Radiohead. Radiohead should have been WAY closer to the #1 spot though. In fact, as much as I love the Beatles, Radiohead has simply been a better, more consistently brilliant force in the music world. You just can’t get around the truth that the Beatles made some pretty lame songs, particularly when they were first starting out. Radiohead debuted with an album that blew people away & they have put out album after album since that shows their evolution into the future while never losing sight of what they are: a rock band. A brilliant, funny, intelligent kick a$s rock band.

    • Jose kech says:

      i agreed with u

    • Nick says:

      I was with you until you argued the Beach Boys being on the list. Listen to them again (especially Pet Sounds and beyond) and then you’ll see that not having them (or at least Brian Wilson) in the top 10 is a travesty as well.

    • serisouly. says:

      completly agree with you about elvis. he is a great artist but he stole all his music from people who did it before him (esp african americans).

    • free as a bird says:

      Agreed with EVERYTHING. Too true, my friend… Except Radiohead: I agree that they should definitely definitely be on the list, but I think they’re at a good place

  160. steve says:

    No Allman Brothers? Many on this list barely qualify as musicians!! Wayyyyy too much rap.

  161. Stooge says:

    Outkast????? Alicia Keys????? Justin Timberlake?!?!?!?!? OMG! wtf?! Love Sade too, but not top 100 of ALL TIME!

    hands down…

    The Beatles
    Little Richard
    Rolling Stones
    The Who
    Pink Floyd
    The Kinks
    Johnny Cash
    David Bowie

    c’mon people…every music scholar knows this list is retarded.

  162. Yo says:

    ummm, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

    Patsy Cline

    BB King

    Buddy Holly

    geez people

  163. RPM says:

    Prince at # 7 is a joke. He isn’t worthy to be in the top 100.

  164. Howie says:

    Where are the Allman Brothers??? No Eric Clapton? No Grateful Dead? Traffic? Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? Did Motown not exist? Pearl Jam is 93? I know Little Feat isn’t huge, but I’d put them in there over half this tripe.

  165. Shane says:

    Tom Effin’ Waits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VH1 Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Kristen says:

    where in the world is buddy holly?!
    this hurts…

  167. Ashley says:

    No motley crue or Ozzy.
    Are you kidding me.
    How can the Prince of Darkness not even be on here!
    and Everyone knows and LOVES Girls girls girls
    so motley crue definitely should be on there!

  168. wyatt says:

    lady gaga should’ve been on this list:/

  169. Fuller says:

    1.) Why are there so many rock bands on here?? This list needs to be renamed as “The Greatest Rock Bands of All Time”

    2.) Why the HECK is Justin Timberlake on this list. SMH

    3.) Why isn’t the greatest voice to ever live (Ella Fitzgerald) on here???

    This list is an UTTER FAIL!!!

  170. Paul Simon says:

    How am I not on the list at all?

  171. lynnieloo95 says:

    WTF? Are you serious? Why the hell is Justin Timberlake and Beyonce and Eminem and other crap above Green Day!! Seriously, whoever made this list has no taste in music. They could have at least made the top 50.

  172. The Cat Burglar says:

    How could you not have these on your list…

    #6 John Cougar Mellancamp
    #5 The Supremes
    #4 Red Hot Chili Peppers
    #3 Bon Jovi
    #2 Eric Clapton
    #1 The Eagles

    How could you have these on your list…

    #6 Sade
    #5 Mary J
    #4 Depche Mode
    #3 Alicia Keys
    #2 Rush
    #1 George Michael

    How do you have these rated so low…

    #6 The Doors should be around 40
    #5 Bruce should be easy top 10
    #4 Eminem should be top 40
    #3 Lynyrd Skynrd should be top 30
    #2 Pearl Jam should easy be top 50
    #1 Mariah Carey should be close to top 20

    How do you have these rated so high…

    #6 Prince should be around 25
    #5 Queen should be no higher than 30
    #4 MJ Should be around 15 (On the 1998 survey he was ranked 40 and now #2 without any signficant music in between
    #3 The Ramones should be no higher than 90
    #2 Jody Mitchell should be no higher than 90
    #1 TIE Veltvet Undergound and Cheap Trick

  173. mike says:

    any list that does not include ERIC CLAPTON is just unbelievable i am shocked appalled and morified

  174. Dave L says:

    A very flawed list, where’s Eric Clapton, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis (better than Peter Gabriel alone), Allman Brothers, CCR and Sam Cooke. There’s got to be a better way to determine the list. But you did get the Beatles right as #1.

  175. MannyRock says:

    What about Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra

  176. konman says:

    I think pmonk said it best, it’s easier to pick who doesn’t belong than who does. To me, a white male this list semms a little racist, did anyone notice there are no latin artist, no jazz artist, and c’mon Justin Timberlake shouldn’t make the top 500 artist let alone the top 100.

  177. konman says:

    They should rename the list “THE 100 MOST POPULAR ARTIST OF ALL TIME” and not the greatest

  178. Hearts says:

    where is the queen BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Are you serious? For starters name a musician that has been influenced by Brittany Spears? She may have had a media/ pop culture impact but she hasn’t changed the face of music in any way and she’s only written about six songs herself.

  179. Jose kech says:

    radiohead should be among top 5

  180. justine says:

    I agree with what a lot of other people are saying this list is totally fucked. but you can’t expect them to know what they’re doing they are vh1 after all they don’t really care about the music not even mtv does anymore.

    i definitely think michael jackson should have been number one not just because i personally like his music but as other people have said everyone everywhere knows who he is. he has changed the world in numerous different ways good and bad. but i think mostly whether you respond to the music he left behind you have to see that he was just plain talented in every art form he tried.

    i agree too with what another said why weren’t there alot of other types of music on this list. because as far as country garth brooks most definitely should have made the list he’s still one of the biggest artists around country or not as he could drop an album right now and people would buy it.

    my list
    in no exact order [i'm too lazy to order them:P]

    the beatles
    garth brooks
    tina turner [or at least ike and tina]
    the supremes [diana ross]
    the police
    janet jackson
    bob dylan
    smashing pumpkins
    ani difranco [she's not really known main stream but she has a HUGE following under the surface and she's put out more albums than i can count for years she deserves at least a mention ]
    elton john
    jimi hendrix
    the doors
    aretha franklin
    bee gees
    Barbra Streisand
    mariah carey
    whitney houston
    Eurythmics [annie lennox]
    Boyz II Men
    Green Day
    Hikaru Utada [i'm not really a fan of hers but she's huge in japan and the us and i think they should have mentioned someone who's had such a huge crossover success like that]
    Def Leppard
    goo goo dolls
    placebo [another band thats under the radar buts been making amazing music for a long long time]
    john lennon
    stevie wonder
    alicia keys
    neil young
    janis joplin
    miles davis
    the carpenters
    red hot chilli peppers
    no doubt
    gwen stefani
    the clash
    the who
    the white stripes
    david bowie
    the taking heads
    bon jovi
    pearl jam
    george michael
    john mayer
    jack johnson
    kanye west

    just some ideas i like too much music i could go on forever i think the most important thing as to wether or not they end up on some list like this is have they changed how we view things or the way music sounds.

    • phillyphill says:

      haha thats perfect. but they really need some phil collins!

    • free as a bird says:

      bahahahaha blink182 and Boyz II Men and John Mayer and Mariah Carey?? LOL. No way dude. Most of the rest of that is solid though, I can’t believe Miles Davis wasn’t put on. That’s treason… John Coltrane also..

  181. bwallis says:

    No Eagles??? C’mon!

  182. Tammolite says:

    JOURNEY with Steve Perry, that unbelievable voice, at #96? That is an insult!

  183. Sophie says:

    Why is Linda Ronstadt not on this list? She sold millions of records in nearly every genre imaginable, having hits in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. She was arguably the most successful female rocker of my generation.

  184. phillyphill says:

    man i had no idea rage against the machine would be that high!

  185. bob van says:

    f$$k! but who did it? R.Kelly, the guy who wrote You’re not alone for M. jackson, the King of RNB, the father of melody… is not on the list?…

  186. bob van says:

    timberlake is better than R.kelly? Alicia better than R.kelly? Sade is better than R.kelly? outkast? please dont play wit people like this!… ifu aint got job… at least “sleep” even most of Artist on the list know that they didnt do more for the music than “R.kelly” and still doing!

  187. bob van says:

    This is ya list but i tell u that. apart from M.J, if u would invite all your singers for a Show in Africa they will not move people more than “R.Kelly”. none of them i tell u the truth… Im African… ask anyone!

  188. dalona says:

    ok, so phil collins isnt on there? not cool, this list is really gay! no john legend, no lauryn hill? really people, ok then. now im convinced this list sucks balls…thanx a lot VH1

  189. George says:

    Michael Jackson sucks he likes touch little boys and was a drug addict its his own fault he died

  190. used to like music says:

    This list is so bad because they asked a panel of people who are pseudo artists themselves to give their opinions. Some of the people on this list are puppets. The true artists, the ones who write, sing, and produce their own music, were low or left off the list. I am mad I wasted my day watching this.

  191. jeriel says:

    OK, I’m gonna tell all of you whats wrong with this list. Where are Santana, Sinatra, the temptations, B.b King, Diana Ross, Boyz ll Men, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, and Red Hot Chilli Peppars. Take out Sade (who i never heard of until this), Depache Mode, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Steely Dan, and Outkast. Why are Pearl Jam, Mariah Carey, Ray Charles, The Ramones, Billie Joel, Little Richard, The Doors and 2pac so low. Why are jay-z, prince, Beyonce, RATM, and the Talking Heads so high.

    My Top Ten:
    10-Elton John
    9-Black Sabbath
    8-The Velvet Underground
    7-The Who
    6-Elvis Presley
    5-Rolling Stones
    4-Bob Dylan
    3-Michael Jackson
    2-Led Zeppelin
    1-The Beatles

  192. Brill says:

    Seriously, why no Eagles, Allman Brothers Band, Paul Simon,Kenny Rogers and Garth Brooks? The beatles deserve to be #1, Elvis should’ve ranked higher than Prince, Billy Joel and Rush should’ve been top 50 based on their longevity.

  193. Tyrone says:

    I am a hugh M.J fan and the only artists that I wouldn’t have a problem with are the Beatles. Byt no Janet Jackson , Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie? What about Diana Ross and the Supremes, Red Hot Chili Peppers,Chicago or Smokey Robinson. All in all I was disappointed that so many newer acts even broke the top 100 when many other artists paid their dues long before.

  194. George says:


  195. Imani says:

    With all do respect, I feel like Michael Jackson should have been #1!!!I mean, The Beatles were amazing , dont get me wrong but in my opinion they should have came in second place while Michael Jackson took the number one spot!!SERIOUSLY!!!!Who do you think was the better performer??The Beatles had eachother to help entertain the crowds of people but Michael, was alone, selling out arenas!!He had no one to back him up besides the music in the backround!But, HONESTLY, ask yourself who who had the FULL package?Who was THEEEEE MAN??….uuumm MICHAEL JACKSON!!!If you were to ask a 3 yr.old(from ANY part of the world) who Michael Jackson was,I bet you all of my money they would be able to tell you or sing one of songs or have at least heard his name before!!!SORRY, but Michael Jackson was the the NUMBER ONE ARTIST IN THE WORLD AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!DON’T HATE!!!!CONGRADULATE!!LOL!!

  196. Lou says:

    This list was basicly a “Whats cool today” list.

    Where were THE EAGLES? Why did the Doors lose to so many lesser bands? Where was BB King? Frank Sinatra? Bon Jovi? John Mellencamp which has consistently made great albums. Not to mention many foreign non English Language artists that are easily better than many of those listed see Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil…

    Prince in Top 10 was a joke. Radiohead was wayyyyy to far up on the list. The only thing they did right was put The Beatles in #1 and MJ in #2.

  197. Matt says:

    God-awful omissions:
    The Eagles
    The Allman Brothers
    Willie Nelson
    Hank Williams
    The Temptations
    The Pixies
    Eric Clapton
    King Crimson
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    Alice In Chains
    Motley Crue
    The Sex Pistols
    Tom Waits
    DR. DRE

    Problems with Placement:
    Green day 2 higher than Pearl Jam?
    Biggie 6 higher than 2pac (personal opinion…don’t kill me)
    Coldplay being on the list. Period.
    Radiohead being 29 (I love them but 29?)
    AC/DC and Aerosmith being in the top 30 (sorry, but both are VERY overrated in my opinion)
    Sade being 50 (seriously, she’s the only artist I’d never heard of before watching this)
    KISS being on the list. Period.
    Metallica and Van Halen being lower than Aerosmith and AC/DC
    Jay-Z is in the top 50 (he’s pretty good, but seriously?)
    Beyonce being so high on the list
    Aretha Franklin and Chuck Berry not being in the top 20
    George Michaels!? WTF!?
    *Raises Hate-shield*
    Michael Jackson being 2. I mean seriosuly people, do you HONESTLY think that he’s better than U2, Queen, Nirvana, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Chuck Berry, Elvis, HENDRIX, BOWIE, THE STONES, LED ZEPPELIN, AND BOB DYLAN!? Dear god people, let’s face it, if he was alive he’d only be 30 or 40 on the list. That’s all I’m gonna say.

    Pleasant Surprises:
    The Grateful Dead were nowhere to be found
    Outkast making the list
    RATM (my favorite artist) being 48
    Peter Gabriel making the list
    Bon Jovie were nowhere to be found
    Judas Preist making the list (where’s Maiden though?)
    Beastie Boys making the list
    Eminem making the list (even if he’s only 79)
    Black Sabbath made the top 40
    The Clash made 22!
    David Bowie made 12! F$$$$$g A!

    • lil'vina says:

      you may not think michael was better but even before he died he would’ve been on top. where are these people getting their facts from?

  198. Matt says:

    Oh and one more pleasent surprise: Cheap Trick. So much better than KISS

    P.S. To KISS fans: It’s not that I hate them, but the top 100 is a bit of a stretch

  199. Miki L says:

    @Imani I agree with you about MJ. The Beatles touched many in the UK and the USA but MJ touched the world. I don’t remember anyone practicing to dance like the Beatles or wearing jackets and gloves like the Beatles. And to the person that bashed MJ for being a drug addict lots of the people on the list were HEAVY drug addicts and somed died of drug overdoses so why only bash Michael? But I’m the most ticked that Bon Jovi didn’t make the list. They left about half the people off the list that should be there and another half that needs to come off. Half the people on there were one hit wonders or had a few hits. But seriously, no Bon Jovi? no Eagles? No Rick James? Heck, what about Teena Marie? I know you can’t please everybody and people will have their own opinions because some folks list I still don’t agree with. But for folks who paved the way and put in years and years and who changed music and challenged it’s listeners, who are considered legends in the industry – they DESERVED to be on the list. It seemed more of a popularity contest than anything else (for example: Beyonce if she was not pretty she wouldn’t sell an album – yeah i said it0.

  200. kam says:

    Where the heck is janet jackson….come on people.

  201. kern says:

    even at 12, Bowie is UNDERRATED

  202. Marilyn Cohen says:

    Where is Chuck Berry? He was a huge influence on the Stones and many other artists who followed him.

  203. Tony toon toon says:

    Where is iron maiden?

  204. joey says:

    a lot of these artists deserve to be there but some dont. and the order of the list is all wrong i mean how can velvet revolver be better than guns n roses? and no way in hell is bob dylan number 3 in any category, let alone GREATEST ARTISTS list . and this list doesnt know s$$t about hip hop, eminem deserves better than 79 and nwa (the group not the individuals) werent around for so long to be in there. they should’ve put dr. dre instead and the wutang clan are hands down the greatest hip hop group ever yet nwa are there instead. and the beach boys are definitely not top 20 material and its insulting to say they are better than pink floyd or ray charles. and justin timberlake better than eminem, tupac, alicia keys, and r.e.m? really? that must be a joke. george micheal?? the only thing this list got right was the beatles and mj

  205. ofarevo115 says:

    chuck berry is at 25, a pretty high spot for him all things considered. Bob Dylan was actually number 5 on this list, so youve posted it incorrectly. Also, its a list of the 100 greatest acts, great artists are bound to be left out and people are bound to be upset, thats the way things go when you limit the numbers. Any list like this will make somebody unhappy, this is the way the voting played out, nobody says this list is the end all and the be all. However, i would say overall it is a fairly accurate representation when all things are considered. Obviously they get some things wrong when it comes to the order of the artists, in my opinion Prince should not be anywhere near as high as he is and Cheap Trick shouldnt have even have been considered, but once again, its a list based on opinion, thats what is going to happen. The only real upset is the complete absence of Frank Sinatra.

  206. Monica says:


  207. noblagada says:

    People continue hate on R.Kelly. But he has Prooved, and changed up the music industry.They know no matter what how great he is.Justin timberlake???????????????? pffff

  208. carol says:

    Since this was supposed to be the Greatest Artists of All Time, where are the classical performers? While not the greatest composer, Franz Lizst was supposed to be the rock star of his day. How about Van Cliburn with the best selling classical recording of all time?
    And for the current artists, I would hope to see Muse next time there is a list like this.

  209. Evie says:

    Where is FRANK SINATRA?!

  210. hmac says:

    NO SINATRA?????!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!!

  211. paul m says:

    where is frankie valli and the four seasons

  212. Beth says:

    I’m just gonna come out say it…. Lep Zep should not be third. I like them, and I still think they ranked way above many artists that are way better than they are. Yes, the Beatles are number one. They will always be number one, and rightfully so. Let’s face it, Michael Jackson wouldn’t have ranked so high if he hadn’t died. Yes, his impact on pop culture was huge, but many people didn’t recognize it. Someone earlier said that people just now “get” it and are realizing how amazing he is, but really what’s happening is that people who grew up on his music are remembering why they loved him and teenagers have turned it into some sort of trend. Just the trend factor should limit him from being first in my opinion.

    I would take Velvet Underground, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, and Sade off the list. Coldplay should be moved back (if not removed from the list). And I definitely would have moved the Ramones up. Oh, and I hate to say it…. But, I know why Bob Dylan is in the top five, but I don’t think he should be. I just can’t stand his music, sorry.

    And to everyone who is complaining about how many rock artists are on the list, it’s because up until the past twenty years or so, rock ruled the radio. Also, many of the bands on here I personally wouldn’t classify as rock per se…. There are several punk acts, a few metal acts, a little grunge…. There aren’t too many straight up rock bands.

    Oh, I also would have moved The Cure up. The entire emotive core movement was based off of what The Cure and The Smiths were doing. And so while most bands claiming to be emo and getting radio play really aren’t emo, this generation owes most of its rock music to bands striving to do what they did.

    • Lisa says:

      Eminem deserves to be on this list he littrally changed the rap game and made it more mainstream…he is a talented artist..justin timberlake should not rank before mariah carey im sorry i love justin but i dont think he deserves to be on this list people like Usher deserve to be on the list more than him.

    • free as a bird says:

      Even though I like Dylan, very well said… Coldplay beating The Cure just killed the whole list for me (if Mariah Carey being on it AT ALL didn’t before…). COLDPLAY COPIES THE CURE. SERIOUSLY. Not blatantly of course, but The Cure is wayy more influential than people give them credit for…

    • ashley says:

      i agree 100%

  213. fab says:

    wheres grateful dead and boston. so deserved to be in there

  214. Monica says:

    Uhhhhh, where in the HELL was The Eagles, Temptations, Supremes, Santana, Sam Cooke, Iron Maiden, Patty LaBelle, Smokey, Rick James, Allmann Bros, Muddy Waters, BB King,etc. Who did they let vote, a bunch of morons? No disrespect, but Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Coldplay (god help us) have NO reason on a best of all times list. This is all time greatest not most popular right now.

