VH1 100 Greatest Women In Music List

Melinda Tommy | February 14, 2012 | 17 Comments

Another day, another incomplete, incomprehensible VH1 list of top singers has surfaced.

This time around the music network has decided to compile the list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music.

As stated above the compilation is very flawed and has music lovers wondering who in the world came up with the ranking and why are so many important figures absent.

How can you have the names of the 100 Greatest Women in Music and not mention the legendary Diana Ross and the iconic Tina Turner ?

Why is Ke$ha on the list and not Patti Labelle or how about Chaka Khan, Diane Warren and Dolly Parton?

How on earth did Rihanna managed to land a better spot than Lauryn Hill or Sade.

And if the Barbadian singer managed to get in why leave Ciara out?

Yes Adele is very talented and Lady Gaga is a force in the industry but isn’t a bit fast to say they are more important to the music than Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson or the late Whitney Houston?

As for Madonna taking the number one spot – that is a very debatable matter.

100. Pussycat Dolls
99. Demi Lovato
98. Ashanti
97. Grace Potter
96. Mandy Moore
95. Wilson Phillips
94. Colbie Caillat
93. Feist
92. Jordin Sparks
91. Monica
90. Regina Spektor
89. Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum)
88. SWV
87. Robyn
86. Ingrid Michaelson
85. Faith Evans
84. Avril Lavigne
83. Meg White (The White Stripes)
82. Miley Cyrus
81. Spice Girls
80. Sara Bareilles
79. PJ Harvey
78. Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)
77. Hayley Williams (Paramore)
76. Leona Lewis
75. Kim Deal
74. Paula Abdul
73. Dido
72. Brandy
71. Natalie Merchant
70. Macy Gray
69. Courtney Love
68. Indigo Girls
67. M.I.A.
66. Natasha Bedingfield
65. Liz Phair
64. Eve
63. Jill Scott
62. Leann Rimes
61. Shirley Manson (Garbage)
60. Florence + The Machine
59. Destiny’s Child
58. Miranda Lambert
57. Ke$ha
56. Gloria Estefan
55. Fiona Apple
54. Tori Amos
53. Sarah McLachlan
52. En Vogue
51. Nelly Furtado
50. Lauryn Hill
49. Amy Lee (Evanescence)
48. Aaliyah
47. Kylie Minogue
46. Toni Braxton
45. Lil’ Kim
44. Erykah Badu
43. Taylor Swift
42. Melissa Etheridge
41. Jewel
40. Nicki Minaj
39. Dixie Chicks
38. Salt N Pepa
37. Faith Hill
36. Shakira
35. Shania Twain
34. Queen Latifah
33. Norah Jones
32. Fantasia
31. Cher
30. Sade
29. Bjork
28. k.d. Lang
27. Fergie
26. Amy Winehouse
25. Sheryl Crow
24. Jennifer Hudson
23. Carrie Underwood
22. Annie Lennox
21. Celine Dion
20. Rihanna
19. Kelly Clarkson
18. Missy Elliott
17. Katy Perry
16. Jennifer Lopez
15. Alanis Morissette
14. Alicia Keys
13. Gwen Stefani
12. TLC
11. Britney Spears
10. P!nk
09. Mary J. Blige
08. Christina Aguilera
07. Janet Jackson
06. Whitney Houston
05. Adele
04. Lady Gaga
03. Beyoncé
02. Mariah Carey
01. Madonna

What are your thoughts on this controversial list?

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  1. teresa says:

    Were is Selena? Jordan sparks who? Please!!!please!!!!were is Dolly Patton? DIANA Ross???

  2. SGH says:

    How the hell do they have the nerve to have Joplin as a side note and not even include Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Lady Day, Lita Ford, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner… If it weren’t for what these women did there would be no list! Ridiculous, sad, and disrespectful.

  3. Amber says:

    Someone made a typo. It was supposed to be “Most Washed Up”

  4. shawn says:

    i think this list sux! stevie nicks should b #1. maybe next time vh1 makes a list they should have ppl that know REAL MUSIC have a say. lost a lot of respect for vh1, they’re turnin into mtv. beyonce, katy perry, kesha, jennifer lopez, lady gaga, rihanna, missy elliot, fergie, miley cyrus? REALLY? i agree with sgh and teresa, yall r leavin out LEGENDS and puttin these ppl in their place? make a new list!