    • Monica says:

      i couldn’t agree with you more!!! besides sharing a name… i believe we share the same musical taste…. i agree with every single thing you said!

  215. Fred says:

    The panel is kick axe.

    Use it like a reading list and fill-in any gaps yourselves.

  216. PT says:

    Where is Frank Sinatra, Temptations, Rod Stewart/ Elvis should have been #1 or at least #2.

  217. UPTHEIRONS says:

    WHERE IS IRON MAIDEN? Sabbath, Priest, Metallica made it, but not Maiden who keep releasing great albums????

  218. Robert says:

    There were alot of mistakes in this list but they need to replace justin timberlake with wu tang clan and move run dmc to the top 40 at least

  219. Troy says:

    Yeah looking at the people who compiled the list I would have to shake my head at their ignorance. When I look at Great, I look at the number of hit songs the artist has, basically number one albums, number 1 songs. To break it down even further you add the instruments the artist played on those cd, the writing the artist did and the production. There should be criteria’s. Why the hell is beyawncy on the list, I have no idea, but then I constitute that to P-Diddy being one of the one’s who compiled the list that she’s on there. The list should’ve been compiled with all those criteria’s in mind. Sadly, the music industry is so corrupt now that they base their compilations on who they like personally as opposed to who is talented and actually has the gifts to actually write, compose and sing on the cd as well as the production that the artist contributes. We can go all day long about who we like, but the real truth is the talent that an artist has in the coming together of the cd itself. Yes the Beatles, Yes Micheal, Yes Prince, Yes the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin and other “LEGENDS” but beYAWNcy above Earth Wind and Fire, Mariah Carey, and The Bee Gees, there’s something very not right about this list. I won’t be tuning in.

  220. Tina says:

    I am in shock! I watched this show with anticipation to see Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Sam Cooke make this list. And not one single latin artist…not even Celia Cruz? What about Smokey, the Temptations, and Billie Holiday?? And Elvis should have been in the top 2, (my opinion, he should have been number one). The panel should have been more of a mixture of artists from different genres, differention generations and especially from different ethnic backgrounds. Let’s not forget where the beatles got their inspiration! John Lennon: “It was Elvis who really got me buying records… It was Elvis who got me hooked on beat music. When I heard Heartbreak Hotel, I thought ‘this is it’ and I started to grow sideburns and all that gear…”

  221. laceybellissima says:

    This is nothing more than a popularity contest. Like seriously you don’t have Billie Holiday but you have Beyonce? WTF? And Justin Timberlake??? Dude might as well have Tila Tequila, Justin Bieber, and Ke$ha on there… >_> What a joke…

  222. laceybellissima says:

    Who thinks we should get together and make a real list that’s not some Forbe’s List? Artistry (which this list was supposedly based on) isn’t about who was the most popular or sold the most albums. It’s about being skilled at your craft and being original.

  223. sports/music says:

    Who is Velvet underground, cream and kinks? Are u fking kidding me? All these fking rappers shouldn’t even be on this list. And for all you blk folks who think MJ should be at one should keep on dreaming! Elvis got cheated, Frank of course got cheated, Buddy Holly, Nat Kcole…what the fck is PRince doing in the top ten? And where’s EAgles? this list is fcking s$$t. Ah well at least Beatles in number one! :)

  224. Barbie Doll says:

    I figured number 1 and 2 would be between The Beatles and Michael Jackson so I won’t complain about it too much. I am disappointed that they didn’t have The Temptations, The Supremes (they are the beginning of the girl groups), George Strait, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Smokey Robinson, and several artists that everyone else has named that wasn’t listed. I have one more person to add to the list: Donny Hathaway. So many male artist (black and white) have named him along with Sam Cooke that have influenced them. The need to redo the list.

  225. RixSixPix says:

    Where in the hell are:

    Eagles (one of the top 5 bands of the 70s)
    Grateful Dead (one of the top 10 concert grossers ever)
    Smokey Robinson (or Temptations, or Supremes, or Four Tops…where the hell is MOTOWN other than this RAP CRAP)
    Rod Stewart
    James Taylor
    Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

    I could to on and on but I’m too pissed off. Who were the voters, thse thirty-something Hip Hoppers? Puhleeeze. Waaaay too many Hip Hop/Rappers on this list. Obviously a represenation of who was voting.

    Who are these people to be deserving of Top 100 of ALL FREAKING TIME??? Depeche Mode (Really?), Alicia Keys (Really>), Outkast (Really?), Cold Play (are you shitting me?, what did they have ONE hit?), NWA (I’ve never heard of these people and based on the song clips…I thank God I havnen’t).

    I know there is bound to be some disagreement, but this list was voted on by a bunch of losers and too many one-hit wonders.

  226. RixSixPix says:

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t let this go…

    A list with Beyonce but no Paul Simon (one of the best songwriters of all time)?

    And I’m sorry, but artists like Bob Marley (always an over-rated but sentimental favorite for the black community), The Clash, Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, Radio Head, Nirvana…all rated way too high.

    And these shouldn’t be on at all:

    NWA, Mary J. Blige, Parliament who-ever-the-f$$k-they-are, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, JayZ, Judas Priest, The Cure, Tupac Shakur, Sade, and many more.

    Why don’t you get a list from people that know what they hell they’re talking about?

    • Lisa says:

      wow all the people you stated completly changed music in one way or the other. you obviously know nothing about good music. RAGE? Judas Priest?(they pretty much invented heavy metal music) Tupac was one of the greatest rappers of all time.

    • free as a bird says:

      Bob Marley isn’t really overrated, dude…

      Tupac was very influential, and so are The Cure. They deserve to be in the top 100

  227. Emily says:

    MJ SHOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER 1 ! He’s The King Of Pop ! The Beatles Are Good , BUT MJ IS SO MUCH BETTER !

  228. downtoearth says:

    this list is way biased.top 8 should be:
    1.Justin Bieber
    2Michael Jackson
    4.Bob Marley
    5. Stevie Wonder
    6.James Brown
    7. Elvis Presley

    • serisouly. says:

      JUSTIN FUCKIN BIEBER? what are you 12? he has no talent at all and will be yesterdays news in about 15 minutes. you are a fool for even mentioning his name with these greats he has brought nothing to the music game…AT ALL.

  229. PrimusSUCKS says:

    Where the hell is Primus?
    Primus are fuckin AMAZING!!!!

  230. ThePYT1 says:

    first of all MICHAEL JACKSON needs to be #1. PERIOD. End of STORY!
    The Beatles should be #2
    and ELVIS should be #3.
    Mariah Carey needs to be much higher, she’s the Queen of R&B as far as im concerned!
    Beyonce? She needs to be muchhh lower on this list!
    The woman is a complete LEGEND & ICON!
    She should be in the Top 5!
    THIS IS B.S!
    VH1 YOU s$$k! WHERE’S JANET JACKSON ON THIS LIST!!!!!!! ???????

    • Lisa says:

      Beyonce gets her influence from Janet and so does every R&B female artist today and Janet isnt even on the list…a damn shame.

  231. Dwill says:

    No Sinatra? Temptations anyone? I suggest to vh1 that before they do another one of these “greatest” list, they poll regular people and not these so-called music “experts”.

  232. Lisa says:

    Wait where is the red hot chilli peppers? How can Justin Timberlake be on this list and not the Red Hot Chilli peppers?!?!?!? this is a insult!

  233. Dennis Todic says:

    No Rod Stewart, Temptations, Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Simon and Garfunkel, cars etc. This is a disaster.I see too many artist that had very few big hits.

  234. sammelicious_heha says:


  235. Jim says:

    Some of this is ok…Top ten about right though I might change the order…Beatles, Elvis, Dylan, Stones, MJ would be top 5 if I were compiling it…might have moved up the Beach Boys and Nirvana…

    Some of the stuff down the list is head scratching though…chalk it up to younger artists really into their genre I suppose. I give them credit for recognizing Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash etc…

    Three glaring omissions in my book…Sinatra, Clapton (I know Cream is on there, but Clapton should be on the list for his solo career), and George Harrison as a solo artist…best post Beatles album of the four (All Things Must Pass)

  236. sammelicious_heha says:

    i know icp isnt well known but they should also be on the list and slipknot!!!!!

  237. pmonk says:

    I’m guessing Justin Timberlake is on the list because he is the only survivor of the boy-band generation and has been a major influence in the industry since be began to release solo albums and that is the only reasons I can think of off hand.

    Don’t get me wrong if I was making a top 100 list he wouldn’t be on there but I don’t exactly find it mind blowing for him to appear on the list of someone else.

    However I have no idea why coldplay is on this list if anyone can offer some suggestions toss them out there cause I can’t think of any.

  238. Brenda says:

    This list is heavy on rock, rap and R@B artists. There are many other genres like Jazz, Latin, Country, Motown etc. that have completely been left off this list or very poorly represented. VH1 would have done better to have regular folk vote on their top 100 artists and it would have provided a more representative list of who regular people think are really great artists.

    LL Cool J – you have got to be kidding me. What has he done for the music industry that will be remembered 20 years from now? Is he better than artists like Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Janet Jackson, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Carlos Santanna, Eric Clapton etc.?

  239. free as a bird says:

    Just throwing this out there… Nick Drake. He is too little known for the great music he wrote. There needs to be more folk representation on here, Woody Guthrie, etc… Nick Drake’s first album, Five Leaves Left, is absolutely amazing.. Not surprised he wasn’t on here because he’s not popular, but he’s pretty amazing

  240. CDB says:

    They left off The Eagles,The Red Hot Chili Peppers,Frank Zappa,The Smashing Pumpkins,The Smiths,311,James Taylor,Carole King,Dave Matthews Band,Dire Straights,Billy Joel,Willie Nelson, Creedence Clearwater Revival,Foo Fighters,Iron Maiden,,Nine Inch Nails,Soundgarden,Peter Frammpton,and Oasis

    The fact that Beyonce and Sade are even on here is absurd.

    • free as a bird says:

      disagree with: peter frampton, 311, foo fighters, soundgarden, oasis. Billy joel is on the list though, thank god…

  241. Adamwalk says:

    No Temptations, Diana Ross, Muddy Waters, or Luther Vandross. What about Sinatra or Miles Davis? I believe like all of VH1′s list this one is seriously flawed.

  242. Travis says:

    I can’t beleive coldplay and rage against machine ranked higher then green day. They shouldn’t even be on it. Green day should have been top 50 atleast.

  243. ushouldknow says:

    what MJ at number two people in Africa in a hut know who Michael Jackson is he sold more records than any other artist ever has changed they way videos are made are you crazy VH1. The Beach Boys stole Chuck Berry’s music and you put them on the list and leave him off he made them!!!If artists pick this list they had to be a little jealous and stupid MJ my 6 year old is downloading MJ how many are doing the Beatles?

  244. ushouldknow says:

    what MJ at number two people in Africa in a hut know who Michael Jackson is he sold more records than any other artist ever he changed they way videos are made are you crazy VH1. The Beach Boys stole Chuck Berry’s music and you put them on the list and leave him off he made them If artists pick this list they had to be a little jealous and stupid my 6 year old is downloading MJ how many are doing the Beatles?

  245. Dave says:

    @Lisa yu so retarted go s$$k your Dads’ di*k b$$$h…R.kelly is the most successful male r&b act,he got everything in the r&b genre of music.Tell me,who can be ranked better than him other than michael jackson in the music business…

    • lisa says:

      yeah a man raping and pissing on a 13 year old girl and recording it on video is pretty influential. grow up. everything he did has been done before by other greats like ray charles, chuck berry and Al green. go do some research.

  246. tom says:

    Green day number 91 thats a mistake this list is bull they are the greatest punk-rock band of all tim should be at least top 30

  247. Brenna says:

    As long as the Beatles are #1, I’m happy. Though I don’t see Traffic on that list, or the Eagles. Why not?

  248. steady says:

    I don’t dispute the top 20 or so, I may have them in a different order but they are all great. BUT as so many have mentioned no Frank, Yes, James Taylor, Iron Maiden, Greatful Dead, Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young), Traffic, even Cher is more deserving than many. And nothing against their contributions but should not make the list. Like Coldplay, Radiohead, Beyonce, Rage Against the Machine (I am huge fan of by the way but they don’t make this list), Sade (are you kidding me). And some are just to high, the Clash at 22, Tina Turner 34, Iggy 57 (where’s Alice Cooper)and why is Rush only at 75. And don’t forget about all of the counrty greats, I’m not big fan but Hank Williams is far greater than Sade.

  249. moe says:

    im sick & tired of people saying the beatles & elvis are more talented then michael jackson..michael set the whole world on fire with his music,in every corner of the world..the music industry is controlled by white haters who dont wanna accept that michael jackson is the greatest singer song writer entertainer dancer of all times,simply the whole pakage…elvis never wrote his songs he was just a preformer thats it…beatles were 4 people..u wanna put 4 people 4 against one which is mj comm’on now…mj sold out 50 shows in less than 1 hour..trust me he couldve added 50 more shows and still sold out…thriller sold over 110 million copies,they say mj sold oly 750 million liers liers he sold wayyy more than that..stop lieing ang give the man credit for his humungessss influence on music….those haters were mad with mj cause he bought the beatles catalog they didnt & couldnt accept the fact that a black singer is bigger than the beatles the boy band loool….mj is the king of this whole music industry…they wouldnt be shows like mtv , vh1 if it wasnt for mj’s music & videos….mj king face it haters face it…by the way im white

    • free as a bird says:

      haha no… Michael Jackson and the music industry would NOT be the same if the Beatles hadn’t existed. That’s just a true statement that people seem to forget. Have you heard the term Beatlemania? That’s really all you need to know. It should have absolutely NOTHING to do with him being black, it just has to do with quality of music. And the Beatles deserve #1 most definitely and always.

  250. moe says:

    im sick & tired of people saying the beatles & elvis are more talented then michael jackson..michael set the whole world on fire with his music,in every corner of the world..the music industry is controlled by white haters who dont wanna accept that michael jackson is the greatest singer song writer entertainer dancer of all times,simply the whole pakage…elvis never wrote his songs he was just a preformer thats it…beatles were 4 people..u wanna put 4 people 4 against one which is mj comm’on now…mj sold out 50 shows in less than 1 hour..trust me he couldve added 50 more shows and still sold out…thriller sold over 110 million copies,they say mj sold oly 750 million liers liers he sold wayyy more than that..stop lieing ang give the man credit for his humungessss influence on music….those haters were mad with mj cause he bought the beatles catalog they didnt & couldnt accept the fact that a black singer is bigger than the beatles the boy band loool….mj is the king of this whole music industry…they wouldnt be shows like mtv , vh1 if it wasnt for mj’s music & videos….mj king face it haters face it…by the way im white

    • Emma Shear says:

      Hi Moe,

      I agree with you and really took to reading your words and felt your passion for Michael Jackson – who is truly is King. Sometimes people have different opinions but I dont think anyone can really question MJ’s undoubted influence on music as a whole, let alone for the so many individual artists who are obviously inspired by him. It’s even apparent in artists who sing in different genres. Take Kelly Erez for example, she’s starting to make a name for herself singing R&B Soul and even she has said in interviews that Michael has greatly influenced. Music has nothing to do with colour and should be embraced by everyone for what it is.

  251. moe says:

    beatles shouldve been # 10…elvis # 20…bob dylyn # 25..i think the rolling stones r wayyyy better band then beatles…stones # 3…frank sinatra # 2 .. michael jackson # 1..if you would to do a list & have the whole world vote whos nummber one i promiss you michael jackson whouldve been at that top spot..yeaa nummber one..face it..no one knows the beatles in africa lool..only in white america.

  252. laker327 says:

    @moe- you are completely wrong ! Michael jackson was extremely talented no lie about that, but to say he was better than the bettles is a joke, I also think that nirvana is better than MJ their album sold more copies than MJs thriller!
    I also think that Blink 182 should be on this list its really disappointing that they aren’t

    • sb says:

      @laker327 you really need to rethink what you wrote. Micheal Jackson was sucessful way before thriller. He’s had hit records since he was 10. Nirvanna came out when the early 90′s? His body of work, his influence is far greater than Nirvanna. I liked Cobain too. Micheal Jackson has transcends race and age.You have children’s child that will be listening to micheal jackson.My kids 3, and 6 are big michael jackson fans. And you can say who’d better based on album sales..Thriller broke so many records and MJ broke a lot of barriers.. To say who better is one’s opionion, I like the beatles..They were the best band hands down, my kids like the beatles too.. It’s like comparing apples to oranges…If you put together the beatles and Nirvanna’s catalouge together it will not hold up to MJ’s body of work…

  253. moeisanidiot says:

    The Beatles, Elvis, and all of those (far and away better)artists that were around before MJ could s$$t it a toilet were outlawed. This is because of how progressive they’re stuff was. Elvis was the king and MJ is a queen. The Beatles were so revolutionary that they sold more copies of they’re record one year that the number surpassed the copies of bibles sold. The Beatles, Stones, and Dylan have been banned from places around the world because of how they’re music may be interpreted and how political action may result. The only place Michael Jackson was ever restricted from was Kids R Us. Frank Sinatra ran the world basically. I will say that I like the Stones better than the Beatles, but neither one is better than the other. Learn about music first buddy before you make yourself seem unintelligent. And by the way how is Billy Joel not in the top 25, but Prince is in the top 10?

  254. moeisanidiot says:

    and also, if MJ was that good, how come he had to buy Beatles songs to make all of his real money. LaToya and Tito can thank MJ for that paycheck

  255. sg33 says:

    I think this list is just a case of when you were born. I agree Mj should be number. It however has nothing to do with race. It’s about time and place. The bigger travesty is Green Day at 93. Are you kidding me?

  256. Alex says:

    c’mon, you know that once you heard the title “100 greatest artists ever” that vh1 was going to take the cliche route and put the Beatles at the top. The Beatles are a great band, don’t get me wrong, but these lists that vh1 churns out are all the same to me. It’s also weird that Sinatra didn’t make the list. I’ll admit that I’m young and haven’t heard much of his stuff, but a lot of the people’s ballots that they showed their top fives had Sinatra in there at least once every one or two artists. Probably didn’t get on there because of the hip hop/rap voters though which is kinda stupid, but no one will care because next people will complain after they show this list 24/7 for the next couple of weeks (you know they will).

  257. SleazyPMartini says:

    Are these people serious? It’s a crime that Gwar is not on this list. Also, Greenday is not the greatest punk band ever. In fact, they’re barely a punk band. R. Kelly is a rotten fellon. The Beach Boys played surf music. They didn’t steal that from Chuck Berry. And I hate the Eagles. It makes me so happy they were excluded. In closing… Long live Balzac the Jaws of death, and my wife wants to know why Styx didn’t make the list.

  258. ningirl says:

    Justin Timberlake is on the list but not Nine Inch Nails??? That is bull****. I like Alicia Keys but she should not be on a countdown like this yet. Also if putting Justin Timberlake on the list, what about Britney Spears or better yet Christina Aguilera?

  259. moe says:

    your mom is an idiot you white trash full of s$$t…first of all nirvana didnt sell more than thriller dummb a$s idiot..thriller is the biggest selling albume of all time..mj was more successfull than eny other artist & group..you dont like the fact that he out sold the beatles & elvis why ? why dont u wanna face it & addmit he was bigger than both of them combined..i repeat if they would to have a poll or list for the world to vote who was the greatest artist of all times trust me u idiot michael jackson will be # 1…the man was amazing even paul.m from the beatles admitted he was huge & talented..by the way if it wasnt for michael jackson say say say wouldnt be a # 1..paul used michaels power & talent to reach # 1 again in 83 lol..mchael wrote we are the world that song has become an anthem & raised millions for africa that how huge michael jackson was..beatles r only known for white people white racest people who dont wanna face the truth that a black man out sold their beatles & elvis…michael is the one & only king…elvis stole from black artist so did the beatles…go learn about music first u idiot then come & talk…your beatles were boring..their music is lame…never heard one beatle song in a club lol..but when that dj puts that billie jean on whooo the club goes crazyyyyyyyy…thats how hot his music still sounds up to this day..michael sold 37 million copies extra since he passed should i say more hahaaa

    • ningirl says:

      Michael admired the Beatles, damn him and the Jackson 5 even covered one of the Beatles songs!!! I love both Michael Jackson and the Beatles, but I would choose the Beatles over Michael any day, their music has lasted for close to 40 years now and still inspire many people. This is from somebody who is half black, and no I am not half white either……

      • sb says:

        UMMMMM Micheal’s music has lated for 40 years too…Did you forget about him and his 4 brothers? The Jackson 5???? They came out in 1969…..Everyone covered the beatles songs, they had great songs….

    • sb says:

      much love to you moe!!!!!!!!

  260. moe says:

    oh by the way the moment u mentioned billy joel i knew u got no tast in music what so ever loooooooooooool billy joel oh man shutt up..dont u ever say that infront of eny body looool

    • free as a bird says:

      Oh my god this just proves how little you know of music… Billy Joel is one of the greatest artists, you can’t dispute that. He is influential and genius and he deserves to be on the list 100%. Also, if the Beatle’s songs were on iTunes, I GUARANTEE that they would outsell Michael Jackson. That’s just truth right there dude.

    • sb says:

      Nah Billy Joel is one of the greats..You can’t front Billy Joel moe…He had some hot songs….Long Island Stand Up..

  261. Erniepie says:

    Whattttt no Morrisey!

  262. chris says:

    Elvis – Does’nt have any new fans, this generation has forgotten him, I don’t know anyone under 40 who rates him! in 30 years he will be forgotten! actually he is forgotten loool

    The Beatles – Again they are losing appeal, their generation will be gone soon, both Beatles & Elvis have inspired very little of this generations artists, proof they will fade out..look at the music industry you can see michael jacksons influence every where..i mean every where yeaa..michael jackson is the most successfull artist stated by guiness book of world records..if you dont believe me check it out..plus artist of the mellenium & artist of the century & the youngest artist ever to recieve the grammy legend award at 33…this man surpassed the beatles & elvis a long loooong time ago..sorry but the truth hurts…i can tell loool

    • sb says:

      Nah I don’t think the beatles are losing their appeal…My kids are 3 and 6 and they like the beatles.. I think as the music is used in commercials and movies they will still be relevant. I like the beatles and im 40. But MJ is still the s&*t!!! They have Mj/prince parties where i live 2-3 times a year and they are always off the chain…

    • Anthony says:

      The Beatles: 1 Billion records sold
      MJ: 750 Million records sold
      Get your facts straight. No one will ever surpass The Beatles.

  263. justice says:

    How’s Bob Dylan and The Beatles bigger then Michael Jackson? on tv mj ranked # 2..why is he # 3 here????hmmm

    Sorry but this is a classic example of what we call His-story not history…this is WHITE PEOPLE’S list of 100 greatest artist…and clearly shows the differences between whites and what they value and the rest of us…Michael Jackson transcended race, none of the artists ahead of him can say the same…that alone makes him the greatest ever…majority of people not of the white race cant tell you a thing about Bob Dylan and know or care very little about the Beatles…Michael Jackon’s music, story, life connected with everyone regardless of race or creed…he was colorless to us and affected more people then did any of his peers black or white.

    Fuckery…fuckery fuckery…unacceptable, f*** VH1

  264. justice says:

    this is some homo s***..throw the beatles in asia,south america or africa and see if anybody can recognize them,michael jackson number 2 thats a joke,,give me a break,jackson’s music is timeless and the beatles music is old as f***..wake up people stop missleading us..enough already…f$$k dis s$$t

  265. coolflex says:

    What??? What type of f*uckin list is this? The Beatles or Bob Dylan over Michael Jackson?? F*ck outta here with that BULLSH*T!!Who the f*** is Bob Dylan??? Bob Dylan?? I’ve been seeing Michael Jackson on TV and hearing a million of his songs played on different genres of radio since I was born and they got Bob Dylan & The Beatles before Michael? Nah, Michael Jackson is #1 all day!! Then, #2 maybe a Elvis or Beatles. #3 could be either The Rolling Stones or James Brown or maybe even Jimi Hendrix!! They need to stop letting these dumb a$s motherf*ckas form these lists, for real!!

  266. clark says:

    Where is Christina Aguilera on this list..This is so freak!!

    • Caroline Adams says:

      Hey Clark,

      Chrtistina should be on here!!! What a voice…the way she has developed as an artist is breathtaking. She just does her own thing and stays strong. I would personally add Kelly Erez to this list..although she’s still evolving, I’d love to see her up there!!

  267. Daniel says:

    @Sleazy watch your mouth boi! you call r.kelly a “rotten fellon” go listen to his latest single “when a woman loves”,”fireworks”,”victory”.The man who sang and composed the anthem song for World Cup 2010,he was so much embraced in Africa.Sleazy go get yourself a job,if you can’t go embrace a transformer FOOL

  268. LJL says:

    I could swear when this aired, Bob Dylan was #5.

    Anyway, I don’t see why people are arguing about this. I don’t entirely agree with this list either, but I’m not being a whiny b$$$h about it.

  269. Piero Messarina says:

    Where’s BB King??? Oasis??? SInatra??? The Sex Pistols??? Roy Orbison??? George Harrison???? Louis Armstrong???? Justin Timberlake made the list?/?? What a joke!!!!!

  270. lini says:

    Michael Jackson should have been #1. Period.

  271. Adesh says:

    The list is fairly accurate but i have to agree that MJ should have been #1 just because of the fact that there are people in the most remote parts of the world who knows Michael Jackson while they haven’t even heard a Beetles song. Although ABBA, Eminem, Journey and AC/DC should have been in the top 20 because these artist defined a generation and i belive that is what being a great artist is all about

  272. Adesh says:

    Oh i forgot that the Bee Gees also should have been in the top 20

  273. andre says:

    na naa man this list is bull shitt,it was made by an old man..beatles again,why why do they pick beatles on & on why????the truth is michael jackson is the one who really deserves the nummber 1 spot period…go hear an mj song & a beatles song common yoww com on..go watch a mj vedio this guy was so freakin talented on every level..listin to billie jean dammmn that song still sounds fuckin hotttt as if it barely came out today,thats not an easy thing to do man,no one writes or preforms a song like michael jackson,the best,no one can do what michael jackson does on stage…this guy is huge world wide..even after his death..im 19 none of my friends know or heard or recognise eny beatle song..or a dylyn lol..who the f$$k is bob dylyn lool….our generation only recognise only one king..michael jackson

  274. andre says:

    oh i read the other day michael was so huge that he baught the beatles & elvis songs looool dammmmmnn never knew this till recently..no wonder they tried to lable him as a criminal they wanted the catalog back & he wouldnt sell it…go michaellll hahaaa

  275. Anthony says:

    I’m sick of seeing the completely STUPID comments on how Michael Jackson should be number one. The stupidity of my generation shocks me. Get this through your heads:
    Michael Jackson’s music will NEVER be as influential or as good as The Beatles. While I am a huge MJ fan, to say that Michael is better than The Beatles is an insult to my intelligence.
    EVERYONE knows who The Beatles are. EVERYONE has herd a Beatles song, unless you’re a pretentious prick who only listens to one genre of music. The Beatles changed everything. Politics, fashion, music and the world.
    Let it be known that I’m 17.

    • lewis says:

      lmao @ anthony..hey they’re #1 only in your white suburb not globaly..michael jacksons music reached every single corner on this planet america africa asia europ no one knows the beatles in asia or africa but throw in im not gonna say a song no im gonna say a one michael jackson beat & people will know its michael jackson thats how huge he was & his music touched peoples lifs like no other artist ever done,beatles influence has faded a loooong loong time ago..michael jackson revolotionized music in every aspect…umm i guess they dont let open a radio or watch tv in your suburb area lol you can rightaway see michael jacksons huge influence..he was the biggest most succefull ground beaking amazing artist ever…ever..this whole media is controlled by white old men who dont wanna admit that a black artist over took the music world & had it in the palm oh his hand & out sold the beatles if i was in their shoes i wouldve been mad too looool

    • amanda c. says:

      i agree completely, the beatles are the most world renown band of all time…the is no micheal jackson mania…but their was a beatles mania lol… the beatles brought with them from england a new world of music and love and lifestyle…micheal did not and im 19 and i love the beatles…mj is amazing yes and has fun dance music but the beatles are so much more…deep with meaning and history and stand for something and nothing will ever compare

  276. SPIKEy says:

    How the hell did Mariah Carey get #94 and Beyonce get #52? Mariah Carey was MORE succesful than Beyonce. She has 18 #1 hits! Madonna & Michael Jackson are more popular than Mariah, but yet they haven’t beat Mariah’s record yet! The only artist that did are the Beatles. And Mariah has 175 millions albums sold and 5 grammys! Mariah should at least get Beyonce spot and Beyonce get Mariah’s spot at #94. And why is Jay Z higher than Tupac & Biggie? Jay Z sucks, nobody can’t beat the Rap Legends who are Tupac & Biggie!

    • Bianca says:

      Tupac and Biggie should have been higher than where they were and I thought Mariah should have been too right along with Whitney. Whitney should have been a little further up and wherever she landed Mariah should have been right next to her.

  277. JimBob says:

    MJ was talented, but there can be no question the Beatles should have been #1. Listening to them today it becomes more evident than ever: song after song after song is amazing. And to think they pumped all of it out in only 8 years is astounding. No artist has ever been as prolific as they were during that time. As for the rest of the list, all of the sniping simply proves just how difficult it is to come to a consensus on such things (for example, think MLB All-Star voting). I would have included Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis Costello and John Denver (to name a few), and not some of the artists that made the cut, but that’s based on my taste, not other peoples’.

  278. Adesh says:

    Anthony you’re 17 maybe that’s why you didn’t understand what i meant your youth is clouding your judgment. Michael Jackson is internationally known, hell there may be over 10000 MJ impersonators do you what kind of influence it takes for some to impersonate you on that scale, Billie Jean does sound like it may have been released that goes to show how timeless his music was. As for Anthony and anyone who thinks that MJ should not have been #1 widen you taste in not only music but poetry because you all need to realize what true artistry is.

    • amanda c. says:

      hi adesh, i am nicely debating your comment =) the beatles music is pure poetry in the most raw sence, there completly timeless and im 19 …and can here how their music protested anger and said to the government to let things be free and loving they led the world into the hippie genra lol i mean lead it. they are so beyond timeless i cant explain it with words, mj is so very talented to but to me its fun dance music, the beatles is poetry and true true change… and a world in itself.

    • djbeat says:

      Michael Jackson Crowned King in COTE D’IVOIRE (IVORY COAST) Afrika..look for this title on youtube…and tell me all you michael jackson haters & doubters you really think the beatles can reach people the way mj did commonn now please…feel the power of his influence…beatles in their wildest dreams wont ever have acheaved this..michael was a gloable mega super-star…he created mass mania every where he went till the last day in his life u come and tell me the beatles..look at paul macartny or ringo star loool you wanna convence me they r bigger than mj or can creat this kina exitement..never..they had their days back in the 60′s..this time around they faded no influence what so ever just open the damn radio you;ll see beatles r only played on k.earth 101 loooooooooool

    • amanda c. says:

      lewis i agree …the beates are so great that your speechless…u have no words to describe how amazing they are lol

  279. amanda c. says:

    im sorry to all you children but mj is not the best…it offends me just to here such idiocy lol the bealtes are well…the BEATLES ! nothing can ever compare or will ever compare…they are what brought a new world of lifestyle and music to a generation and has lasted on still..im 19 and have every song of thiers and know a bazzilion other kids my age who love them to, so quit saying their music hasnt lasted, mj is great yes but nothing like the beatles..the beatles will go on forever, mj will to but not in the same way. the beatles are simple … THE MOTHA EFFIN BEATLES YO ! the kings =) the only =)

    • djbeat says:

      the most influential will be the one who reached the most audience the one that is the most copied in every single way fashion,singing,dancing,no beatle will ever reach michael jacksons success ever will eny one come close,if u guys think lady gaga is big now just multiply her success 1000 times & the result= michael jackson..ive lived his golden days this guy seemed out of this planet & u come & tell me the beatles gimme a fuckin break you folks..ima be fair beatle fans look u guys got 4 beatles head to head with 1 michael jackson still michael is #1…beatles the greatest group ok i accept that thats all they r a goup..but when it comes to the greatest artist you get : michael jackson…dont compare a group with one artist…beatles against rolling stones then yea thats fair..though i think the rolling stones r wayy better & creative then the beatles…king of pop 4evaa

  280. amanda c. says:

    i think that bob marley shoulda been up their a little farther like top ten material personaly =)and the doors..long live jim morrison ! and why the hell aint joan jett up there lol ?

  281. djbeat says:

    LED ZEPLIN # 3
    BEATLES #7

  282. ray says:

    The Who should be ahead of MJ. Pete Townshend is a musical genius and the most underrated artist of all time. The Who in their glory(with Keith Moon) were flat out the GREATEST musical act ever. All 4 members were so talented,the only band that could compare is Led Zeppelin. Comparing MJ to the Who or Zep is ridiculous. A naive statement.MJ was good but far from the best.Talent involves playing instruments,also.
    The Who’s Quadrophenia blows away Thriller,Who’s next blows away Thriller,Tommy blows away Thriller.Live at Leeds blows away anything MJ did musical wise live.
    MJ was a talented showman and a dancer. Michael Jackson never had the mind to compete with a Townshend or a Jimmy Page as a songwriter and that is talent. I can’t put down the Beatles so the Who and Zep should be #2 and 3.Nobody could freelance jam like the Who and Zep.So many bands try to copy that sound and few have come close.

  283. Bianca says:

    At first I couldn’t understand why Michael was not number one but then I thought well…he did buy out The Beatles music they said…so they helped inspire him to be as great as he turned out to be as a solo artist. That’s when that made since. I have to admit I would not have known any beatles songs if it wasn’t for Michael so I had to give it to them. I still think Michael is the best though but because he used some of their work and they were so huge in their own right I’ll give them the number one spot.

  284. Bianca says:

    Oh and I thought R. Kelly should have benn on here too.

  285. Bianca says:

    been I mean.

  286. Adesh says:

    amanda c i think that the only reason that you and everyone else like The Beetles is the fact that Rock Band made it a game in 2009 and popularized the band for this generation. Had Sony not released the game none of you may not have even heard a Beetles song

    • amanda c. says:

      adesh…what? i loved the beatles since i was like friekin 5 years old…dont put words in my mouth and say i only like them cuz of rock band…what thats stupidity…get over it…mj will never be as big as the beatles…sry.

  287. Emz says:

    Ridiculously stupid put-together list. I reckon my senile grandparents can come up with a better well-thought out list than this mess of garbage.

    Justin Timberlake? Seriously? Is this list some kind of a joke? No offense Nsync fans, but what did this douchebag bring to the music industry that changed the world? His stupid spaghetti hair?

    I’m just shocked. and disappointed. who in their right mind in VH1 would approve of this list?? It will just create an uproar. Starting with me. It’s VH1! shouldn’t it be a prestigious list? It’s VH1. or maybe they should change the title to:

    VH1 100 Greatest Artists of All Time – randomly selected without thorough research by people who don’t really know about music.

    I used to respect VH1. They’d better do something about this.

  288. anormalguy says:

    Reading through the comments it’s very interesting to look at what people think. There seems to be a MJ camp and a Beatles camp debating what would seem to be the most important thing in the world. Now while the list is “The Greatest Artisit of All Time,” isn’t his just a list of must haves for any collection. Obviously the top is peppered with different genres but it is almost undebatable, as Im sure someone will find a flaw, that the top 20, heck even the entire list, would be the start of a very impressive music collection. I’m reasonably young so it is hard for me to understand the significance of Bob Dylan when he changed Rock and Roll forever. The same would go for comparing many of theses artists. Much of it is comparing apples to oranges. Like many who’ve commented, my quips with the list are centered with the ommission of great artists, but I understand that the list can only be so long and not everyone agrees about the quality of some artists. What I’m getting at is this: why argue over the MJ/Beatles #1 spot at all? Furthermore, it would seem that some of those arguing haven’t listened to the other sides genre of music. Both the Beetles and Michael Jackson have been in my catalog for years and regardless of anyones list they will both be on my top list alongside many of the other names mentioned on VH1′s program.

    On a side note…Why all the hate on this forum? Seems very childish to me.

  289. Traci says:

    First thing i gotta say, Where is Janet Jackson’s name!?! The only reason im even on this page is to see where she ranked. My baby wasnt even on it! Are you kidding!?! She influenced a whole generation of performers. How in the world did Alicia Keys come in last? Who ranked Mariah and Whitney so low? Jay-Z, I love you, but you did not contribute more than Pac, LL, nor Run DMC when it comes to hip hop. Who forgot about Patti labelle, The supremes, Celine Dion, The Temptations, R-Kelly, Lauren Hill, Gladys Knight, and even Frank Sinatra!!! Not to mention there were no country, jazz , or blues singers on the list. I feel that this list was for the most successful artists, not greatest. If they were lookin for the greatest, who mentioned Justin Timberlake!? If they snuck him on, they should’ve threw in Brittany Spears and the spice girls! Cause he aint did nothing groundbreaking! This show was a joke. Glad I didn’t watch it all. Michael Jackson was robbed and so were the REAL fans of music. THank for nothing VH1.

  290. Traci says:

    I also failed to mentioned that Elvis should have been way higher on that list. Should’ve threw him behind J.T.!:) Sorry, but he was just a good lookin thieft. Everything about him was influenced (stolen) by black artists. And you all know it! The beatles were just four average lookin guys with accents who wrote alot of songs. But i still don’t find them groundbreaking. Popular yes, amazing, no. But thats just my 2 cents. Oh, thanks again VH1.