  5. AJ says:

    I really don’t like this list…I disagree with these people…they put all the pop singers that are popular now…just because they are popular now does not mean that they’re important to music…and why the hell is there girls from Jersey shore talking about music…that was my first clue that this list was totally inaccurate…you did bad on this one MTV…this list did not succeed…it failed…badly

  6. Tiffany says:

    The countdown clearly stated greatest women of “the last 20 years”. So several legends wouldn’t be on the list. Gotta pay attention.

  7. LBL says:

    What about Reba McEntire??!! The Queen of Country for over 30 years, with her biggest hits coming in the 90′s and 2000′s! Martina McBride, one the best vocalists of any genre, Trisha Yearwood, another awesome Country Singer (Who did a far better vocal on “How Do I live” over LeaAnne!) Come on, Amy Winehouse at 26?! Nicki Minage at 40?! Lady Gaga at 4?! This list is is really made up fort those who have had success in the last two years, who just got music barely got their music on radio and tv. This is GREATEST of the past 20 years! May as well had been the list for who people are popular right now, instead of in the past 2 decades! The only ones that I agree with is Madonna and Mariah Carey! Those two have had their best work in the 90′s and 2000′s! they do deserve to be #1 and #2!

  8. Saul Guud says:

    “Greatest Women IN MUSIC”!!?!? Really? More like “In PROFIT” false advertising, screams a real lack of respect to so many truly talented individuals and bands. If you’re going to say “Music” then let that be the basis of your poll, musical merit, not money/popularity. Rant over and out.

  9. kat says:

    Lawlllll, they did not just put “Miley Cyrus” on this list….. LOL. Im sorry I cant take this list seriously…

  10. melissa says:

    To have jennifer lopez in any greatest music list is a joke, and to have her, lady gaga and rihanna anywhere higher than 90-100 is even more laughable. Whoever put together this list has poor taste in music. While I do agree with most of the artists on this list, the sequence is very off. Shame on vh1 for not recognizing real talent!
    M.I.A, Kesha, fantasia and miley cirus are some who have NO place on this list….what are u thinking?!?

  11. TheMusicProphet says:

    This list is alright … But totally comical. It’s obviously catered towards the youth of the moment hence why lady gaga ranks higher than Britney Spears, Christina, Janet, Cher, Whitney and Adele. Or perhaps how Nicki Minaj managed to trump Lil Kim, who pretty much paved the road that is Minaj’s career! Don’t even get me started about the iconic women that have been dropped off this list. NOT COOL …

  12. merg says:

    Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, Ann & Nancy Wilson,Where were they on the list? Bad List, sorry.

    • Jasmine says:

      This list does not make any sense. It does not seem to be based on sales, awards, music accolades, or popularity. It seems to be the current popular women in music but not the ones with a lot of longevity. For example, the top 10:

      10. P!nk (She should be somewhere in the 20s to 30s)
      09. Mary J. Blige (ok I guess)
      08. Christina Aguilera (16 to 17 is ok not #8)
      07. Janet Jackson (ok)
      06. Whitney Houston (ok but I think she should be higher because she was “The Voice”)
      05. Adele (Same as Gaga somewhere between 70 to 80)
      04. Lady Gaga (She should be somewhere between 60 to 80. She’s too new for #4)
      03. Beyoncé (15 or 16 is ok but not #3)
      02. Mariah Carey (6 or 7 is ok but not #2)
      01. Madonna (ok)

      Where is Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Lady Day, Lita Ford, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner. Surely these ladies have been and are known more than most of the women on here if the list is based on popularity. If it is based on sales, these ladies also should be on the list. And if it is based on awards / accolades these ladies are living legends so they should not only be on the list but be high on the list cause of their influences on younger artists.

  13. Veronica says:

    Why in the F$$$$$g world is Amy Lee 49, she deserves to be in the top 20. Nicki Minaj shouldn’t even be in this list. This whole list is bull s$$t!

    • LIONEL says:

      how do f$$k did lady gags and adele (rookies) come higher than the late great whitney houston, janet jackson, mary j blige , aaliyah, alicia keyes, tlc, lauryn hill , pink, christina aguilera and missy elliot they should be in the 90-100

  14. Cody says:

    If Reba McEntire isn’t on this list then it’s obviously garbage!