  291. ray says:

    Traci, So Michael Jackson was robbed? Totally ignorant on your part. Do you understand the concept of what MAKES an artist? No you do not because an artist to you is a singer(supremes,Patti,temptations,Celine)Thats why american idol sucks in my opinion.If you think the Beatles were ordinary how is it that they changed music? Yes,they are white and they wrote white sounds as you would call them.Isn’t that something how Elvis’s name gets mentioned and you play the race game.I enjoy most types of music.
    The WHO and LED Zeppelin were the best in music because they wrote and played their songs.Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin was way better as a singer than Michael Jackson. Way more of a singing range. So Michael is a good dancer.Is he better than Frank Astaire? You do not know rock n roll and it shows. Songwriting and instrument playing add to an artist. Did Michael Jackson have that? I like Michael and he was a legend but he can’t compare to the Beatles,Led Zeppelin or the Who.Or the Stones. In the 1960′s the Beatles had a bigger impact than Michael Jackson ever did. In the 1970′s the Who and Led Zeppelin had a bigger impact than Michael Jackson ever did.He had a period with Thriller and that was it.Michael Jackson never changed music like the Beatles, the WHO, or Led Zep.Zeppelin dispised the media and they changed music that incorporated album oriented music as opposed to single songs. Media made Michael Jackson. With the same media the Beatles,Who and Zep would have been that much bigger.WHO are you kidding? It’s a very debatable subject but most people are ignorant when it comes to artists they never heard of. Sort of like I like chocolate ice cream better than vanilla but I never tried vanilla. I still think Smokey Robinsons’The tears of a clown was one of the great songs of all time. Music has no color to me. Why is that not the case with you? Pete Townshend of the Who blows Michael away.Zero comparison when you look at their careers.When Michael can write an album like Quadrophenia I’ll listen and possibly change my mind. Thriller does not cut it. Seriously,there are hundreds of albums better than that one. Michael can dance better and that was it. Michael played pop which is more mainsteam so you do have a greater audience but that does not make you better.If you want amazing music listen to the WHO and LED ZEPPELIN.Never listened to or cared much for VH1 cause I like what I like not what some channel thinks. Thats just my 4 cents. Ray

    • coolflex says:

      f$$k the beatles f$$k elvis f$$k the who?who the hell is the who?..f$$k led zeplin who ever they are..these are big only for white racist folks thats all..no body knows the who in asia africa south america,but they defenitly know michael jackson,hmm why why is that? cause his music,style,singing,dancing,& message is & & was hugggggge humungess more then eny other artist i dont care if u r a beatle a elvis a led zeplin no one can come even close to michael jacksons shoes…people r mad now a day cause it is offecial that michael jackson was the biggest artist that ever lived,hands down…beatle songs r old and annoying they sound so 60′s,michael jacksons music sound so freash & brand new till this day..i never heard eny big star influenced by no beatle or led zeplen or elvis lol elvis loool these days..all you old fashioned people out there wake up michael jackson changed & revolotionized music…you had white ,black,asian, fans screaming fans for michael,beatles only had white freckles girls screaming..so just beat it…i read this on some ones comments here it said:if they would to have a world poll to pick who was the most influencal & greatest artist they would have picked:MICHAEL JACKSON..END OF STORY

      • amanda c. says:

        coolflex your just ignorent and honestly dont know real music…sry..the beatles are the most world wide recognized band…they practicly they brought a new life for everyone with them…mj did not…and if you realy dont know those bands u named of thenn well all you probly liscen to is new age s$$t that is not evin music…so grow up please get edgucated in music and true art. no hard feeling but learn your stuff if your gonna bring it lol

    • Traci says:

      So, Ray, you think im ignorant!?! Shame on you. How dare you try to call me racist? Yes, I am black. But that doesn’t mean I dont appreciate good music and artists who make music other than what you would call “black music”! Not once did I mention anyones race. And to be honest, I dont think to care for much music other than rock! All you do is talk about Led Zeppelin and The Who. Im young i’ll admit it. And I wasnt exposed to all the artists you mentioned which is why I didnt comment on them!! Im not tryin to take anything away from anybody. Those artists were on that list for a reason. Im sure they were amazing. I thought The Who were awesome on the supoerbowl. But Im tired of trying to explain myself to you. Your real problem is that The Who and Led Zepplin came in BEHIND Michael Jackson!!! Life aint fair, get over it!!

    • Bec&Jer says:

      Don’t u mean Fred Astaire?

  292. Cayla says:

    what? they put 3 people from the new millinium on the list: ie alicia keys, beyonce, and justin timberlake and not usher? justin is absolute s$$t in the industry [and i mean offense] justin should not ever be on here. but to not put usher makes no kind of sense at all. yet b and jt somehow got on here but nam one had a diamond album? who do these people who made the list think they are?!

  293. just saying says:

    I was sooooo upset watching the VH1 count down. It was unfair and unjustifiable. I had no clue who could beat Michael Jackson’s record. When they announced the Beatles I could not believe my ears. I am 51 years old and a big music lover. I remember when the Beatles appeared and when Michael Jackson appeared with the J5′s as a 10 year old child, yes a child that entertained millions, a CHILD! That alone is amazing! I have music such as Hall & Oates, Boy George, George Michael, Huey Lewis & the News and more. But never never the Beatles their music did nothing for me or the Black race as a whole. All the Beatles did was sang, jumped around on stage, played and shaked their hair. To be the greatest you have to reach more than just your own race. Michael Jackson was a musicial genius, he changed the music industry forever, but the Beatles did not. Michael has music, dance moves and videos that will never be duplicated, NEVER! Michael entertained people all over the world. Michael had more white fans than black fans because they loved him too. Please dont be jealous that this Black man is the Greatest Entertainer in the world. It’s just Music! Michael is in a class all by himself then there are the rest of the entertainers! It is insulting to say that anyone is bigger than Michael Jackson just as someone would say that Larry Bird is #1 and Michael Jordan is #2. Lets be for real and call a spade a spade. Thanks Moe you are on target!

    • amanda c. says:

      hey just saying…if u knew real music then u would know the beatles music was raceless if u herd the lryics and not automaticly prejudged it cuz thier white…give me a break…its total stupididty to say that mj is better then them…come on…learn and know your music…the beatles are the kings in everything they stood for, they were FOR peACE LOVE AND EQUALITY, they actualy had thier time they came from livepole called bealtemania cuz they instanly grabbed everyone from their pure art and lryics.

  294. just saying says:

    No offence but none of those new artists should have made this list. Their music have not made that big of an impact this soon, what about 5 hits, LoL, not yet, keep working. Where are the Temptations, Jackie Wilson(Mr. Entertainer)and Janet Jackson.

  295. just saying says:

    Ray you are not real! It’s a matter of opinion and unfortunately they said the Beatles over MJ because they had the pen in their hand. I don’t agree with it but it’s a matter of opinion. And by the way its Fred Astaire not Frank (ballroom dancing don’t count LoL!)

  296. Cade says:

    Dave Mathews Band was rob!
    aswell as alanis morissette, and smashing pumpkins

    Usher should be on the list too.

  297. Cade says:

    Also most people seem that they don’t even listen to the Beatles or Bob Dylan or even the who (there pretty good!)

    Mj changed the world with his music. He’s a great dancer and singer,but as poetry goes I think the Beatles got him on it.

    Also checked out Nick Drake great songs from him.

  298. Jane says:

    Mariah Carey is 94?She was artist of the decade in 90s, and is one of the best vocalists/singers ever, who writes own songs(great artistry!?). 18 number ones!HELLO.She belongs next to Whitney and Madonna at least. Where is Celine, Janet, BOn JOvi, Phil Collins..Why this list is ruled by males, rappers and rockers anyway? Theres no women in top ten at all . BAD!!!

  299. BozackLBC says:

    how did these so called experts forget to add a Jazz or Blues artist? hence the word “ARTIST.” Widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Miles Davis should have been included in this list. listen to Kind of Blue and you will forever be a fan of jazz music.

  300. gary says:

    Where is Robin Trower? I’m sorry but with no Robin this list is invalid!

  301. Leo says:

    It is not normal that Beyonce ranked above Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey on the list and why would you leaving out talents like Barbara streisand, Rick James, Etta James, Celine Dion, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, The Temptations and Nat King Cole is just plain ridiculous.

  302. WTF says:

    No Bjork? No Brian Eno? No Massive Attack? Why are the Talking Heads so low?

  303. WTF says:

    More than half of Thriller was written by people other than MJ. Artists who do not write their own music should be disqualified, or at very least docked major points.

    • Leo says:

      That statement is not relevant because is not the writing skill why we come to like an artist is there singing ability…

    • Tim says:

      And MJ wrote 9 out of 11 songs on BAD. Most of the songs on Dangerous, most of the songs on HIStory, wrote or co-wrote all most of the songs on Invincible. MJ has written countless songs. You can’t get better at writing and composing music than Michael!

      Plus not only could he write, he could sing and dance and perform out of anyone’s mind! He is the only artist that does it all and does it all at the best possible level!

      • amanda c. says:

        the bealtes wrote every word to thier music and mj did not…so for that reason mj is number 2…he will not ever compare to the beatles in a million years…sry…the beatles are the kings

        • Matthew says:

          Excuse me you F$$$$$g retarded b$$$h the Beatles were compromised by 4 guys,each one bringing something to the table, that’s no different then the team Michael put around him with Quincy and such. He created the greatest music of all time, he forever changed the way popular music is accepted by the masses. Michael Jackson changed lives, he was the greatest artist to ever walk on this earth. There is no person on this planet who doesn’t know Michael Jackson’s name,he is timeless, the only people in history more popular than him is probably Jesus or Mohamed. Don’t ever disrespect Michael like that, the Beatles were great but when it comes to a full artist, performer, showman, no one was on his level. The fact your such an ignorant F$$$$$g c$$t to think that a person has to be black to love Michael Jackson and call him king is one of the most disrespectful comments I have ever seen and I understand why a mindless b$$$h like you wouldn’t really grasp the realities of life and the greatness that was Michael Jackson. I’m sorry I have to show this kind of anger because Michael was a man of peace, but when I see such utter disregard for truth, I have no choice but to rear my little black head in and point the finger at the pink elephant. You F$$$$$g b$$$h.

        • sb says:

          @ Amnada You really believe that MJ will never compare to the beatles? People are comparing them now.What are you talking about?… Bottom line they both made great music and timeless music.. And the beatles made great music in such a short period of time..Micheal Jackson had hit records since he was 10 all the way into his early 40′s.. How many artists can you name that has made an accomplishment such as that.. My children loves Micheal Jackson and the they love the beatles music who are only 3 and 6..It’s not going to be up to you to say who’s going to be better years from now…The future generations will be the true test and i think i just gave you an example… As long as their music will be re-introduced via radio,internet,tv and movies no one is going to be forgotten i assure you. All you need is love is my daughter’s favorite.. My son loves the jackson’s Can you feel it and MJ’s smooth criminal… The beautiful thing is that they don’t see race or color in music they like what they like… And it just happens to be Micheal and the Beatles..And they don”t make comparissons on who’s better…Take notes…

        • jordan ancrum says:

          beatles used everybody eles songs to make fame and money, mj king

      • sb says:

        i was watching a documentary on him..Do you know he already wrote liberian girl when thriller was out..He mentioned that there were songs that he was working on and that was one of them….He produced centipede for his sister..Mike was a beast when it came to the music..He was like the mad scientist, i would like to have heard him speak about his process on putting a song together.. He did say that his approach to writing was like a fantasy world.. Thriller?? yeah. you’re a vegetable on starting something??? yeah. Very cool it wasn’t just about love and relationships with him…

      • Mason says:

        Absolutely right about everything you said. But I can’t help wonder why he never picked up any instruments.

    • sb says:

      Hound Dog was written by Big Mama Thorton…Jailhouse Rock was written someone else.. I believe Otis Blackwell.. Should Elvis be docked??

    • Mason says:

      Actually Michael Jackson wrote a lot of his music.

  304. russel says:

    You should have compiled two lists, because this list seems more like a favorite list instead of the greatest artists of all times list. Justin Timberlake & Coldplay among others. Be serious over artist such as Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, The Temptations, The Surpremes, Barry White, The Eagles, Pat Benatar, Credence Clearwater Revival, Carlos Santana, Sam Cooke to name just a few, these artist’s musical accomplishments & legacy far outweigh some of the more currents artist to make this list,not to mention most of these artist are in the R&R hall of fame. Hell Britney Spears sold more albums than Timberlake and she did not make your list.

  305. Jimmy says:

    I was a VH1 fan but with top 100 list this bad I can’t handle it. It made me sick to my stomach to see real ARTIST so far down the list with total unknowns, or dam near one hit wonders even making it on the list. How can you even compare the musical talents of a band like Journey to the sorry excuse for a musical artist like LL Cool J, yet he ranks higher? I think his “Mama needs to knock Ya’ll out”! There’s too many true artist to mention not even on the list. Shouldn’t the top 100 go by most hits, or biggest venue, or most top 10 songs, or some actual sign of real talent? This was total b$$$$$$t!

  306. Ellen says:

    I agree that many greats were missing from the list, such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Frank Sinatra. However, in my humble opinion, I definitely feel that Michael Jackson should be number one because he has influenced the entire planet with his talents and transcended race. His accomplishments far outweigh the Beatles and he also did play the piano even if many people do not know that.

  307. DDT says:

    I’ve only scanned all the posts so someone might have pointed this out already. However, a far more serious problem than who got left off and who belongs where is the very title of the list: the 100 greatest artists of *all time*.

    To me, *all time* means since humanity began making music. That was a long time ago, folks. Thousands of years. Even if you wanted to restrict the time frame to when Western classical music is officially said to have begun (with the Baroque period starting in 1600) that’s still more than 400 years ago. Yet no one has complained that Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven are missing. (Interestingly, on one of the segment’s red-carpet interviews, Nicholas Cage was the *only interviewee* to name *any* classical composer as being a “greatest artist of all time,” which to me puts him ahead of every other “expert” VH1 used.) And even then we’re still restricted to Western music.

    No, it’s much more useful to consider this list as being the “100 greatest artists of the *rock era*,” which began roughly in 1955 and runs up to now.

    Let’s face it: VH1 and just about everyone who watches its list shows lacks knowledge of any other musical forms other than rock, pop, and urban, and most everyone I heard on the VH1 series and have read on these comments sections lacks the historical understanding of cause and effect: If the architect of rock music, Chuck Berry, hadn’t laid the foundation of the music, and, more significantly, if the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley, hadn’t transformed rock ‘n’ roll from a rude and possibly transitory aberration into a lasting cultural phenomenon (before he then transcended that categorization to become an American icon), then we wouldn’t be arguing about any of this. But those two are so far back in time that just about anyone under the age of 40 probably considers them to be what’s known as “classical music.”

    Oh, sure, I’ve seen a few posters note, “what about Frank Sinatra? Miles Davis?” Those are valid points because those are two of the biggest artists in jazz history. (And I would argue that Sinatra is the greatest entertainer of the 20th century–yes, even greater than Elvis, the Beatles, and Michael Jackson–but that’s another story.) Guess what? Jazz is elitist and has never never sold anywhere near the order of rock, pop, and urban. No jazz artist is likely to make a VH1 listing.

    Similarly, no blues artist is going to make the list, either–even though blues got added to Berry’s foundation of rock in the 1960s and 1970s, with much of that in turn becoming the seedbed of metal and hard rock of the ’70s, ’80s, and beyond. For example, no one under 40 cares much about 1930s bluesman Robert Johnson even though everyone from the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and Led Zeppelin (of course, Zep just ripped it off without attribution, but that’s another story) covered Johnson at some point (Cream’s “Crossroads” is a Johnson tune), and those artists in turn influenced countless others. Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers covered Johnson–go check the writing credit for “They’re Red Hot” on _BloodSugarSexMagick_. But hardly anyone associated with the “100 greatest artists of all time” is going to know Johnson’s impact, let alone consider him for inclusion.

    Moreover, no one has ever explained what makes an artist one of the greatest. What are the criteria that define “greatness”? Without that, this is all just a great big circle jerk (“hey, they didn’t make the list either!”), with (as someone noted) everyone simply listing their faves, arguing for placement, and ultimately displaying their ignorance.

    I love list shows because it’s always fun to argue about the ranking, and who got excluded, and who shouldn’t be included. But calling this a list of the “greatest artists of all time” is fundamentally flawed from the get-go because it does not extend past the start of the rock era, and without an understanding of the criteria, of what exactly makes any artist “great,” who is selected and in what order they appear is meaningless.

    • amanda c. says:

      i love your point, poeple just dont know music anymore, im one of the biggest beatles fans ever lol but i agree chuck berry laid the foundation for rock, and motzart should be on thier to =) you know music quite well, you are the kinda inteligent type person i like to talk to =) their are to many immature people on here who restrict themselves from real music and just liscen to new age stuff that isnt infact real music. LONG LIVE THE BEATLES

      • DDT says:

        Thanks, Amanda. Just to bring the circle ’round, one of the Beatles’ early hits was “Roll over Beethoven”–a cover of the Chuck Berry song.

        That song, by the way, shows the swaggering arrogance of rock music early on: Chuck is telling Beethoven (and Tchaikovsky) that rock is going to push them aside. Given the narrowness of this VH1 list of the “greatest artists of all time,” it appears that he was right. Not to beat the Chuck Berry horse any further, but when you look at the four biggest 1960s artists whom Berry influenced–the Rolling Stones (who are inconceivable without Berry), the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan–and then look at all the artists whom *they* influenced, Berry’s contribution becomes enormous.

        Now, you probably won’t like this part. Although I never begrudge the Beatles their spot at or near the top of these lists–they are the most important rock group ever; the Lennon-McCartney songwriting team is one of the greatest of the 20th century; and the Beatles’ arrival is topped only by the advent of Elvis Presley–I’ve never liked the Beatles, and I think that as artists they are overrated.

        Yes, they showed progression and innovation all throughout their development, but the end result at all stages of their career was always glossy superficiality: Their songs say things well, but they don’t say a lot. The Beatles were consummate craftsmen (helped enormously by producer George Martin, whom I think doesn’t get nearly enough recognition) but underwhelming artists.

        The dichotomy between Lennon and McCartney illustrates this: Lennon longed to be taken seriously as an artist while McCartney wanted to become an accomplished craftsman, and I think their subsequent solo careers bear this out. And what is the difference between an artist and a craftsman? Simply put, the artist searches for something new to say, while the craftsman searches for a new way to say something that’s been said already.

        • amanda c. says:

          totaly agreed john lennon was the brains and true heart of the beatles in my opinion, paul tho does have alot of heart and passion for music and government matters, but i think the list needed to include more of the real musicians and im quite astonished that frank sinatra wasnt on it . the list i think needed more people to vote on it.

    • glenn irwin says:


    • glenn irwin says:


  308. Muffy says:

    Why is Beyonce above Curtis Mayfield and Mariah? Why is Elvis above Stevie, James, Freddie, and countless other?

  309. R u kidding? says:

    Wut kinda list is this??? No Diana Ross or Janet Jackson…. not Even Patti Labelle n u got Beyonce at 52??? Janet Jackson, Dianna Ross, Whitney Houston, n Maria need 2 be ahead of Beyonce… N Michael Jackson aint #1 I mean come on da Beatles I agree need 2 be in da top 3 but not 1… Michael wuz one person n out did them wit jus 2 albums Thriller n Bad!

  310. amanda c. says:

    if anyone sais micheal jackson is better then the bealtes agian im gonna puke…im sick of this stupidity…like seriusly…the bealtes are the first real musical genius period…they wrote every song themselves, the beatles are true poets and revolutionary for theier time, more then anything ever, i dont thingk micheal should have been number 2 evin…elvis shoulda been..mj shoulda benn like top 5… not mumber 2..and yes mj is good..i will give him credit ok..but not like the bealtes…ever…poeple who actualy know music please back me up…im sick of stupidy…i wanna have a conversation with someone who truly knows and appriciates real music…no more stupidity….the beatles are the one and only kings…period…this is all in good intentions and for the sake of intelligently debating =) no hard feelings

    • djbeat says:

      im the one sick & tired of those four peanutt pummkin pie hair beatles…hey amanda the only one who needs to open her eyes & ears & look around you open a radio watch mtv watch eny video out there or singer you wanna tell m they were influenced with the peanutt heads the beatles common girl…michael jackson is the real true king hands down..eny time ,eny day…you say u have taste listin to eny michael jackson song it sounds soo freash as if it was released today..beatles r old fashioned they have no influence on this era..no beatle song moves you like a michael jackson song..every one wants to be michael jackson today every one wants to dress sing dance like ma man michael jackson,sorry not like the peanutt pummkin pie hair beatles…no ne compares to michael jackson no one,get it already no one..with his music & style he had a huge influence on culture he changed the face of music period…i can count a million michael jackson trade marks from the way he sings,dance moves,or fashion…gimme a break…f$$k outa here…what beatles…mj has been making monster songs fot 45 years…your beatles faded out a long time ago…no one knows no freakin beatle in africa or asia…i bet you a million dollars go eny where in the world even to places who dont even have tvs & radios theyll tell you they know who michael jackson is & just hearing one beat from his songs theyll tell you its michael jackson…if vh1 comes up with a world vote to see whos the greatest trust me babe michael jackson will be nummber one on that list…the guy on vh1 said it was a taugh call..f$$k outta here it wasnt even a taugh call they were the ones with the dammn pen thats all…..dont eny one else try to compare no one to michael jackson no one is even in his leauge…shhh beatles f$$k outta here

      • ryan, go us army ! says:

        how the hell did u come up with peanut pumpkin head, grow the f$$k up, your mad cuz you know a real F$$$$$g band/ arisitry beat micheal jackson. if you honestly knew music you would understand

        • the truth says:

          Michael Jackson is an evergreen gloable mega super star, whose contributions to music and dance changed the world.he was the most awarded artist in music history, With multiple Grammy awards, American Music Awards(most won by an artist), Guinness World Records(more than eny other artist)is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award,not to forget he was picked as artist of the century,plus picked as the artist of the melliniume,he ruled the kingdom of music and remains the most popular & successfull global figure and philanthropist of all time.He was also a notable humanitarian and philanthropist, donating and raising hundreds of millions of dollars for beneficial causes and supporting charities 300 million in tottal..thriller is the best selling albume worldwide over 110 million copies alone..thriller won a record eight grammys. The thriller album topped the Billboard 200 chart for a record 37 weeks and was in the top 10 of the 200 for 80 consecutive weeks..The Bad album spawned seven hit singles in the U.S., five of which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This was a record for most number one Hot 100 singles from any one album,He also wrote the charity single “We Are the World” It became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 30 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief. In 1986, “We Are the World” won four Grammys (one for Jackson for Song of the Year..Time magazine described michael Jackson’s influence as “Star of records, radio, rock video. A one-man rescue team for the music business. A songwriter who sets the beat for a decade. A dancer with the fanciest feet on the street. A singer who cuts across all boundaries of taste and style and color too”.The New York Times wrote that, “in the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else”….he broke a Guinness World Record when 590,000 people attended seven sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium…& In Japan alone, the tour had 14 sellouts and drew 670,000 people…his dangerous,bad,history albums sold over 200 million copies world wide..his total sales are close to 1 billion…he set a record before he died 50 concerts sold out in less than an hour…his death caused websites to slow down & crash TMZ and the Los Angeles Times suffered outages.Google initially believed that the input from millions of people searching for “Michael Jackson” meant that the search engine was under attack. Twitter reported a crash, as did Wikipedia The Wikimedia Foundation reported nearly a million visitors to Jackson’s biography within one hour, probably the most visitors in a one-hour period to any article in Wikipedia’s history..after his death he became the best-selling artist of 2009 in the United States selling over 15 million albums and had sold 45 million albums worldwide in the 12 months…michael Jackson was”an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the skills to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility and loads of sheer star power in other words a genius He was the hottest single phenomenon in the history of music..Billboard has estimated that michael Jackson has generated at least $1 billion in revenue in the year following his death….he was the greatest entertainer that ever lived..

      • sb says:

        There’s Michael Jackon Parties now, year round..You know why? His s$$t is hot…And you never get tired of it.. I never heard of a beatles party..

    • brandon l says:

      get out here with that elvis bull, he is the most stealing artist in history. He is a fake white “little richard” who was around when blacks did not get there just do. As far as MJ, he is just the most complete artist of all time. on another note Marvin Gaye has the best written album of all time in “Whats Going On” and one of the best voices ever, he should be top ten!

  311. john alvarez says:

    Wow. How could Iron Maiden not be on this list? They’re probably the most influential, and respected, and talented band in the Heavy Metal genre. Ask Metallica.

    And what about Dave Mustaine (or Megadeth)? He definitely deserves to be on this list somewhere.

    • craig says:

      Where is Bon Jovi on this list? Are you kidding me? How can they be omitted? I’m tired of them not getting recognition for their impact on rock-n-roll. How many bands are still flourishing in their careers like them? Not many. Jon & Richie like it or not are up there with the likes of Plant & Page and Mick & Keith.

  312. amanda c. says:

    hey DJBEAT…to put this nicely…your an idiot lol…im gonna say right away that your obviusly a child or you would know and understand what and who the beatles were, they brought a whole generation of change and love and aceptance and mj can only wish to bring change the way the beatles did, what did he end up getting known for…child molestation…he is no king sry…he can dance and influenced dance but certainly no king…the beatles led the brittish invasion and carried the amazing sound they had…your obviusly young and like this new age crap we call music and probly black and cant see past the fact the beatles are white…im not racist at all dont get me wrong, but please grow up, your rudeness in your last message was immature and uncalled for…further proving your age and intelligence level…learn you stuff before you bring it darling…thier will never be another beatles….period…sry kid

    • the islander says:

      i agree amanda c. micheal is good but never the impact the beatles had, im about 70, and lived through the beatles invasion and chaos and micheals reing, and the beatles had an unmatched army of lovers and hippies haha with all the political protests for rights and love and freedom and art, we both agree micheal is a good dancer but not a poet like the beatles, and everyone on here needs to quit being so rude, the list was put out so why argue.

    • djbeat says:

      I MAY BE A KID YA AT LEAST IM NOT AN OLD FASHIONED FAT LADY WHOS STILL STUCK IN THE 60′S HAHAA…YOUR BEATLES STOLL FROM BLACK ARTIST…TRUST ME I KNOW ALOT ABOUT MUSIC LOOK AROUND YOU IDIOT RIGHT AWAY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL MICHAEL JACKSONS INFLUENCE…MICHAEL JACKSON WASNT A CRIMINAL..YOUR WHITE FAT RACIST PEOPLE LABLE HIM THAT CAUSE THIS MAN BROKE BEATLES & ELVIS RECORDS BROKE ALL RECORDS…PLUS THEY COULDNT DIEGEST THAT A BLACK ARTIST OWNED THE BEATLES & ELVIS CATALOG..SO THEY STARTED TO COME UP WITH ALL THESE ACCUSATIONS THAT HE HURT A CHILED ..MICHAEL WOULDVE NEVER TOUCHED A CHILD IN A WRONG WAY..HE GAVE AWAY 3OO MILLION TO THE POOR KIDS TO CHARITIES..HES LOVED ALL AROUND THE WORLD IN EVERY CORNER IN THE WORLD…EVEN MTV WANTED TO BAN HIS MUSIC VIDEOS CAUSE THEY KNEW THEY GOT SOMETHING LIKE NO OTHER SOMETHING WAYYY BETTER THAN ENY BEATLE…MICHAELS MUSIC HAS A MESSAGE THAT REACHIS EVERY BODY IN THE WORLD WJITES BLACKS ASIAN YOU NAME IT…I DONT SEE ENY ARTIST THIS TIME AROUNF INFLUENCED BY NO PEANUTTHEAD BEATLE..YOU PEOPLE DONT WANNA SEE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN ARTIST TO BE LABLED AS THE GREATEST…SO WHY DONT YOU GO & MUNSH ON SOME CHIPS & RELAX YA..& RELIVE THE 60′S LOL…NAME ONE MAJOR ARTIST THATS INFLUENCED BY A ELVIS OR BEATLE..NONE..ITS ALL ABOUT THE KING : michael jackson..your kinda people controlls the media in this country..like same way they wanted to force britny spears lame nasty music to our ears..you guys cant mislead us we know whats good ok…have u ever heard a beatle song in a club looool comon now..i go to clubs when that bellie jean hits forget it the whole club exploads im telling you..thats what you call music & a beat…not no she loves me yaa yaa yaa looool what the f$$k is that grandmaa lol boring music garbage i spit on the beatles crack heads…f$$k outta here…now a day we got internet we know the whole truth about what happened with michael jackson & why they wanted to lable him as a crimminal..go studdy michael jackson youll know what im talking about..i grew up with no beatles..michael jacksons music is the soundtrack of every genearation…no one can compare to him …everrrr

      • ryan, go us army ! says:

        lol im 19 and am taking a F$$$$$g class in musical history and art, and one im not racist, im mixed u idoit, i can tell u, argue all u want kid, u wont win or sway me or millions of others…get over yourself and face the fact you dont know crap about music…ill have a degree in it haha get edgucated and bring it, you got nothing haha its strait up factys the beatles are the one and onlys…gah im sick of dumb people…honestly =)and the beatles wrote every song buy the way u idoit..did mj…nope =)

        • jon.d says:

          It would be better to compare Michael Jackson to whatever solo careers came out of the Beatles. The Beatles were a group of four very talented musicians and song writers with average voices at best. As a group they were definitely more influential than the Jackson five, even considering the lower quality of their voices. When you compare Michael Jackson’s solo career to Paul McCartney or John Lennon’s (in my opinion George and Ringo didn’t do anything worth mentioning after the Beatles) there is no contest. MJ’s influence on music and performing will only ever be imitated, never be surpassed.

        • wanda says:

          WAIT JUST A SECOND HERE…am I the only one who sees this?
          can anyone here for once stop and think that we are comparing one man to four men??? 1 genius mind vs. 4 genius minds!! Who do you think would get more votes if we had a band of FOUR MICHAEL JACKSONS and how big would they be compared to the Beatles?? OR to the Beatles fans, lets be a bit more fair and lets compare ONE MJ vs. ONE Paul McCartney or ONE John Lennon, who do you think would win as a bigger music legend? The Beatles were a musical force unlike any BAND before or even after but their voices were not the best, MJ’s voice was much better and as a performer and his worldwide popularity he is higher then anyone far and beyond. Even the Guinness world book of records has him as the most successful entertainer of all time. Furthermore, as we see with more and more of these comparisons all over the web, we are seeing that even with one MJ compared to the four man Beatles is still comparable, what does this say?? nuff said..give michael jackson the credit he diserves…goshh what an ignorent world we live in.

      • Mike says:

        Your f—ing dumb . Mike also raped little boys !! .

        Who did Mike Infuence ?? USHER , Justin Timberlake ,, LOL LOL

        The Beatles stole music from black people ! .. LOL LOL HAHAAHAHA.. Keep getting your information from youtube and the internet you MORON !! . The Beatles influenced GENRES of music. Heavy Metal . Punk , Hard Rock ,

        WAKE UP !! smell the coffee .. you brainwashed MTV loser !

        • lil'vina says:

          umm beatles did steal music from black genres but you must be too young or too stupid to see that. why bring insults when you know michael was and always will be innocent? michael influences white and black. can you say the same for the beatles? plus little richard said it himself the beatles, elvis and rolling stones stole from him. get the fact straight before you sit here and spew out ignorance because you hate the fact a black man was bigger than the beatles. even today he is one of the greatest.

  313. steve herzog says:

    No Tom Waits. Whadda they know.

  314. ryan, go us army ! says:

    toatly aghree with amanda c. and becouse being black or white doesnt matter, i had to comment to that cuz im mixed and that offended me that u asume that your white if u like the beatles, thats stupid

    • jon.d says:

      We can not compare both because both have an enourmus impact into the music industry and as far i know MJ is well know in even the most remote parts on earth and also the beatles were great but they do not do to much performance on stage , they sing and probably a litle dance too but MJ had better voice , a guy who really knows about music knows it also he created style into dancing singing scenarios and also he does not need a team to perform on stage as the beatles did so mccarney lenon or ringo ect by them selft do not have an impact like M J that is why they were a team. but a the end both of them were the greatest

  315. amanda c. says:

    yah… what does race have to do with it ?… lol and im 21… alot of the s$$t he is bringing up is just immature.. the beatles are the only band that will ever have thier impact haha haha just putting mj in the same category makes me laugh honestly.

    • what the hell !!!! says:

      The Beatles wrote better songs than Michael Jackson? LOL LOL LOL! They can’t even touch Michael’s music, his will live on forever and you knwo that. Plus, you can’t dance to Beatles music. You see the difference with a Beatles concert and a Jackson concert is that you felt like you were seeing a life changing event, something to be remembered for life. Whereas with The Beatles you were watching a concert with a group that couldn’t play live! His death certainly made more impact on popular culture than John lennon’s did.

    • @i@ says:

      Beatles more talented than MJ???
      ugh don’t make me laugh.
      MJ is a one man with same talent as beatles but much more greater, he could also F$$$$$g dance,fuckin great hot sets the stage on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Beatles are four gay men band with talent combined together thats all…cant compare a gay band of 4 with one…mj # 1 eny time eny day…f$$k outta here with the beatles

      • Mike says:

        Your stupid . He also raped little boys! The Beatles influenced GENRES of music. Heavy Metal > Punk , Hard Rock,

        who did Mike Influence . Usher ?/ LOL LOL get a clue kid !

        • lil'vina says:

          if you think he did that is stupid. no proof to show he did that so therefore innocent. it’s crazy how fools like to bring up his past but didn’t the beatles say they were bigger than jesus? knowing that would cause some controversy to people who believe in god. michael influenced damn near everyone and you know it. haters love to bring someone down just to make a point. sorry but michael was just as talented as the beatles.

  316. amanda c. says:

    and btw im taking a collage class for music history and music arts, i know my stuff alot more then u…mj is a joke his only influence is dancing…and oh snap the jackson 5 covered a beatle song…and mj bought a beatle cd…thier his inspiration haha dude honestly you crackin me up…you have yet to bring anything to table except for white hate..and im mixed !!! just get over yourself please and honestly learn music and.. its hilarius that u base what is popular by standerds of whats playing in the club lol wow =) keep on going please lol

    • ron says:

      I would say Michael Jackson was the more popular of the two. He broke down barriers of race and age when it comes to music. He was also an innovator like The Beatles. Everyone knows who Michael Jackson was. Even in the most remote parts of the world, I don’t think the same can be said of the Beatles. One important thing MJ has over the Beatles is that he could actually sing. He had a phenomenal voice. Lennon, McCartney and Harrison had below average voices in my opinion. But they wrote some good songs for their time.

    • ray says:

      We must live in two different worlds. How can you say Michael Jackson wasn’t talked about before his death. In 2001, he had a nationally televised concert that drew millions of views. That same year he had a multi-platinum album. Before his death, he sold out a string of concerts, grossing 87 million dollars. In the 2000s, a wealth of artists released covers of his songs on their albums and performed them on televised events. He was very relevant.

      You are also underestimating Jackson’s talents. He was not just an “entertainer.” Michael Jackson was a singer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, and dancer. Lets just look at Thriller. Jackson wrote 4 of the 9 tracks on the album. He also co-produced a number of them as well. Jackson even played the drums on “Beat It.” Quincy Jones was the co-producer of Thriller, with Michael Jackson having a lot of input as well. Jackson wrote the majority of his subsequent albums. And even wrote songs for others. He’s in the Songwriters Hall of Fame for a reason.

      Sure, the moonwalk was not invented by him, but he brought it to the world’s attention because he was such an amazing dancer. Even Jeffery Daniel gives MJ props for his dance skills. Michael Jackson didn’t have Mtv. Mtv wasn’t playing Black artists before Michael Jackson. “Beat It” changed all of that. He opened up the music video doors for Black artists. He made Mtv. Aside from music video, I’m not sure Michael was anymore the film star than the Beatles. They were all over television and made multiple movies. And, maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t see how the internet helped Thriller sell 100 million worldwide. It was released in 1982.

      It doesn’t take any guts to compare Michael Jackson to the Beatles. Michael Jackson probably probably has the largest influence on the last 30 years of R & B/urban pop music. New Edition, Boys to Men, Mariah Carey, Usher, Ginuwine, Britney Spears, Ne-yo, The Dream, Justin Timberlake, R. Kelly, and countless others exhibit his influence. His vocal styling, songwriting, dancing, and wardrobe are only a few examples of his influence on pop. He even has had a huge influence on hip hop music. I guess by calling him an “entertainer” you are saying that he is less of a musician than the Beatles. However, in African-American music, music and dance are equal parts of any performance and Jackson’s skill at both made him the ultimate performing artist.

      Not to disrespect the Beatles, but I think they have had little influence on African-American music. Most Blacks I know from my parents generation, my generation, and the generation after me couldn’t name more than 1 Beatles song. This is not to say that they’re studio and industry innovations aren’t significant. However, their music just has not resonated. I think you are extending their reach a little too far, or, just ignoring an entire segment of popular music.

      In my musical landscape, Michael Jackson has a huge influence and is more than worthy of comparison with the Beatles.

  317. wanda says:

    WAIT JUST A SECOND HERE…am I the only one who sees this?
    can anyone here for once stop and think that we are comparing one man to four men??? 1 genius mind vs. 4 genius minds!! Who do you think would get more votes if we had a band of FOUR MICHAEL JACKSONS and how big would they be compared to the Beatles?? OR to the Beatles fans, lets be a bit more fair and lets compare ONE MJ vs. ONE Paul McCartney or ONE John Lennon, who do you think would win as a bigger music legend? The Beatles were a musical force unlike any BAND before or even after but their voices were not the best, MJ’s voice was much better and as a performer and his worldwide popularity he is higher then anyone far and beyond. Even the Guinness world book of records has him as the most successful entertainer of all time. Furthermore, as we see with more and more of these comparisons all over the web, we are seeing that even with one MJ compared to the four man Beatles is still comparable, what does this say?? nuff said..give michael jackson the credit he diserves…goshh what an ignorent world we live in.

  318. remon says:

    I have to agree and disagree with you not only because I am fan or both the Fab Four, The Beatles and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

    I agree that as pure musicians the Beatles were better but as the most influential and globally popular star of all time it was definitely Michael Jackson and here is why.

    I don’t think that Michael Jackson as a solo artist became who he was because of the Beatles but I do see the influence on the other artists you listed. I see the connection but Michael Jackson would have been Michael Jackson whether or not the Beatles existed. To the Beatles fans that don’t have much knowledge of what MJ accomplished, here are some facts: He recorded the greatest selling record of all time both domestically (he just surpassed the Eagles Greatest Hits in sales) and globally (perhaps Thriller was if not the greatest, of the greatest piece of musical achievements). Four of his other albums are amongst the world’s best selling: Off the Wall, Bad, Dangerous and History, he invented his own dancing style, singing style, his songs and videos influenced and liberated the racial divide between whites and blacks in the 80s which paved the path to greater things, he raised more money to helping the needy more than any other star past present and future, he sold out more concerts than anyone, he was a double inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he won more Grammy’s than any other artist in history, broke more records than any other artist and was the most commercially successful artist of al time according to the Guinness World Records…You also mentioned that MJ didn’t write much of his Music, I think you’re confusing him with Elvis because he was one of the few that actually wrote most of his songs.

    The Beatles were THE Beatles, no other group or band will ever come close to them i repeat group or band, they were all nothing short of musical geniuses who innovated and influenced. However I don’t think they accomplished more than what Michael Jackson did and although they were better musicians as a band they were not better entertainers, more influential or popular than Michael Jackson…so gotta give up for the king of pop michael jackson.

    • DDT says:

      >>I see the connection but Michael Jackson would have been Michael Jackson whether or not the Beatles existed.

      I disagree completely. We are all the sum of our influences, and Michael Jackson is no exception. Jackson studied Diana Ross’s singing style as a boy in the Jackson Five; that “ooh!” he interjected into his vocals is a straight cop from Ross, who used that to add breathiness to all those Supremes hits. As a dancer, Jackson studied Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly (Astaire was merely great but Kelly was phenomenal) as the basis of his dance moves.

      As for the Beatles directly, Jackson covered “Come Together” on _HIStory_, and don’t forget that he had two hit duets with Paul McCartney (“The Girl Is Mine” and “Say Say Say”), not to mention that Jackson bought the publishing rights to the Beatles catalog. Granted, that was probably more of a business decision–one that ended that friendship with McCartney to boot!–but Jackson was hardly unaware of the influence and appeal of the Beatles.

      And that’s really the point here. Every great individual I’ve learned about, whether they’re musicians or writers or scientists or philosophers, readily acknowledges their influences and inspirations because those are what got them to pursue their field in the first place. Too bad their fans don’t understand that.

      As for the awards and such, 16 individual artists have been inducted twice into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, including three of the four Beatles (Harrison, Lennon, McCartney); one of those inductees, Eric Clapton, is the only one to have been inducted three times.

      With respect to Jackson’s being the best-selling musical artist of all time, that one is usually debatable because industry figures are often inflated to favor the artist. However, it appears that both the Beatles and Elvis Presley have sold more than Jackson, which is understandable given that their catalogs have been around for much longer.

      Now, as for Grammys–oh, please! First off, Grammy’s track record is not good. Two infamous examples: In 1964, when the Beatles were conquering the planet, the Grammy for Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Record went to . . . Petula Clark. (You may be excused for not knowing who Petula Clark is–she had her fifteen minutes and disappeared.) In 1988, when Grammy *finally* got around to recognizing hard rock/heavy metal as a popular, commercially successful genre, the award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal Or Instrumental, a category that had *AC/DC* and *Metallica* as nominees, went to . . . Jethro Tull. Tull is a lot of things but metal ain’t one of them.

      As for the claim that Jackson “won more Grammy’s[sic] than any other artist in history,” that is wrong. Sir Georg Solti has won more Grammys (31) than anyone–and I’m sure just about everyone on this board would have to Google “Solti” to know who he was. Jackson has won 15 Grammys, tied for 11th all-time with Michael Brecker and B.B. King–and, again, I doubt anyone here has heard of either one of these brilliant musicians (and B.B. is a major influence on the development of rock music, particularly lead guitar).

      • Grant says:

        You, Sir/Madam are on point. Thank You!!! Thank You!!! We are finally getting somewhere in this discussion. Many times people forget artists from other genres. You have to keep going back farther and farther in time, yet the discussion would still be arbitrary. Every artist in the future cannot escape the influence of the past. There are many factors that play a role in the selection about who the best is. Yet objectively it is virtually almost impossible to reach a general consensus because statistically we wouldn’t be able to come up with a decision that everyone would decently agree on. Then there was probably a lot of good music that were lost to time, lost records, accuracy (good or bad record keeping), environment (location) etc. As a student of music history, I think it would be a good idea to consider as one of the greatest artists the individual or individuals who decided that it would be a great idea to invent a system to record music for preservation (i.e. musical notation). If you can think of another factor or one even better than that then I’m with you. I’m no musical prodigy but I’d bet there was some really good stuff out there even before that period. An easier way to do this would be by decade or century then time period (music or otherwise), then genre etc. But like I said before it gets harder as you take other measuring criteria into consideration. Another way to look at this also is Western influence. We haven’t even touched Eastern music. So discussions like this even though fun or not to discuss or debate does not really accomplish anything but list a group of artist some people like and others don’t. So the only thing to do really is learn about artist we’ve never heard of or listened to and enjoy the music. I’ll say this; as you go back retrospectively, music seemed a lot richer than it is today, and there is no single individual that has heard all the great music of previous eras. This discussion could go on because others could probably add other factors, but I’m having sensory overload thinking about this. And this list is ridiculous. So my overall consensus is that You’ve made many great points and it seems that many if not all of us can agree on one thing, that this list was extremely biased and a very BAD idea.

    • Mike says:

      Dude the Beatles infuenced GENTRES of music. . Metal , Punk , Hard rock . it all started withthe Beatles.

      Mike , was great but Not on the level as the Beattles

  319. sung says:

    i respect every body here & im no racist it has to be said this way cause thats the way it is so here i go: ,It’s Michael Jackson hands down… People only say beatles because they are white. White people in the end tend to support there own race and never true credit where the true credit is deserved….

    It was easy for a good white band like the bealtes to be successful. Do you thin it easy for a black guy?????????????
    A black talented artist, not only has to break through as a artist, but also to break through the 80% white audience. For someone like Micheal Jackson to achieve what he has done, meant he had to be greater than the greatest white artist..

    I spoke to a white guy who works in the media. He said “some people in high societies try to undermine micheal jackson’s influence, so in the hope that their white star like, beatles and elvis will not be over shadowed by him”. He also said why people undermine him, “greatest attracts jealous, which forbids to award a reward that it rightly michael jackson”.

    Last and mostly not least, as he has insider knowledge of musical records, he said that Michael Jackson has out sold the Beatles and Elvis 15 years ago. People in these socities did what want to give michael jackson that ultimate title as the best ever highest selling recording artist, whether is group or solo artist to MJ. In the defence to stop this, elvis and the beatles record companies started inflating there record sales to try to keep jackson at bay. Although, now that unfortunately Michael Jackson is dead, the demand for his records, will force them in time to admit Jackson was the best ever when it comes to record sales and influence. When evlis died, he never attracted as much intention and demand for his material as Jackson. When the beatles died and broke up, nobody became interest in their music. If these artist were so great many kids should be very familair there records, but they are not, or don’t even know who they were..

    4 year kid, know a micheal jackson song when they here it.. MJ music like from thriller, bad, and dagerous album are being playing 15-25 years after there release and sounds better than 95% of artist mucis today… This is why MJ is a Only superstar. MJ was the only star that both young, middle age and old age liked, representing the timely quality and demand for michael Jackson….

  320. sung says:

    @amanda.c…Very immature when some of The Beatles fans like amanda,ryan & islander get so irritated when they realise how much Michael Jackson really has and continues to accomplish that they resort to making low-blow comments about Michael Jackson (who BTW just died!). Not impressive… If you weren’t such an ignorant fool and you knew the details about the child abuse accusations (or otherwise believed in the Justice system!) you would realise that those comments you make about him being a pedophile is as believable as people who say The Beatles were all gay. Here is reality to those who think Michael Jackson cannot be compared to The Beatles, for every stat, every achievement, every award, every record, every song, every performance, every innovation, every album, Michael Jackson has its own to match The Beatles. To list the barriers Michael broke, awards won and records sold it would take a full book and the same goes with The Beatles. THEY ARE INDEED COMPARABLE however they way I see it, at the end what really counts is that it took four to accomplish all that over one…michael jackson the greatest hands down

  321. zak says:

    Michael Jackson is clearly better then the Beatles for one reason he doesnt have a demographic anyone can listen to him. I cant say that about the Beatles a 10 year old black kid doesnt listen to the beatles. Jackson has influenced everyone in the music industry today the beatles werent nearly as good of singers as Jackson and he made his beats through beatboxing CRAZY. Plus he was the best performer on stage ever. None of the beatles deaths got this much attention he’s the KING OF MUSIC period.

  322. dylan says:

    Where are the Eagles… The Eagles have the best selling record of all time and there not on this list?????????

    • ????? says:

      sorry dylan..no they dont..thriller is the best & biggest seller in the u.s.a & in the world..7 of all time..sorry buddyy

    • Dee says:

      I agree…this list looks more lke someones personal favorites. What was the criteria for selection and ranking? Lots of note worthy missing, but no Eagles…gimme a huge break.

  323. Mike C says:

    lets see, who had the biggest selling album in the last decade. was it Michael Jackson?, was Carry Underwood?,No it was The Beatles. 11.5 Million ablums.Thats all record sail no downloads. Michael Jackson had one great album the beatles had many.

    • ????? says:

      hahaa little that u know buddy..michael only had one great alcomments…off the wall sold 26 million..thriller sold over 110 million..bad sold over 37 million..dangerous sold over 40 million…invuncible sold 23 million…history sold over 3o million…you come & tell me only one great album..b what a funny comment…go learn the facts befor u spill out these rediculis

      • Mike C says:

        The Beatles sold more. They were only together for 10 years. In those years there recorded 13 albums.
        Name any artist today that can do that They had 27 #1 records . The top 5 singles on the cart. No one ever did that. All must all of the songs are well know. They were a gift from god.

  324. Kyle Burton says:

    Where is Frank Sinatra? In some eyes, he is considered number one. And what of bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers? Both of these bands were revolutionary and voices of their time. The voters in this survey seem to be as fickle as they come.

    The hip hop acts in this list are what confuse me the most. Run DMC should surely be higher than some of the other Hip Hop artists, and where are Hip Hop artists such as Eric B & Rakim and Kanye West? Again, both artists revolutionized their genre more than other acts that are supposedly “Top 100 Artists”.

  325. Josh E says:

    Yes this list is definately BS. How in the hell is Pearl Jam sooo far back. I agree the Beatles were #1 but that’s about the only one that’s right. What about the Smashing Pumpkins? What about Sinatra the ? This list was definately made by a bunch of people who know nothing about good music, I can’t believe you actually put this list on TV, lol. You have to look at the people who made music what it is today and didn’t care to be different or try something new. The Beatles paved the way for all the bands since them. Where would music be without them? The Smashing Pumpkins should at least be on the list along with anyone else who had such a unique style that you can’t help but appriciate them. I am furious over this list.

  326. Mike says:

    No Ronnie James Dio . Motley Crue, Iron Maiden , Pantera

    Metal gets no f—ing respect .

  327. drew L says:

    How on earth did the Rolling Stones come in after Led Zeppelin. Historically this list is completely off. What about VH1 Greatest artist of all time from a couple of years ago, what did they change their minds? If the Beatles and Stones are usually the top 2, why did that change?

    • Holly says:

      i definatly agree..Led Zeppelin should have been BEFORE the rolling stones..right next to Dio, whick also didnt show up on here..=P

  328. ????? says:

    next time they do a list they should make 2 lists one for greatest band one for greatest artist…rolling stones greatest band they are wayyy wayy better than the beatles..start me up bAD a$s SONG…& THE SECOND LIST michael jackson FOR greatest artist

  329. Daz says:

    I am not a hater, like the MJ fans here, but they certainly are missing out on key facts.

    Here is the list of the most successful songwriters in the history of recorded music or since 1890.

    1. Paul from The Beatles
    2. John from The Beatles
    3. Hal David
    4. Burt Bacharach
    5. Lamont Dozier
    6. Brian Holland
    7. Carole King
    8. Eddie Holland Jr
    9. Gerry Goffin
    10. Baby Face

    Question. How many of you know who these songwriters are?

    MJ was not even in the top ten of the 70′s or 80′s as a songwriter.

    Even Obama honored Paul McCartney as the most successful songwriter in histoy at the White House.

    Who is the most influential? Hmm

    Guess whose music is most re-recorded by other artists?

    You probably did not guess The Beatles, but they are, and by far the most.

    The most covered song of all-time is “Yesterday”, by The Beatles. 3,000 artists have decided to record their own version.

    Their staple is not dance music like MJ. That is his strong point . They write music with a beautiful discernible melody. In other words, songs that can be whistled, and picked out in a few notes. Listen to any genre of music today, and try to pick out even one song that has a discernible melody. You will find it very hard to do.

    I love what MJ did, but stop hating The Beatles. The Beatles are not a song and dance act. A given. I am not trying to make them something that they are not. They came before MJ, and therefore influenced him. Why do you think MJ wanted Paul M. from The Beatles to help him some songs on his Off the Wall album. The record that turned him into a mega-star.

    MJ was a sensational entertainer, and I am sorry that the likes of him have disappeared.

  330. Elton says:

    No Dusty Springfield=absolutely no validity!!

  331. Ron says:

    What about crooners Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet?

    Frank Zappa most certainly deserves to be included.

  332. lil'vina says:

    michael will always be number 1. he beats the beatles in everything. he deserves the credit and other legend should’ve been on the list. and for the people who say michael didn’t deserve number 1 well any time you had someone died and made such a huge impact on the world shows he was number 1. sorry but he is so get oh well.

  333. lil'vina says:

    and you know it’s crazy how some beatles fans talk about how michael didn’t make much of an impact and was all about dance songs and whatnot. you want people to always credit beatles but not michael when he was at the top of his game and even though he’s dead he is still one of the greatest artists to ever touched the stage. artists like him come once in a lifetime. i’m not bashing beatles or anything. yes they’re talented and just because they had the most number 1′s don’t make them the best. michael was more than just record breaking. he made music for all generations to love and appreciate. when he died everyone knew who he was and the ones who didn’t learned what he was about. seriously who is going to remember the beatles? vh1 only caters to white rock groups and not give other artists, black and latino, credit. and since michael was a black man who was bigger than elvis and beatles, you know it, some white people can’t handle the fact michael had all that talent and made all races love him. so call me all kinds of names but you know it’s the truth. people don’t want to give a black man or woman credit for what they did but if a white band can take songs from other black artists, they’re the greatest. ain’t that a b$$$h? in my opinion the beatles shouldn’t have all those number 1s when they belong to little richard and probably other black artists or bands. so there i said it. take it or leave it. michael will always be number 1 not because of sales but because of an impact he made all over the world.

  334. bmon says:

    please “lil’vina explain what sons were stolen and from who, your quite obviously a musical moron, and insanely ignorant, anyone who says the of the Beatles “seriously who is going to remember the beatles” is an idiot of the utmost severity. i love MJ and I love the Beatles both were and are incredibly talented and relevant and will be for a long time. just say that you prefer MJ, and leave it at that. this is not the first time that a tv network/magazine/radio station has done a Greatest musical artist list, and i can tell you for certain that numbers 100 – 2 have always been different but #1 is always the same, and always will be. get used to it, if it bugs you so much, then don’t watch the next time cause i promise it will be the Beatles again.

  335. Holly says:

    ok first of all Pantera should have at least been in the top 20..they went down in history!..this is bull..I’m glad to see Metallica, Bob Marley and Ozzy on there <3..oh and im pissed Dio didnt show up on there..RIP RONNIE JAMES DIO

  336. Traci says:

    Everybody this is really sad. All I see is people comenting on michael Jackson vs. the Beetles, Rock vs. everything else, and the old vs. the young. O.M.G.!!!!! What is going on here!?! I thought we were comenting on the list, not trying to bring each other down! We are all different. And having different kinds of music and cultures makes us unique. I thought music was supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart!! Everybody, lets get it together.

  337. P3Navy says:

    What is the criteria for greatness? Who decides it? I was told that Nick Cage was polled for this. WHY? What is the time period? Is their influence solely guaged on it’s impact on Western Society? Why are so many musical forms left out?

    Certain entries haven’t paid their dues yet for greatness, and some are just over-rated. Let me suggest a couple of swaps. Joni Mitchell for Carole King. Beyonce for Diana Ross. Mary J Blige for Gladys Knight. Steely Dan for Crosby, Still and Nash. Sade for Enigma. Alicia Keys for Roberta Flack. Cream for the Yardbirds. Swap Al Green and Otis Redding’s positions. Limit the Beatles to one entry, and take them out of #1. The Velvet underground for Lou Reed (because he was the only reason to listen anyhow). Swap Metallica and Nirvana’s place. Janis Joplin for Dusty Springfield. Justin Timberlake for Frank Sinatra(or anyone for that matter!)

  338. Eric says:

    No Duran Duran?!!?, after what they accomplished in the early 80′s. They were the biggest band in the world for about 3 years rnning. Numerous 10 tep hits, platnium records. Still going strong after 30 years. Wow whoever made this list i would like to know the criteria for making it.

  339. jackson says:

    There is one name not on the list that i can’t understand. Without this artist, the list is invalid and incomplete. ROY ORBISON….A complete artist..

  340. bigbaby says:

    Too much Michael vs. Beatles on here, totally 2 different eras, times, clothing, media, people…the time span was waaay to great to compare who was the greatest Michael or the beatles

    All I can say is PEARL JAM is #93 and y’all fightin over this bogus list…WTF??????

  341. john lennon and the john lennon 4 says:

    where are the red hot chili peppers?

  342. john lennon and the john lennon 4 says:

    vh1 sucks! they dont even play music any more they dont deserve to have this list. because they have no idea what music is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. Sal Jackson says:

    i dont know how tupac came in at 69, atleast out of the rappers on the list he should have been above them all! For him to be dead going on 14yrs his music transends time! He has sold more album worldwide than any other rapper on the list it is not fair you let people like puffy and jay-z let there money talk and ya’ll do know what I mean. I am very diappointed you need a re-do on this list. &5million albums worldwide Biggie will never touch that and Jay-z he got some millions to go!

  344. Jeff says:

    I agree with MOST of the top 20. I don’t think MJ should be #2, top 10 but not #2 and I don’t see how Bowie gets in the top 20 over artists like Metallica, Rush, and many others below him. I would probably put MJ at #8 and put Elvis at #2.
    No ZZ Top??
    No Bon Jovi???
    Is there really a way to do this with so many genres and so many eras to consider?? I think the only way you could do it is to take the number of songs that were on the radio and how far they made it up the Billboard charts. Or something like that.

  345. brandon l says:

    jay z is a really complete artist and prolly the 2nd or 3rd greatest rap artist, but he cant hold tupac jock strap!

  346. Hawks Fan says:

    Wow. How can this list not include the likes of these artists:

    Bon Jovi
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Iron Maiden
    Deep Purple
    Motley Crue
    Joe Satriani

    • SB says:

      INXS should have been in the list. It brought out a new sound that swept through all areas. They made such an impact that I too am surprised they weren’t listed.

  347. SG says:

    No Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead or Phish? Clearly the stoners were not surveyed.

  348. Sean says:

    Where is Amy Lee? Or I guess Evanescense. She is one of the best artists eveer!!!!!

  349. Ethan says:

    Evanescence doesnt belong anywhere on this list. And Michael Jackson as #2? This list blows…

    • sdfg says:

      I agree. Beyonce? Mary J. Blige? Coldplay? That should be enough to tell you how much of a joke this list is. Hell, if they’re going to put those on there, why not Alanis Morissette? At least she has talent.

      • Tmoney says:

        Well now Mary J has talent just as much as Allanis Morissette. I believe you must Have Patti Labelle if you have ALicia Key’s or Beyonce.

    • Pope says:


  350. AR says:

    What about The Temptations: The Eagles: Moody Blues: Paul Simon &(Garfunkel): James Taylor : Crosby Stills Nash Young: Traffic: just to name a few without thinking about it too much

  351. Dawn says:

    What about:

    Patsy Cline
    Frank Sinatra (like was mentioned)
    Celine Dion (mentioned)
    Diana Ross (but OutKast makes it!?)

    Horrible list! Seriously VH1…you need a major redo on this one. Get a new (more experienced & diverse) panel of judges too! Oy.

  352. Tara says:

    Where is Red Hot Chili Peppers?!

  353. Ryan Dean says:

    Were is Garth Brooks at on this list he has sold more than any of these people on this list.

  354. serah says:

    ummmm THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!?!?!?!?
    They should be #15 right before Nirvana
    the beach boys?! are you serious?
    wow this list in ridiculous and Michael Jackson
    should be number 1.
    b$$$$$$t list.

    • Pope says:


  355. Damon Davenport says:

    The Eagles aren’t one of the 100 Greatest Artists of all time? What? I totally disagree. And I sincerely believe that if John Lennon were alive he’d tell you in that distinctive British accent of his, “Michael Jackson is the greatest of all time… of course.”

    • Tim says:

      MICHEAL JACKSON!!? are you kidding he shouldn’t be even top ten. yea he had some good songs but he was a great ENTERTAINER not an ARTIST. besides hes a freak who plays with kids and changes skin color. to rank him that close to the beatles is an insult to music.

      • @i@ says:

        little that u know about music son..if michael doesnt deserve being # 1 well then i dont know who…go learn about music & about how michael jackson influenced the entire music industry then come & talk…every body in the world knows who michael is every body knows at least one michael jackson move every body & in every corner of the world knows a michael jackson song from the first beat..but does every body know a beatles song in africa umm nope does eny body in asia or south america or middle east know what a beatle song sounds like umm no they dont..you’re too old fashioned..go open the radio & the tv then you’ll see why michael jackson deserves the # 1 spot….man these people are so funny i swear so limitted..yes the beatles were a good band back in the 60′s but for u to tell me they were bigger then michael jackson & his influence then no i dont think so not now not tomorrow not in a 100 years from now…go take a chill pill cause u need one,& from now on get used to feeling michael jacksons influence on music..michael jackson king of pop rock & soul..hands down

        • @i@ says:

          & for your info michael was innocent of all these accusations…they wanted to tarnish his image cause he was wayyyyyyyyyyyy bigger than elvis & the beatles commbined,cause a black man owned the beatles & elvis catalogs..they wanted it back from the black mans hand..thats why this is one sick country here..full of racists who cant even diegest the fact that a single black artist overshadowed both beatles & elves a loonng time ago since thriller came out..this is the truth..only iggnorent people like u dont wanna give him credit…he was provin to be innocent he wasnt even charged with one count so shutt up ya..its like when people say beatles r gay..in ur opinion r they gay? i think you should leave ur suburb home everuy once in a while & see how much michael jackson is still celebrated & appreciated from blacks latino asians indians whites…i bet u a million dollars no one knows no beatles except here in america & eurupe…only with white..go ask a black kid here in america do u know who the beatles r? ask him if he knows one beatle song..go to a club do they play eny beatle song,no they dont..i bet u eny thing at least ur gonna here 2 or 3 mj songs there…eny of his songs will put the club on fire..they still sound brandnew as if they were released today..thats the power oh a michael jackson song..thats the power of a song writen by michael jackson…you come & doubt michael…f$$k outta here yea

          • Jake Mann says:

            You’re right about how many people know Michael and his songs, but come to think of something, almost none of the media available today that makes possible global and instant communications was available in the 60′s or the 70′s (e.g. satellites, internet, mp3, etc). So Michael Jackson was a good artist, but merchandising and all the tools available to promote him nowadays played a very important role in making him a global product.
            Now let’s take a wild guess, how many generations from now on will keep listening to Michael’s songs? and how many generations have passed with Beatles’, Queen’s, Pink Floyd’s, Led Zeppelin’s (and on and on) songs still playing? And how many to come?

          • Michael says:

            Nobody wanted to tarnish his image ,the worthless child molester did it himself.As far as the Beatles being number one ,they have sold more records than jackson could only dream about.Every artist and even those talentless rap and hip hop people stole from them.Only Elvis was close to the Beatles,and by the way rap and hip hop should not be on this list, it’s for ARTIST not people who have no artist abilty at all

          • Michael says:

            Thats true,and obama is the best president we ever had,and we have world peace,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,

          • ToMatic says:

            Come on man.. Don’t get me wrong, Michael was a great great artist. he changed the music world and i would not object him being number 1 on this (shitty) list. but don’t put down the beatles either. I’m from Queens NY and just about everyone knows the Beatles. I have been to the Philippines and people there know the Beatles just about as well as they know Michael. They are, individually, some of the greatest talents of all time; but as a group.. in my opinion the greatest band of all time. It’s a shame if what you say is true, that people don’t know of the beatles. Their messages of peace were also great. Listen to John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance”.. If you are for what Michael’s message was, you gotta be for that. There’s no racism man, John Lennon was a HUGE supporter of antiracial groups like the Black Panthers! That just wouldn’t make any sense. The Beatles and Michael Jackson.. It’s just a list man they’re the greatest artists of all time don’t make a difference what order.

          • sb says:


        • Cousin Vinny says:

          You and anyone else who think that Michael Jackson should have been #1 are absolute idiots. The Beatles were the bigggest most important thing that ever happened in popular music. They changed EVERYTHING! Most young people today have no clue how unfathomably huge The Beatles were (and still are). Michael Jackson was incredibly talented and famous but The Beatles were/are famous and respected on a level that most young people today could never understand.

  356. arthur says:

    the eagles greatest still is-the EAGLES-what a phony list

  357. greg says:

    for what weird al yankovic did for pop music, he is an absolute artist who should be included. without him many of these top 100 would not even be popular!!!

  358. Kay says:

    John Denver? :(

  359. Ellie says:

    Where the heck is Creedance Clearwater Revival???????? Ridiculous!!!

  360. Jake says:

    How can Guns N’ Roses and Van Halen be ranked ahead of Metallica, the greatest rock band of all time? But hey, I wouldn’t expect Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Puff Daddy, and 50 Cent to like rock music.

  361. Rob says:

    If I don’t hear another f***** out Eagles song for the rest of my life, I’ll be a happy camper.

    But I guess if the Eagles deserve to be on any list, it should be one created by VH1.

  362. philtex says:

    If “who paved the way” counts (and it does, chill’n), Robert Johnson (who hipped Eric Clapton, et al), Muddy Waters (for Elvis, et al), and Jimmie Rodgers (“T for Texas,” et al, leading to Johnny Cash and the rest) should all be on the list. And you want pioneer women? How ’bout Bessie Smith and Maybell Carter? Without these and other early greats (Blind Willie McTell, Son House, Charlie Patton, Mance Lipscomb, Lightnin’Hopkins – to name a few) these latter day artists would still be suckin’ gravey.

  363. raquel says:

    i am really pissed at this list.i agree with the article that there should be others on there including my personal favorites Celine Dion and Janet Jackson with out a doubt.don’t get me wrong, I’m an Alicia keys fan but how did she get on there before these 2 icons. i feel some of these people were missed placed on this list. and i also feel that R Kelly should have definitely been on there.

  364. danny says:

    Could complain endlessly about this list….but Justin Timberlake ahead of Tupac? Then again they do have 50 cent on the panel. What a joke.

  365. Jim says:

    This list is okay, but there are some questionable entries/positions

    Like Justin Timberlake? Maybe
    Usher instead if your going to put JT on there.

    Artists that should’ve been on there:
    Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Cher, The Eagles, Alanis Morisette, Creedance CWR, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Shania Twain, Diana Ross and so many more greats! I would say Gaga but she’s probably too new.

    Oh well.

  366. moose says:

    how about we start at the begining,people must be very young or just don’t know music very well.When your talking about the greatest.Talk about the ones who started it all like no one from the 1980s or the 90s or the 2000′s.How about the 20′s and 30′s hopefully someone out there knows who im talking about. Lets start with Louis Armstrong,Hank Williams, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline,and Barbra Streistand. The Beatles number one, Micheal Jackson number 2. People are crazy, why dont these retards do the best of the 80s or 90s leave all time alone.

  367. glenn irwin says:

    the real problem is the definition of greatest artistsand what time frame are they usin The list becomes more credible if you are excluding country singers regular pop singers like sinatra blues singers such as billy holiday jazz like louis(tell me he doesnt belong on this list)show singers like julie andrews and on and on. elinimate singers whose carrers were main,y pre 1960(judy garland nat king cole(who was better than him?) the platters (ever hear tony wms sing smoke gets in you eyes) buddy holly and on and o Once you narrow down who is elibible then you can ask how could you exclude diana ross the temps smokey rod stewart bob seger and endlessly on and on But at least you can have a lot more credibility if you have a clear defintion. anyone agree

  368. George Washington says:

    Where are Frank Sinatra, Simon & Garfunkel, Brittany Spears, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Allman Brothers, Santana, ZZ Top, Poison, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Red Hot Chili Pepppers, Sex Pistols, Phil Collins, Styx, The Supremes, The Yardbirds, The Temptations, Tina Turner, Tony Bennet, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Celine Dion, Fats Domino, The Impressions?

  369. Christina says:

    @i@ go to school and get a degree. You have no idea what you are talking about. Sure MJ has influenced music in a huge way. No one argues that. The Beatles are known in EVERY country around the globe. They have been a part of music history for 50 years. MJ doesn’t have that type of seniority. As for you bringing race into the equation, you seem like the most prejudice of them all and are the reason there are racists today. Get your facts straight or you end up sounding like an uneducated a$s.

    • @i@ says:

      @Christina..no the beatles r not known in every country around the world..michael is known not only in every country but in every freakin corner in the world..i dont really feel their influence at all i mean common u can tell right away..no one wants to be a beatle,every body wants to be a michael jackson right ?..beatles were a 60′s band that wrote good songs back then 50 years ago thats all..i think the rolling stones music is way better then beatles..to me the beatles were the first famous boy band thats it..the same way we had the backstreet boys insync umm new edition bands that had their moment in music history & r gone,faded away..by the way they wrote music too..the problem of ur type of ignorent people dont wanna take that..sweethear go open the radio go open ur tv then come & talk ok..it seems to me ur the uneducated a$s here..michael is a legend king of pop rock & soul…in this music bussiness there is michael jackson & on the other hand theirs every body else..michael raised the bar so high that no beatle no elvis no no one can reach the tip of his shoes hahahaa..i know that makes you mad but hey the truth hurts..paul macartney was a fading in the 80′s he asked michael to help him write some songs..michael co wrote say say say with him trust me if it wasnt for michael jackson that song wouldnt have cracked the top 40 back then lol ma man was so freakin huge that eny thing he touched turned into freakin gold…so go play with ur old dusty beatle lp’s while i go dance to some mj song some where at a club loooool

      • Michael says:

        Why don’t you send some money to the kids he molested,oh never mind he paid them off.Michael Jackson was nothing more than a bubblegum pop singer and the reason he was known all over the world was because he slept with 10 year old boys,the reason he even got number 2 is because he died,and hell is where he went.

        • ????? says:

          i told you the truth hurts,i knew u people couldnt handle the truth that michael was wayyy bigger way more famouse wayy more talented then your 4 gay beatles & more then that child molester elvis…by the way michael was innocent or dont tell me u didnt watch the news either..but elvis slept with a 12 year old girl loooool…look i know ur type of people white people,u guys cant see more than the tip of ur noses cant see more than the beatles & elvis u guys cant handle that michael jackson beat both of them commbined & had more influence on music then those faded stars..remember the world is not only america & eurupe…michael is a globle star..beatles r only known for white blue eyed frecle faces looool

          • ????? says:

            also elvis was no artist you idiot he never wrote songs..

          • Tojo says:

            “?????” dood that’s racism. I’m not even white and find you offensive. You CANNOT defend Michael Jackson by using racism. It makes NO SENSE. He fought for equality and peace just listen to “Black or White”. And if you wanna be relevant you gotta understand how good the Beatles were. They really are global icons, just like Michael. The Beatles and Michael Jackson are without a doubt the best artists of all time, there’s no need for a list to make someone a number 2. Get rid of that racism man, there’s no place for it.

          • sb says:

            and he bought the beatles catalog…And was banging the Kings daughter..LOL….

        • max says:

          The beatLess sucks and have no tecniqual skill, they sold because of commercial help and they arent rock at all theyr 100% pop. The greatest is Led Zeppelin greate tecniqual skills, best guitarist, vocalist, and drummer of all time. John paul Jones is like the second best bassist of all time, greate songs to. Beatless sucks and they will always s$$k…led zeplin greatest rock band ,michael jackson greatest pop artist

        • azzi says:

          If there were no beatles there would be no (or alot less) hippies therefore meaning that if the beatles hadn’t existed the world would be a better place. Less people would die from drug overdose. People’s hair would be less greasy. If anything, the beatles made music worse, their music sounds like s$$t and if modern day bands and musicians used real legends like elvis as influences rather than the beatles, all their music would sound better…thankx to michael jackson we can enjoy listining 7 dance to a good song & watch a bad a$s video..

      • beatles are #1 says:

        go jerk off to ur mj shrine and get a life…he’s dead n that’s y everyone likes him…the beatles deserve #1. Forevvvvvaaaaaaaa…and how can u be racist wen he was both black and white? Go pick up his nose from the trash can, glue it 2 your face and go f*** urself. And wat kind of name is @i@?

        • beatles s$$k balls says:

          shutt up hippie looool i spitt on the beatles hippies hippies hahahaa..long live justin bieber hahaa..im 16 we were actually making funny jokes about the beatles no one in my school thinks theyre cool except my grandma lol..what the f$$k is a beatle lol never heard of them till this countdown list,do they even play their music on the radio lol im not joking do they lool i sawa picture recently of them they looked fuckin funny with that pummkin pie hair cuts loool..ive heard of elvis from vegas trip he suckx too..i thought michael jackson was # 1 i was like wtf who the f$$k are beatles & dylyn lool wtf is this who r these people..also know the stones i think they’re cool i like that start me up song..2pac shouldve been higher though…u2 r cool band i like me some u2…bob marley is cool too

        • marc says:

          beatles..THEY ARE GAYER THAN TO GAY MEN RAPING ANOTHER GAY MAN UP HIS GAY ARSE HOLE IN A GAY WAY..Fukin Fags! The Beatles arent worth s$$t! were in 2010 not 1960..Im Glad they broke up..there fuckin stupid and they think there legends…my a$s..cant even stand that paul macartny funny looking hahaa..The Beatles are SO not metal. They’re for girls and guys without any balls. Man up and listen to some real music, you F$$$$$g pansy-asses…

  370. possum says:

    george jones should be there people forget him because he is country but i think he stopped loving her today is one of the most well known songs in the history of music

  371. tay says:

    this countdown is horribly wrong! The clash before Aerosmith? Tupac before Biggie? LMAO! WTF!

  372. stephanie says:

    where the hell is frank zappa!? he is one of the best and greatest artist ever.

  373. Isiah says:

    I know some may not like this but in my opinion Oasis should have been on there…I think they should have replace Beyonce`

  374. YNVNE1 says:

    Why is it a person can not have a discussion with out some moron playing the race card? All the artists are great in their own way and that’s what makes them great. I despise hip hop/rap, doesn’t make me a racist. Heck, try listening to some of my favorites such as Klaus Schultz. So live and let live and remember the media has to spread the wealth so no one whines.

  375. Bryan says:

    This list is atrocious. How can any one in their right mind think Def Leppard is one of 100 greatest artists of all time? Justin Timeberlake? Seriously? While we’re at it, why not put Britney Spears on this list as well? She’s probably had influence on the music scene than Timberlake has.
    Where is Buddy Holly and CCR? Buddy Holly had a great influence on the British bands of the 60s, and CCR transcends most genres of music (Tine Turner covered Proud Mary). No Smokey Robinson, either! Horrible!

  376. Bryan says:

    By the way, The Clash are vastly superior to Aerosmith in every way. Aerosmith needs to go away.

  377. Milo says:

    Top Ten left out: Eagles, Creedance, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Paul Simon (& Garfunkel)!!!

  378. glenn irwin says:


  379. mike fischer says:

    Elvis changed music – yet is behind a man who made his life off video and plastic surgery. Where is Nate King Cole, Zappa, Buddy Holly, CCR. Queen had a far greater imapct than Nirvana or the police and or radiohead.

    The program manager should be fired and a new panel needs to come in and re-create the list. Too many truely great artist’s are not listed and to many flavor of the month or air friendly artist are listed.

    • Michael says:

      I agree with you,Where are all the groups from the 60s and 70s,Deep Purple,Hollies Steppenwolf,Jefferson Airplane,they need to get rid of the worthless rap and hip hop people and put the real ARTIST in,But no matter what is said,THE BEATLES AND ELVIS ARE THE GREATEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME AND JACKSON WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A BUBBLEGUM SINGER AND IT’S PRETTY BAD WHEN YOU HAVE TO CALL YOURSELF KING OF POP BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL,HE WAS A F%%KING IDIOT.

      • chicao says:

        Always MICHAEL JACKSON.
        MJ has a global influence, from USA to China. Beatles dont (I’m Chinese)
        MJ is like a god in music even though he had never been to China before.
        We know Beatles is a great band, but not as influential as MJ…michael jackson is huge in asia

      • lando says:

        I just wanna say-michael jackson is unique in every way..no one could compare with him..michael jackson hands down..the king of music

  380. mike fischer says:

    to answer a question earlier, the Beatles have sold records than any other artist, Elvis is second, Michael Jackson Third, Abba 4th, with Queen at number 8

    • Michael says:

      Sorry,Garth Brooks is the top selling single artist,Led Zepplin is number 2,Michael Jackson has not sold as many records as they say,they only say cause hes black

      • veron says:

        @michael..yoy are one dummb a$s michael jackson is the biggest selling artist of all times..what does him being black have to do with his high sells..trying to say black people cant sell? or the harsh reality that you dont wanna face that michael jackson out sold both the beatles & elvis or the fact that michael jacksons impact on music was bigger than beatles & elvis commbined..michael is an american artist u should be proud to have such a great artist among our nation..an arists success that was more wide more huge than the beatles…it seems this country wont ever leave race behind 7 treat people equal…believe it or not mj is here to stay get used to it a$$$$$e..thriller alone out sold the 10 albumes the beatle released in their ten year period together hahaha..michael deserved the # 1 spot but for some racist reason he didnt

        • Michael says:

          You have to be the dumbest boy in the world,why do you think they did this list,so they could put rap and hip hop people in it,and so Jackson could be put higher than he was the last time they did a list,he was 34,and why would I be proud of someone who molested kids,slept with 10 year old boys and tried to buy the remains of the elephant boy,why don’t you start wanting people like Marvin Gaye and Lionel Richie to be proud of, they are a hella lot better singers and songwriters than Molester could ever be.As far as racist you are the only one so far BOY.

          • lando says:

            @michael..no need to be rude..so many people would compare MJ to Beatles, they think both of them are two greatest in music industry. but the concept of a great entertainer has changed a lot. Beatles’s achievements are undeniable but they just paved the way in terms of music ,which MJ also did. but when comes to dancing and performing, MJ is abosolutely greater than Beatles, let alone his amazing voice and contribution to MTV industry. they both did write so many great songs, but as far as i’m concerned , MJ’s songs can reach to people’s deep souls more than Beatles.

          • sam says:

            I am a MJ fan, to me, I think MJ had more influence to the music, coz he could pass the magic of music to the world. The Beatles is also Great, I respect them all. but Michael jackson is a Genius, had so much talent. so I agree that Michael jackson is the greatest, but it does not mean that The Beatles r not Great.

      • jake says:

        I acknowledge that Beatles are great.
        But Michael Jackson Rules!!!
        He is the King…the whole world cried when michael jackson died..there will never be another michael jackson..like berry gordy said he was the greatest entertainer that ever lived

        • j.b says:

          even as a beatle fan I would have to say that michael jackson was by far the greatest.michael jackson wasthe biggest celeberty on the planet! -you don’t get bigger than that!!! i saw him once in concert my god what an amazing experience..one of a life time…there was at least 100 thousand screaming fans u couldnt hear the voice of the closest person to u…the stadium was packed they had to set 3 big screnes out side the stadium..im not joking…this man was huggggge..michael jackson was the greatest eny time eny day

          • Michael says:

            people,the list said artist not because every kid in the world new who he was,if that were true Elvis was known all over the world to.

  381. Ron says:

    Rage shouldnt be on here. Red Hot Chili Peppers should be in top ten.

  382. the e says:

    what the f$$k about nas his rap are way better then jay z

    • Michael says:

      Rap sucks

      • jmal says:

        yo watch ur mouth boy aint no body in here that sucks more than you & your gau beatle friends..f$$k outta here white boy this is an r&b page..dont be dissin on michael jackson if it wasnt for him there wouldnt be eny black artist on mtv..in ma hood no body know no beatle..we grew up listining to michael jackson..beatle who da f$$k is the beatles

        • Michael says:

          They were the greatest artist of all time bar none and never molested kids or slept with little boys,maybe thats why you like him you wanted to sleep with him to

  383. carlos says:

    MJ reached more people. i know people who cannot even speak English and they say Michael Jackson perfectly. his quality as a performer and an entertainer surpasses The Beatles. they are BOTH huge cultural icons and both helped changed the face of music.. STILL maintain Michael jackson reached more people cause I’ve had first hand experience. ..people who know Beatles know Michael Jackson…but people who know Michael Jackson may not know the Beatles..so gotta give it to mj

  384. daizee says:


    • Michael says:

      You better grow up and go to school so you can find out what Art and talent are,not because some little man was popular with kid so is big bird,and he is known all over the world

  385. grant says:

    No contest, Michael Jackson wins hands down. You’ve only got to ask all current music acts and they all say Michael Jackson.

    He wrote better songs and some of the Beatles stuff was awful (I am the walrus being one that springs to mind). He moved music into a completely new era, and made music exciting to a whole new level.

    It’s fair to say that Michael Jackson is in a league of his own and a band like the beatles should be compared with other great bands such as the rolling stones and queen. Michael Jackson was a music juggernaut, talent beyond comprehension.

    • Michael says:

      What songs did he write and don’t say we are the world that was Lionel Richie not Child molester

      • jmal says:

        you asking us to go to school & learn about art whatta fuckin idiot u r boy..michael jackson did write we are the world lionel richi only wrote one bar or 2 that it the song was already finished when lionel came through..what songs he wrote u dummb a$s he wrote : billie jean beat it man in the mirror smooth criminal dirty diana the way you make me feel dont stop till you get enough black or white remember the time bad heal the world we are the world cant stop loving you who is it dangerous jam cry scream wanna be starin somethin lady in my life off the wall list goes on white boy most of his biggest hits were wrote by michael jackson he was inducted into the writers hall of fame look it up dummy

    • 123 says:

      How can you compare MJ to the beatles? I mean the guy had one good album and that was Thriller and what’s wrong with I am the Walrus?

      • jmal says:

        wth f$$k loool you say only one good albume hahaa man you white folks r so dummb..go o the streets ask eny kid about michael jackson albums i bet u they would mention each albume by name fo real ..lets see how many kids recognizes beatles albumes i bet you none will even name one album..man you people are so full of it…or probably im just answering a 69 year old beatle fan..u people dont watch tv or listin to a radio station..guess not

        • Michael says:

          You stupid uneducated fool.

          • Tojo says:

            Yo Jmal I’m from queens and ppl know who the beatles are. You’re a fool to bring race and into this. If you look at the top 10 that they got, there are as many blacks as there are whites, and Bob Marley is number 11. Race got nothin to do wit it. Michael was amazing as a kid, honestly he was only really a ridiculously good entertainer as time went on. Most kids didn’t know s$$t about michael until he died, I’m TELLING YOU. it’s a fad and u clearly jumped on it.

          • beatles s$$k balls says:

            @michael..shutt up hippie..beatles are over rated 60′s band..why dont you go help them s$$k on some balls looool so obssesed with 4 gay men lol u gay f$$k…every body knows who michael jackson is mr 123 lol unless u live on another planet what a dummb a$s..its reverse no one my age know no beatles s$$t

    • Khiry says:

      Prince Sshould have beat MJ…..as an artist, he is the greatest

  386. semon says:

    Only american people listen to The Beatles.
    In France nobody listen to them, i’m sorry..michael jackson was a genius

    • Michael says:

      You have got to be the stupidest person alive The Beatles were the biggest artist to ever perform in France get your facts straight

      • Michael says:

        I will no longer respond to any more of the stupid notion that Jackson was so great,if you want to grow up loving a perverted child molester that slept with little boys then go ahead,but I pray you never have any children, to prove how stupid you are Marvin Gaye was twice the singer Jackson was and he did not sing bubblegum music to kids

        • beatles s$$k balls says:

          hey shutt up mchael beatles s$$k balls looool..hippie hippie hahahaa go back to 60′s you dont belong here looooooooooooooool

  387. Mikee says:

    O_O Mariah Carey on 94? what a F$$$$$g list is this? Mariah is much more decent, strong, and has a beautiful performances and awards that beyonce ever has or anybody, She could be on the top 15 or at least 10.. shhhheesss… what is happening to the music industry -_- ughh

  388. 123 says:

    Isn’t it funny that the the people who hate The Beatles sound ignorant

    • lisa says:

      in music theres two catagories one michael jackson the second every one else including the beatles..whats so good or exiting about beatles music..boring music..michael jacksons music is alive still sounds great even after 20 something years it still sound brand new..michael was no molester wite racist people were just mad that he owned beatles & elvis catalogs..its illuminati work..we know whats goin on dont think we’re stupped..mj surpassed both beatles & elvis long time ago that alarmed white racist people how could a black man be bigger & more famos than our beatles & elvis? well its simple michael was a dommenent force in music no one will ever have the huge influence on music more than the one michael jackson had..music one one thing before him & an other after he revoloutionized music for ever..he did it all..man has the biggest fan base ever..now a day he has more millions of fans..beatles faded away since early 70′s..people relate more to bands like queen rolling stones & pink floyed these days..in my opinion rolling stones had more influence on rock music than the beatles at least i can recognize some of their songs when i hear mik jaggers voice..lets see when paul macartny dies how much attention will he get lol none i bet you..same as for george harrison when he died no attention from the world what so ever..i bet you this truth kills you ha..when mj died the whole world cried,they knew he was uniqe some one like no other…u say mj was a molester he wasnt even charged on one count you idiot or you wanna tell me he payed off the judje & the jury..go light up buddy & get your facts straight before u even post a comment about michael jackson

      • Michael says:

        You have to be the dumbest uneducated fool that believes that stupid s$$t,

        • beatles s$$k balls says:

          you’re the stupid one here..beatles are gay & they s$$k balls lmaoooo longlive bieber

        • beatles s$$k balls says:

          beatles s$$k balls lmaoooo they look funny i swear with that pumkinpie hair cut lmaooooo omg cant stop laughing..their music suckx too..only people who like them are 60 year old people hahaha…shutt up with that un educated shitt already boy u sound boring defending 4 gay men that s$$k balls lmaoooooo

  389. Khiry says:


  390. Michael says:

    Please someone tell me how Jackson changed music? He started out singing bubblegum to kids and 30 years later he was still singing bubblegum,with one album that sold good,hell Shania Twain sold 30 million with one album maybe she’s the best

    • fact says:

      Michael Jackson went from being Gary, Ind.’s most talented kid to one of the most recognizable human beings on the planet. While his worldwide album sales were astounding, that wasn’t the sole reason for his fame. His ascendancy went far beyond the cash register — he inspired song writting, dance moves, videos ,singing & dictated fashion trends and raised awareness for social causes around the globe…beatles were a great band probably one of the greatest too,but michael as a solo artist was so uniqe immpsible to duplicate,the man was huge out of this planet..i think both michael & beatles had the most influence on music then eny other act..by the way shania twain sold 30 million world wide from one albume..michael sold 30 million in the u.s off thriller alone & over 110 million copeis world wide..sorry but your facts are wrong..just saying

    • misguided says:

      It’s amazing, the Beatles sucked and were the most overrated and least talented panzies in monkey suits playing simple 4/4 cords on simple instruments. Drugs and alcohol made them sound good to hippies and even modern day hippies. Then the peace and love taught by the Beatles to hippies threaten you with death when you say you don’t like them hahaa…@michael your one of them modern day hippies…jackson was way more talented at least hes every where these days..never heard a beatle song in a club lol pink floyd is way better then beatles..beatles were influenced by elvis looool whata influence hahahaa

    • beatles s$$k balls says:

      well at least michael was cool he danced he sang not just stand their with a pummkinpie hair cut lmaooooo his music sounds cool i red all ur comments ur probably the only beatle fan still alive lmaooooooooooooo

    • max says:

      overrated cocksuckers!
      they were what the jonas brothers are now!
      they’re going through the same s$$t, fangirls everywhere f$$k the beatles they F$$$$$g s$$k, really…it’s for nerds and seniors all they done is b$$$$$$t..michael jackson deserved to be # 1 shamooooon elvis # 2 steve wonder #3 marvin gay #4 sinatra #5

  391. Shell12 says:

    Who came up with this ridiculous list Michael Jackson was the God of music,lol. This list is some hot garbage.Right up under Michael should’ve been Stevie Wonder,garbage….

  392. drass says:

    @michael..Michael Jackson “one of the world’s great entertainers and a pivotal figure in the history of American music.” Michael Jackson is arguably the most important figure in popular music has ever seen or known.Thriller was one of the biggest albums the music business had ever witnessed,the album that would set the standards for musical success that are still benchmarks today,michael Jackson’s videos “Thriller,” “Beat It,” and Billie Jean” helped MTV to rise as a force in the music industry,michael Jackson’s career touched on so many important aspects of pop-music history in the second half of the 20th century..His albums certainly ranks as the best records to come out..Younger fans of pop music feels & recognizes the incredible power of Michael Jackson’s music,Jackson’s legacy will be that of a consummate artist and performer, on record, stage, and screen..

  393. slim says:

    Michael Jackson music meant the world to me. I grew up listening to his music. I think for the person he was and what he offered in terms of his genre of music, anybody really from any walk of life could relate to him. He was simply an infectious, charismatic and an inspiring individual that could capture anybody’s attention through his music.He was massively talented & famous,The world has lost a true and rare star in the form of Michael Jackson. Never has there been such an amazing talent as him.he was a true idol and i don’t think the world will see such a talent ever again. I feel he was misunderstood ,It saddens me that the world is such a judgemental and harsh place..He was an innovator who crossed cultural barriers and seemed determined to dump racism into the dustbin of history..he wasnt only a singer, but also a great dancer, people were shocked when they 1st saw his moonwalk on stage lets not forget that trade mark glove socks hat & water pants iconic figures in their own right made famous by mj..His music has inspired the entire World and as such brought us much closer together blacks white asian arabs jews indians thats not easy do do…As Mozart is remembered, over two centuries after his death,Michael Jackson will remembered for being all the above.a man who made a difference to the World.

  394. sarah says:

    michael jackson..finally someone that actulary suited and deserved the word legend.
    iam only 16 but whenever i hear his music i feel nothing but happiness that makes me believe that im important, that even i could dance like that!! michael jackson legend of legends..his name electrifies me..what an amazing talent he was

  395. sarah says:

    Micheal Jackson was the greatest pop musician of our generation if not the greatest ever. His songs touched my life in a very positive way, as a child I remember listening to man in the mirror Heal The World, Earth Song, We Are The World, they meant so much to me and opened my eyes to a whole new dimension. He defined a new era in music. I love him and respect him for that. As for his personal life, it was none of my business and I am not going to judge him.
    R.I.P Micheal

  396. lance says:

    michael jackson made me dance, he made me feel the rhythm. When his music started to play, I couldn’t help but jumping up and dance. It was like electricity. It was an actual feeling of the music. When his music was on, it was like something connected with my soul and got me up and dance. It made me feel like being somebody. His music was so much matching the rythm of my body and soul that I forgot where I was and let that feeling make me dance. It was fantastic and I have never experienced that ever afterwards..by the way im a 23 year old white guy never liked the beatles,like some one here said they are so boring hahaha

    Michael gave the music world more than anybody will ever know.

  397. lance says:

    @michael…you are the only uneducated person here..it seems to me you were hired by the beatles to revive their faded glory days hahaa…i noticed alot of mj fans did mention & did recognise the beatles as a great band…it seams to me you dont liike michael jackson,cause you didnt give the man credit for enything he did for music,for you to say & act like you;re the smart educated one here,go & learn about michael & what he did for music you got internet right..go do a reaserch on michael you will see the humungus influence he had on music…go educate ur self..who r u to judje whos educated..ur just too obssesed with the beatles that you dont see no one but beatles…that it self is disapionting..beatles were a great band yes as a band you should compare them with a band like stones queen or led zepplin not with artist like mj…michael was one talented individual beatles were 4..& still people compare them both..thats cause he was a great artist in many ways…stop spreading hate,for your info michael co wrote alot of songs for paul macartnys albums..uthat must trigger a light in ur head that paul macartny a beatle had recognised how great michael was as a song writer & singer…they scored a huge #1 hit with say say say thankx to michael jackson..so you cant say michael wasnt an artist or wasnt great..who r u to judje..look at all the comments on this page full of love for michael jackson..you need to step out of ur beatle buble some time soon..this is a new era..stop using that stupid line mj sold buble gum to kids lol wth is that..pathetic moron

    • Michael says:

      AGAIN,I ask what did he do,this list said ARTIST,all he did was sing bubblegum songs that somebody else wrote.And molested little boys,and by the way I have a master degree in music,and I’m a music historian,for one of the largest record company in the world,I knew Jackson personaly,so don’t try and tell me who did what.

      • s$$k my beatle says:

        shutt up hippie..michael jackson kicks Beatles butt! The beatles had hippie fans. michael jackson had all types and ages of fans. The Beatles were foriegn.
        michael was american. The Beatles are not well known all over the world.michael jackson is the most common name africa asia america eurup
        The Beatles stink. michael rocks.The Beatles wrote crappy songs without meaning. michael wrote wonderful songs with true meaning. There are many more things but for now that is all I will put.

        • s$$k my beatle says:

          michael jackson legend of all legends,i like that..no one in music comes even close to his shoes no beatle no elvis no no body…

  398. bill says:

    the reason why michael jackson and the beatles are the top on the list is because they were the two most successful and influencial artists of there time hands down. while i too have discrepencies with the list as im sure everyone does, that was mainly what this list was based off of. these were all artists that changed the musical scene forever, and everyone who listens to and understands anything about music can easily see that. all of them deserve much credit where credit is due

  399. Dan A says:

    How is it you have no Luther? Cmon on now..

  400. landol says:

    Beatles are the most overated band of all time. It may of been cool at the time but to be young and into the beatles now it just misguided stupidity….michael jackson all day every day # 1

    • Michael says:

      I’m sitting in my den with about 25 people and we are laughing,It’s hard to beleive that in 2010 there are this many dumb young people around,maybe obama needs to get his head out of his a$s and help educate the inner city people so they can learn what the word ARTIST means.

      • landol says:

        yea probably u & ur 25 gay friends are laughing,why dont you bunch of hippies stick your heads up each others asses looool…michael jackson was the ultimate artist ever….you wanna compare the beatles with somebody go & compare them with the backstreet boys or ensync..they all fall in the same catagory of boy bands..look beatles dont even come close to a band like the rolling stones or queen or metalica or nirvana ok…like some one said earlier dont come at with they were influenced by some fuckin beatles ok..songs like i wanna hold ur hand cant inspire a band like metalica or led zeplin or queen…stop defending the beatles you’re such an annoying person,so take ur hippie a$s go some where else & relive the 60′s first boy band..gosh please do us a favore

        • Michael says:

          Thats seems to be all you idiots think about,gay people,I guess thats why you like that F$$$$$g worthless child molesting little boy that likes to sleep with 10 year old boys,and tried to be white.You are so F$$$$$g stupid that yes, there is a black man thats belongs in the top ten its Marvin Gaye not michael the molester,grow-up dipshit.Backstreet boys they sang they didn’t play music just like jackson. The Beatles were the first to spin records backwards,back feed through the amps,they made videos before molester could walk,they changed the way records were produced and just about everything else the stones,zepplin and everybody else did,for gods sake if you want some black people try Ray Charles,Sly Stone,Marvin Gaye,Temptations, and THE QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL,TINA TURNER,ther are so many that are better than Michael Jackson ever was.

          • landol says:

            michael jackson the greatest artist ever…people hater like you wanted to tarnish mjs image cause he was bigger than beatles cause he owned their catalog cause he broke their records a long time ago..& he was provin to be innocent not guilty nt even on one count so go screw your self..hes bigger than ever too hahaa die in your heart die hahaa mj is the king of music period..go look up how many fans mj has on faceboo 7 see how many the beatles have..go watch an mj concert go watch a beatle i bet you you’ll start dancing right away once you hear that billie jeabn bass chamooonn

          • landol says:

            mj is so big he had a 3d show at disney land & still does..his new game comming out soon why dont you go grab one ya lol..hes so big his thriller album sold over 110 million to date once the beatles sell that much off one album ill turn to the dark side to the beatles side lol…he alone sold close to a billion records.

      • Jul says:

        No, much funnier to read your comments and all my friends (lovers rock) laugh out loud: Jackson – no talent?? OMG. You are blind and deaf?
        If you’re a historian of music, you should know that Jackson wrote most of his hits and he made the Hall of Fame writers and composers.
        And it’s strange when people discuss only the scandals and gossip, not music.

        My list of the greatest artists:
        1. The Beatles
        2. Michael Jackson
        3. Rolling Stones
        4. Led Zeppelin
        5. Pink Floyd
        6. Frank Sinatra
        7. Stevie Wonder
        8. Elvis Presley
        9. Queen
        10. James Brown